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Sebastian Bertoli

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Natalie Hall Management

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Gender: Male
Age Range: 25 - 38
Height: 185cm
Base Location: Melbourne
Available In: Melbourne
Skills: Actor, Director, Voice Artist, Writer
Hair: Brown
Eye: Brown
Ethnicity: Italian, West European
Memberships: M.E.A.A


2019 TV Duty Officer Seven Studios, Tori Garrett
2018 SF Hunk/Slob/Narrator Panopticon Collective/Underground Media, Sebastian Bertoli
2017 SKT T Dingle Media, Sam Rankin
2017 SF Robert (Lead) Dingle/Underground Media/Panopticon Collective, Sam Rankin
2017 SF Danny (Lead) VCA/NSSE, Clement Soo
2017 SF Marty Panopticon Collective/VCA, Sebastian Bertoli
2017 FF Sam Nexus PG, Ivan Malekin & Sarah Jayne
2016 MV Heartbroken Man (Lead) OBC Films, Oscar Beltran Cuba
2016 MV Lover (Lead) Underground Media, Chris Bennett
2016 SF Marcus (Lead) OBC Films, Gavin Ingham
2016 VO Various Characters Small Finish, Michael Gibbins
2016 SF Captain Marshall (Lead) VCA School Of Film & TV, Clement Soo
2015 TV Detective Constable SoHo, Steve Jodrell
2015 SF The Boxer (Lead) Underground Media, Chris Bennett
2015 ST King Platform/La Mama Theatre, Jeni Bezuidenhout
2015 ST Hugh (Lead) Platform/La Mama Theatre, Laura Hartnell
2015 WS Senior Constable Biffo/Brett/Andrew/Victor/Chef Tiprat Theatre & Underground Media, W. Greenway, S. Bertoli, K. Tori, C. Bennett
2015 V Man Dingle Media, Sam Rankin
2014 TV Young Man ABC, Lee Rogers
2014 ST Joe (Lead) Ladymullet Productions, Jeni Bezuidenhout
2014 SF Francis (Lead) Sine Qua Non, Sasha Kane
2014 SF Shale (Lead) Land Of The Sun Chooch Productions, Melissa Flagg
2014 ST Dale Jennings/Various Mockingbird Theatre, Chris Baldock
2014 ST Lenny Rose Chong's & 5pound, Jason Cavanagh
2014 ST Luke Pixel Theatre, Jess Keeffe & Megan Whiteside
2014 SF Director Cat Strut Productions, Rob Lingham
2013 ST Jules Short+Sweet (*Finalist/Gala Showcase), Chris Baldock
2013 ST Tom (Lead) Out Cast Theatre, Steven Dawson
2013 SF Grim (Lead) Underground Media, Chris Bennett
2013 SF Hitman (Lead) Underground Media, Chris Bennett
2013 ST Big Papa/Various Mockingbird Theatre, Chris Baldock
2013 ST Collantine Global Productions, Brenda Addie
2013 SF Davey This Film Does Not Have Nicholas Cage In It Underground Media, Chris Bennett & Davey Wreden
2013 VO Narrator Animals Australia, Chris Bennett
2012 TV Agent Reynolds Fringe Warner Bros/Fox, David Moxness
2012 SF Kenneth (Lead) VFS, Zheng Wang
2012 ST Patient 0/G.A.S.S. Man/Basilisk/Ensemble IRL Shooter, Brendan Bacon
2011 ST Haber (Lead) Enemies Of The Stage, Chris Lam
2011 SF Stephen (Lead) VFS, Colin Kozachuk
2011 ST James Evolving Arts Collective, Lori Triolo
2011 SF Matt VFS, Ricardo Plaza-Rosselot
2010 TV Marine 6 HBO/DreamWorks, Tony To
2010 TV Journo 1 ABC, Ted Emery
2010 TV Medic 1 TLC, Jennifer Little
2010 FF Rod Funk Productions, Tyler Funk
2010 ST Officer B/Mike (Lead) Brave New Play Rites, Stephanie Meine
2010 ST Chris Brave New Play Rites, Jessica Nelson
2010 SF Alan VFS, Isaiah Lester
2009 TV Ray Crowbait Pictures, Nick Miller
2008 SF Vic VCA, Marco Treglia
2007 SF Man (Lead) Pumpkin Productions, Gina Sakis
2007 ST Connie Rivers Heidelberg Theatre Co., Chris Baldock
2007 ST Rosencrantz Eagle’s Nest Theatre, Janine Cowie
2007 ST Trinculo/Antonio OZACT, Bruce Widdop

Training & Additional Notes

2010 - 2014
2010 - 2011
2004 - 2006

Featured Media

Media Gallery
Shoe Size: 12
Clothing Size: Male - L
Waist: 96cm
Neck: 45cm
Chest: 107cm
Hip: 107cm
Natural Accent: Australian
Accent Skills: American Standard, Australian, Brooklyn, English, Southern, German, Russian, Italian
Voice Style: Straight
Languages: Italian
Hair Length: Short
Hair Style: Straight
Sport & Athletic: Boxing, Cycling, Horse Riding, Soccer, Swimming, Mountain Biking
Circus: Stage Combat
Drivers Licence: Car
Voice Style: Straight

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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