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Jason Buckley

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Profile Talent Management


Gender: Male
Age Range: 40 - 55
Height: 180cm
DOB: 11 Nov 1967
Base Location: Melbourne
Available In: Adelaide, Auckland, Australian Capital Territory, Brisbane, International, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Tasmania, Wellington
Skills: Actor, Presenter, Voice Artist
Hair: Brown
Eye: Blue
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Memberships: M.E.A.A


2016 TV Gordon Buckley Every Cloud, Jennifer Leacey
2016 TV Trey Johnson Fremantle, Various
2016 CO Bags Midshot Media, Mick 0'Malley
2016 CO Gerry Midshot Media, Mick O'Malley
2016 TV Fight Compere January Productions, Ian Barry
2016 TV Council Inspector House Husbands, Grant Brown
2015 FF Coach Matchbox pictures, Tony Ayers
2015 FF Theatre Manager Screentime Australia, Jocelyn Moorhouse
2014 ST Dr. Thomas La Mama VCE Sylibis, Don Makay
2014 TV Barman Fremantle Media, Kevin Carlin
2013 TV Santa GTV9, Gary Newman
2013 TV painter Working Dog, Rob Sitch
2013 TV Alexander Downer Fremantle/Bravado, Khoa Do
2012 TV Senior Sergeant Southern Star, Daina Reid
2012 TV Simon Cross December Media, Paul Whittington
2011 TV Mechanic Circa Entertainment, Paul Goldman
2011 FF Sally's Father John Doe Productovs, Kel Dolen
2011 TV Jogger Southern Star, Daina Reid
2010 ST Dukes frederick & Senior Winterfall Theatre, Trent Baker
2010 TV Union Boss Fremantle Media, Peter Andrikidis
2010 ST Stooge Two Muppet Production, Keith Ridgway
2010 TV 3D Dave Dickinson Haybo Productions, Steve Hayden
2010 ST Humbert Humbert Fly on The Wall, Rob Chuter
2009 C Car Owner Frank Moore Advertising, Frank Moore
2009 ST Robert Boobook Theatre, Sue Lindsey
2009 FF Bob Fat Kid Films, Robert Chuter
2009 TV Gary Shay HSV 7, Nicholas Buffallo
2009 TV Security Guard Southern Star, Daniel Nettheim
2009 TV George Satisfaction Productions, Steve Jodrell
2008 SF The Boss - Jeff , Tom Salisbury
2008 ST Father O'Shea Fly on the Wall/LaMama, Robert Chuter
2008 SF Smith Proud Entertainment, Huu Tran
2008 TV Miner ABC / BBC, Grant Brown
2008 ST Various Melb Writers Theatre, Various
2006 TV Ari Piven Fremantle Media, Jovinta O'Shaunessey
2006 SF Antagonist Lost Not Found, Efisia Fele
2006 TV Staff Officer ABC/Apollo Films, Dir. Jess Hobbs
2006 ST Santa David Jones City Store, Promoworks
2005 TV Det. Henry Cox-Knight, Brendan Maher
2004 ST Ross La Mama, Mic Smith
2004 C Bra Expert BCM P/L
2004 TV Trent Webster Grundy's, Jeremy Walker
2004 TV Frank Pike BLSM Productions, Grant Brown
2003 TV Constable Gore Cox/ Knight Productions, Steve Jodrell
2003 ST Glen/Glenda Ray Mooney Production, Efisia Fele
2002 TV Mikey Gibbs ABC/ Screen Time Productions, Sean
2002 TV Paul Deighton BLSM, Steve Jodrell
2002 ST Various Melb Writers Theatre, Karen Corbet
2001 ST Tentpole Carlton Courthouse, Peter Oysten
2001 SF Anton Impact Films, Gary Ravenscroft
2001 TV The Buyer BLSM Productions, Grant Brown
2001 TV Dean Hearne Grundy's, Various
2000 TV Jim Watkins Southern Star, Richard Sarell
2000 SF Rodger Road Rager Dusk Films, Luke McGowan
1999 TV Mark Carrol BLSM Productions, Steve Jodrell
1999 SF Haystack Dusk Films, Luke McGowan
1997 TV Eddie Working Dog, Jane Kennedy
1997 ST Ian Malthouse Melb/FigTree Syd, Jane Alsop
1995 ST Syd Barassi's Hotel, Marita Willcox

Training & Additional Notes

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Bachelor Arts Drama/Dance — Deakin University 1997—2005
Diploma Professional Writing & Editing — Holmesglen TAFE, Ray Mooney 1995-1996
Marcia Haufrecht, New York Actors Studio — MeIb intensive 1993
Paul Currie Studio — Stanislavski Method 1992 - 94
National Theatre Drama — 1991
Independent Workshops — various

A Trip Through Time

Planet Drama 1997
Fat Lady is Still Singing

Malthouse Melb / Figtree Sydney 1994
New Years Resolutions

Paul Currie Studio 1993
Reunion on Gallows Hill

Paul Currie Studio 1993
Quiet Place

Paul Currie Stuido WRITER 1996
Jackpot - A Radio Drama 1995
The John Citizen Story - One Act Play 1994
New Years Resolutions - 3 Act Play

Featured Media

Media Gallery
Shoe Size: 10
Clothing Size: Male - L
Waist: 98cm
Neck: 43cm
Chest: 107cm
Natural Accent: Australian
Voice Style: Soft Sell, Impersonation, Corporate, Character, Retail, Radio/TV Promo, Promo, Straight
Hair Length: Shoulder Length
Hair Style: Wavy
Sport & Athletic: Horse Jumping, Hockey, Swimming, Table Tennis, Skate Boarding, Horse Riding, Rugby Union, Squash, Rugby League, Gymnastics, Soccer, Golf, Netball, Mountain Biking, Fishing, Boxing, Bowls, Body Boarding , Aerobics, Cricket, Basketball, AFL Football, Athletics, Baseball, Cycling, Badminton, Fencing, Tennis, Water Skiing, Touch Football, Volleyball
Circus: Juggling
Drivers Licence: Car, Forklift
Voice Style: Soft Sell, Impersonation, Corporate, Character, Retail, Radio/TV Promo, Promo, Straight

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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