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Erroll Shand

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Lion Rock Management

IMC (Independent Management Company)


Gender: Male
Age Range: 30 - 50
Height: 173cm
Base Location: Auckland
Available In: Adelaide, Auckland, Australian Capital Territory, Brisbane, International, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Tasmania, Wellington
Skills: Actor, Stunt Performer, Voice Artist
Hair: Blonde
Eye: Blue
Ethnicity: European




2019 Lenny Porchlight Films Pty Ltd, Peter Duncan
2019 Errol Campbell Bunya Productions, Wayne Blair
2019 Harald Nilssen The Luminaries Production Ltd, Claire McCarthy
2019 Brendan Skene Hoodlum Productions Pty Ltd, Catherine Millar
2019 C.D Screentime NZ, Gaysorn Thavatt
2018 Tex Rainger Tomorrowland Productions, Justin Harwood
2018 Witness The 10,000 Co. / SPP, Michael Bennett
2018 Edmund Seaton Essential Media, Rowan Woods
2017 Grant Chillbox Creative , Louis Mendiola
2017 Errol Campbell Mystery Road S1 Bunya Productions, Rachel Perkins
2017 Billie Earl Johnson Discovery / S.D.E, Colin Teaque
2017 Vercingetorix Netflix, John Ealer
2017 Valcaa MTV, Brad Turner
2016 Lawyer Matchbox Pictures, Rob Sarkies
2016 Jim Larsen Screentime, Ric Pellizzeri
2016 Tex Rainger Tomorrowland Productions, Justin Harwood
2015 Victor Karp NBCUniversal Cable , Kriv Stenders / Daniel Nettheim
2015 Karl Reichman Filthy Rich Filthy Rich Ltd, Peter Burger
2015 Event Organiser Brown Sugar Apple Grunt Productions, Kiel McNaughton
2013 Neil Hesketh South Pacific Pictures, Various
2013 David Grant Redsky Film & Television Ltd, Bryan Bruce
2012 Gunna Gibson Subtext Limited, Mike Smith
2012 Wayne Chocka Fahey Desert Road Limited, Chris Dudman / Peter Burger
2012 Tony Michaels Screentime NZ Ltd, John Laing
2011 Terry Clark Underbelly NZ - Land of the Long Green Cloud Screentime NZ Ltd, Mike Smith / Ric Pellizzeri
2011 Danny South Pacific Pictures, Geoff Cawthorn
2009 Matt GRST Ltd, Robert Sarkies
2009 David Great Southern Television, Peter Burger / Charlie Haskell
2007 Isaac Newton Taylor Media / Gibson Group, Danny Mulheron
2007 Les Gibson Group, Peter Salmon
2005 Hugh South Pacific Pictures, Mark Beesley
2005 Drunk Big House, Mike Smith
2005 Various Gibson Group, Thomas Robins
2003 Noel Gibson Group, Jonathan Brough
2001 Eddie Gannon Television, Geoff Bennett / Steve Mann
2000 NRMA Worker Quicksilver Productions, Various
2000 Ross Knight Amalgamated TV Series, Various

Feature Film

2019 Bevan Bunny Productions Ltd, Gaysorn Thavatt
2019 Young Mick Chillbox Creative , Roberto Nascimento
2019 Louis Evans Pelham Films, Mark Willis
2018 Josh Domino Films Limited, Sam Kelly
2015 George Saladin Rehearsal Films, Alison Maclean
2014 Robert Watson-Wood Pequeno Segredo - Little Secret Ocean Films, David Schurmann
2014 Byron Metalheads Limited, Jason Lei Howden
2014 Dave Jones CommonUnity Films, Anton Steel
2013 Randy Trapper See Saw Films, John Maclean
2013 Charles Evans GFC Limited, Leanne Pooley
2012 Duke Darwin Wiseacre Films, Ethan Wiley
2010 Conan Mediaclone Productions, Eldon Booth
2006 Lt. Wormsley Walden Media / Revolition Studios/ Beacon Pictures, Jay Russell


2013 John One Lonely Goat, Cameron Rhodes
2012 King Henry II Tadpole Productions
2008 Mitch Fortune Theatre, Jef Hall-Flavin

Short Film

2017 Mike Rose McMahon, Rose McMahon
2017 Dean Curious Films, Summer Agnew
2013 Man General Entertainment Systems Ltd, Steve Saussey
2012 Podge Antipodean Films, Andrew Beattie
2010 Brian M.F Films, Welby Ings
2008 Joe N.Z.F.C, Leo Woodhead
2007 Ground Crew Wingnut, Peter Jackson

Web Series

2018 Whisky BMC2 Production, Hanelle Harris

Training & Additional Notes

1997 - 1999

Featured Media

Media Gallery
Shoe Size: 9.5
Clothing Size: Male - M
Waist: 78cm
Neck: 40cm
Chest: 107cm
Natural Accent: Australian, New Zealand
Accent Skills: American Standard, Australian, East Coast American, West Coast American, Cockney, English, Irish, New Zealand, Scottish, South African
Voice Style: Character, Corporate, Impersonation, Promo, Radio/TV Promo, Soft Sell, Straight, Accents
Languages: English, Portuguese
Hair Length: Short, Shoulder Length
Hair Style: Straight
Instrumental: Wind
Singing: Rock
Singing Range: Baritone
Sport & Athletic: Athletics, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Rugby League, Scuba Diving, Cricket, Boxing, Rowing, Yoga
Circus: Mime, Puppeteer, Stage Combat
Drivers Licence: Car, Motorcycle
Voice Style: Character, Corporate, Impersonation, Promo, Radio/TV Promo, Soft Sell, Straight, Accents

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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