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Amanda McKay

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Profile Talent Management


Gender: Female
Age Range: 36 - 49
Height: 163cm
Base Location: Melbourne
Available In: Adelaide, Auckland, Australian Capital Territory, Brisbane, International, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Tasmania, Wellington
Skills: Actor, Voice Artist
Hair: Brown(Honey)Blonde
Eye: Hazel
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Memberships: M.E.A.A




T Baptista Melbourne Shakespeare Company, Jennifer Sarah Dean
C Jan The Producers, Mitch Kennedy
V Prosecution Lawyer New Mac, Travis Crosbie
VO Narrator Squaresound/Wavesound, Justine Sloane-Lees & Maryanne Plazzer
VO Loop Group Porchlight Films & Daybreak Pictures, Justin Kurzel
CO Early childhood mentor Monash University, Dean Lusk
CO Various Mitch Kennedy Films, Mitch Kennedy
SKT Various Door Hinge Productions, Christopher Kay


FF American Hiker Transmission Films, Dean Murphy
SF Kate Betty Wants In, Max Greenstein
SF Restaurant Owner Door Hinge Productions, Christopher Kay
TV Defence Lawyer Click View, Max Miller
CO Jessica (patient with manic depression) Deakin University, Belle Graham
CO various clients Conflict Resolution Training Company, Eddie Kardas
CO Simulated Patient The University of Notre Dame, Susan Marks
P Presenter Deakin University, Belinda Graham and Cliff Elliott


SF Betty Smithers Late Bloomers Productions, Clare Pickering
SF Maree Carben Creative, Ben McEwing
ST Sybil Fawlty Applause Entertainment, Daniel Tusia
V Senior Manager Melbourne University, Rachael James
VO Various British accents Realta Organisation, Andy Watts
CO Client CRTC, Eddie Kardas
CO Queen Elizabeth II Applause Entertainment, Daniel Tusia


C Woman in House New Mac Video Agency, Eugene Perepletchikov
C Shopping Lady Victorian Police, Travis Crosbie
FF Cheryl Sidebar Productions, Christopher Kay
SF Lily Lees Snodger Media, Catherine Gough-Brady
SF Paramedic Luscious International, Charlie Ford
ST Landlady + all other female role Theatre 451, Lisa Inman
V Mrs Birling Clickview, Thomas Baricevic
V Presenter Visual Culture, Danny O'Loughlin
VO Presenter Clickview, Jane Lewis
VO Presenter Clickview, Sascha Karner
CO Transport Minister Kevin Berry Consulting, Kevin Berry
O Student Placement Officer Deakin University, Belle Graham
O mother Brave TV PTY Ltd., Amanda Jane
WS Eileen Project Mangement, Brett Whittingham & Shaun Kingma


FF Delia Universal Difference, David Farrington
V Doctor Melbourne University, Rachael James
VO Loop group ABC, Daina Reid
MT Sarah Meerkat productions, Carl Whiteside
CO Transport Minister Kevin Berry Consulting, Kevin Berry
CO Lindsey Storylab, Antonio Cafasso


ST Veronica Novak Next step productions, Leigh Barker
ST Linda Ryder la Mama, Elizabeth Millington


C eskimo Flinders lane, Ted Horton & Chris Bardsley
ST Rachel Short and Sweet, Richard Edge
ST Dora Strang Mockingbird Theatre, Chris Baldock
TV midwife Shine Australia, 7 Network, Daina Reid
VO Various voices in British, Scottish and Irish accents Realta Organisation, Andrea Watts
P Presenter of available courses Monkey and Bear productions, Ryan Bird


SF Mother VCA, Mark Day
SF Aunt Linda RMIT, Eloise Chambers
ST Sybil Faulty Interactive Theatre Australia, Alison Pollard-Mansergh
ST Molly Bloom Bloomsday, Brenda Addie
CO GP The Picture Tank, Dee McLachlan


SF Amanda VCA, LouLou Virgonia
SF Porsha VCA, Robert Ten Eck
TV Angry Irish mother ABC (December Films), Lisa Matthews


ST Jane Jally Productions, Val Lehman
ST Lady Capulet Eagles Nest, Jess Hackett


V Bamphy Bow Mods, Philip Clayton Smith


CO employee Pearlcatchers, Sharon Young


ST Mary Tristan Bates theatre, London, Carl Whiteside


TV Prison Guard Film Four/Channel 4, John Hardwick


VO Maria BBV productions, John Wadmore

Training & Additional Notes

1999 - 2000
1992 - 1995
2013 - winner of outstanding female performer Short and Sweet
2013 - winner of best female performer Crash test drama

Featured Media

Media Gallery
Shoe Size: 8
Clothing Size: Female - 12
Natural Accent: English
Accent Skills: Welsh, Scottish, Irish, French, English, Cockney, Australian, American Standard
Voice Style: Straight, Soft Sell, Retail, Radio/TV Promo, Promo, Impersonation, Corporate, Character
Hair Length: Shoulder Length
Hair Style: Straight
Instrumental: Piano / Keyboard
Singing Range: Alto
Sport & Athletic: Swimming, Aerobics
Drivers Licence: Car
Voice Style: Straight, Soft Sell, Retail, Radio/TV Promo, Promo, Impersonation, Corporate, Character

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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