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Chad Mathew

Photo Gallery Attachment

Romel Management


Gender: Male
Age Range: 28 - 34
Height: 180cm
Base Location: Sydney
Available In: Adelaide, Auckland, Australian Capital Territory, Brisbane, Christchurch, Dunedin, International, Melbourne, Northern Territory, Perth, Sydney, Tasmania, Wellington
Skills: Actor, Commercial Talent, Corporate, Dancer, Director, Extra (Background), Model, Musical Theatre, Presenter, Prof. Singer, Voice Artist
Hair: Blonde, Brown
Eye: Blue / Green
Ethnicity: Caucasian, European
Memberships: M.E.A.A




2018 Principal Actor - Customer SoDus Productions, David Hutton
2017 Mark / Suffer Dude Touch Creative , -James Goodwin
2017 Actor / Demonstrator Take Two Marketing & Events , -Kate Legg & Amanda Allen
2017 Featured / Crowd Member Vortex Casting , -Unknown
2016 Football Fan Produced By: Chris Spanos, Sydney , Mark Lenard
2016 Boyfriend Nicabate / Chemist Warehouse Silver Spoon Productions, Melbourne , Harvey Silver
2016 TV Presenter E-Tax Plus Australia Easy to Media , Ali Vazlri
2016 Gay Lover Hair By Chrisstos Peter Schmidt, Sydney , Peter Schmidt
2016 Dancer Roam-e Inc , -Unknown
2016 Life Gaurd Emotive Productions , -Unknown
2016 Boyfriend Cambie, Property Development Provoke Studios, Vancouver , -Stephen Li
2015 Best Man Noravera Visuals LTD, Vancouver , Brian Cecil
2015 Husband Basant Motors, Vancouver Pixal Studios, Vancouver , Jay Jay
2015 Data Analyst Sap - The Answer Seekers Noravera Visuals LTD, Vancouver , Brian Cecil
2015 Hand Model Talent Partnes, USA , -Unknown
2014 TV Presenter I.F.N Moden Furniure , Naleeni Manohar
2014 TV Presenter & Chef Windset Farms / Tug Boat Group, Darren Darcy
2013 Office worker NOW Productions , Deborah Niski
2011 Boyfriend Bold Advertising, Chris Glenfild
2011 Boyfriend enjoying the new spring range of dishes NOW Produtions, Marc Schattner
2011 Office Assistant / Dancer Plush Films, Paul Goldman
2010 Dancer/Singer Sony Playstation, Mash Marketing
2006 Presenter Melbourne, Australia , -Unknown
2006 Sportsman Melbourne, Australia, -Unknown
2006 Man Receiving Post Melbourne, Australia , -Unknown
2006 Passenger Melbourne , Australia , -Unknown
2006 Office Worker Sydney, Australia , -Unknown

Corporate Work

2016 Host & MC Nestle Pty Ltd , -Unknown
2016 Host & Fundrasier Camp Quality , Kim Jacobs
2014 Presenter / Host Vancouver's AIDS Walk For Life Positive Living Vancouver , Derrick Daniels
2011 Hair Model Ozdare Business services, Phoenix Thomson
2009 Presenter / Host Candour Marketing, Jan Davies
2009 MC / Host Candour marketing, Jan Davies
2008 MC / Fitness Host Mash Marketing UK, Gregory Mason
2008 MC / Host Mash Marketing UK, Matt Stott
2008 MC / Host / Chef Mash Marketing UK, Matt Stott
2008 MC / Host Mash Marketing UK, Gregory Mason
2007 MC / Host Mash Marketing UK, Gregory Mason
2004 MC / Host Styling Australia, Kerry Graham

Feature Film

2012 Kevin / Brother The Navigator Self Produced and Directed , Eddie Arya


2016 Catwalk Model Crown Casino, Melbourne , -Unknown
2013 Catwalk Model Westfield, Australia , -Unknown
2012 Catwalk Model Synnex Alliance, Australia , -Unknown
2011 Catwalk Model Chic Petite Events , Sharron Garrard

Music Video

2016 Principal, Actor Enigma EDM Video Aladdin Royaal Media , Aladdin Royaal
2015 Lead Singer - Cover You're The Voice 7 on it Productions, Vancouver , Dale Andrew Villajuan
2011 Principal, Actor Don't look back pictures , Ken Kapel


2015 I.F.N Furnisher I.F.N Furnishings, Vancouver , Naleeni Manohar
2014 Presenter & Chef Kitchen Shorts WndsetFarms , Darren Darcy
2013 Husband Bedroom Longevity Vortex Productions, -Unknown

Photograph / Stills

2018 Dad, Principal Model Chello Productions , JD Stone
2018 Principal Model - Community Resident Golden Eye Media, Michael Mouritz
2018 Principal Model - Customer SoDus Productions, David Hutton
2017 Groom / Husband Michael Sugerman Productions , -Michael Sugerman
2016 Commercial Model / Groom Easy to Media , -Ali , Vazlri
2016 Commercial Model / Groom -Self Produced , Kristoffer Darby
2016 Commercial Model Park Royal Hotel Chains , -Unknown
2016 Commercial Model Ridges Hotel Group Australia , Kristoffer Paulsen
2016 Commercial Model Woman's Weekly, Australia , -Unknown
2016 Commercial Model Provoke Studios , Vancouver , Stephen Li
2015 Hand Model Noodles 2 Doodles, -Unknown
2013 Commercial model Sergeant Security, Australia, -Unknown
2011 Underwaer Model TUFFYS UNDERWAER, lisa nouh
2011 Commercial Model Goodmans realestate trust PTY LTD, Craig King


2017 Principal, Presenter St Kilda Pride Parade Bent TV, melbourne , Gavin Henderson
2016 Co-Presenter Canadian Annual Gay Rodeo OutLookTV, Vancouver , Michael Keeping


2017 Co-Radio Presenter Joy 94.9 FM, Melbourne , Jason Gipps
2016 Radio Presenter CJSF 90.1 FM, Vancouver , Robin Erksson

Short Film

2017 Kane / Husband & Father -Australian Film School , -Tink Handler
2011 young cop (supporting role ) Crazy Ray sydney film school Australia, Gordon Anderson
2010 Training Workshops Acting For Television TAFTA , -Unknown
2010 French Commando The French Commando, Gil Cohen
2010 Husband (Cheating Husband) Rada London, Asa Cnattingius
2006 Barman (Drug Dealer) RMIT University, Georgette Boehm
2006 Constable Ryan (Officer) Victorian College of the Arts, Caitlyn Haskett
2005 Lead Role (Not Named) RMIT University, -Unknown
2005 Scott (Best Friend to Lead) Glen Waverly Tafe, -Unknown
2005 Josh (Boyfriend) I'll Wait Glen Waverly Tafe, Matthew hanson
2005 Best Friend (Party Boy) RMIT University, Georgette Boehm
2005 Friend (silent film) Being Close to You RMIT University, Tod Buttery
2005 Zack Clark (Huge Acting Star) One Night Stand Glen Waverly TAFE, Will Riley


2006 Jacque Christina Gaulchie, -Christina Gaulchie
2005 Tom Victorian College of the Arts, -Unknown


2017 Reporter / Presenter Bent TV, Australia / Joy 94.9 Fm , Gavin Henderson
2016 Stockbroker / Josh GPTV Productions, Sydney , Wayne Blair
2016 Choir / Singer Channel 9, Sydney Australia , -Unknown
2015 Reporter / Co-Presenter OutLook TV, Canada OutLookTV, Vancouver. Canada , Michael Keeping
2012 gay/camp party boy with a big voice beyond productions, james knoxs
2011 Marcus Series Producer: Karl Zwicky, Garth Maxwell
2011 male client Deadly woman 5 tv searies Beyond Productions, James Knoxs
2007 Boyfriend Fox Network, -Unknown
2007 Drug Dealer ABC, Sydney , -Unknown
2007 Soldier on Patrol Network 10, -Unknown
2006 Jack (Bar scene) ABC, Sydney , -Unknown
2006 Swat Team Officer Southern Star Endamol, -Unknown
2006 Bar man Southern Star Endamol, -Unknown


2018 Tom, Principal Actor - Community Resident Golden Eye Media, Michael Mouritz

Web Series

2016 Flight Captain SuperWogs Century Entertainment , Theo Saidden
2014 Bad Boy Boyfriend Granville Island , Leslie Mildiner

Training & Additional Notes

Since 1994 Chad Mathew has been undergoing professional training within the entertainment industry. Chad Began his professional training with singing lessons where he worked one-on-one with his Australian singing coach. Here He learnt the foundations of breathing, projection and delivery techniques. Following this He progressed to the art of acting, where Chad also studied projection and delivery skills for stage and film acting.

Over the past twenty years Chad has undertaken numerous workshops and courses at respected institutions world wide. including The National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA), Sydney, the Victoria College of the Arts (VCA), Melbourne, The Actors Centre Sydney and The Australian Film and Television Academy (TAFTA).

Chad’s quest to further his knowledge and himself Artistically, took him abroad to london in 2007 where he trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), London. In 2014 Chad Relocated to North America, here Chad has continued to grow in the art of acting, training with a number of coaches in Vancouver, Canada. In particular, Chad has undergone training in the Sanford Meisner technique at the Rogues West Acting School while also working one-on-one with local dialect coaches.


Professional Training

Rogues West ( Acting School and WorkShops ) 2014 – 2014

Essential Film Working on the Sanford Meisner technique. Working moment by moment cultivating human behaviour, truthfulness using active listening. Coach Christiane Hirt Vancouver , Canada

Trish Allen ( Dialect Coach ) 2014 – 2015

Working on mouth control , vocal Control and Dialect for the American Standard Accent , Australian and English Accent. One on One Coaching Vancouver , Canada

The Australian Film & Television Academy (TAFTA) 2011 – 2011

Ultimate Screen Test Course and Casting Perpetration

Actors Centre – (Surry Hills, Sydney Australia) 2010 – 2010

Comedy Foundation Course
Finding comedy in script, one month workshop

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA London England) 2008 – 2008

Voice & Technique Course
Monthly workshops

Victorian College of the Arts – (VCA Melbourne Australia) 2005 – 2006

Film/TV+ Stage + Singing & Technique
12 month foundation course

Actors Centre – (Surry Hills, Sydney Australia) 2003 – 2004

Film/TV & Technique

John Sahmarha (Private coach , Sydney Australia) 2002 – 2003

Film/TV & Technique
One on one workshops

National Institute Of Dramatic Arts (NIDA Sydney Australia) 2002 – 2003

Singing /Voice +TV/Film & Technique
12 month Foundation course

Joyce Simmons (Private Teacher, Sydney Australia) 1993 – 1994

Singing/voice & projection
One on one workshops

Featured Media

Media Gallery
Shoe Size: 12
Clothing Size: Male - L
Waist: 94cm
Neck: 42cm
Chest: 113cm
Hip: 95cm
Natural Accent: Australian, American, English
Accent Skills: American Standard, Australian, English, Irish
Voice Style: Accents, Character, Corporate, Documentary, Phone Message, Promo, Radio/TV Promo, Retail, Singing, Straight, Voice Acting
Hair Length: Short
Hair Style: Straight
Dance: Hip Hop, Modern, R & B, Rock n Roll
Singing: Pop, Rock, Jazz, Show
Singing Range: Alto, Baritone, Soprano
Sport & Athletic: Basketball, Body Boarding , Boxing, Cycling, Horse Riding, Rock Climbing , Roller Blading, Rowing, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Squash, Swimming, Fishing, Ice Skating, Mountain Biking, Table Tennis
Types Of Model Work: Body, Commercial, Feet, Hair, Hands, Legs, Promotional, Runway, Teeth
Voice Style: Accents, Character, Corporate, Documentary, Phone Message, Promo, Radio/TV Promo, Retail, Singing, Straight, Voice Acting

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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