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Paul Blackwell

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Gender: Male
Age Range: 56 - 60
Height: 174cm
DOB: 11 Jul 1954
Base Location: Adelaide
Available In: Adelaide
Skills: Actor, Musical Theatre, Voice Artist
Hair: Light Brown
Eye: Green
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Memberships: M.E.A.A


2017 FF Cal Evans Stormy Productions P/L, Shawn Seet
2016 ST Bob State Theatre SA, Geordie Brookman, Scott Graham
2016 ST Orgon State Theatre SA, Chris Drummond
2017 ST Various The Production Company, Jason Langley
2017 ST Parsons State Theatre SA, Corey McMahon
2015 ST Older Man Brink Productions, Chris Drummond
2015 ST Volpone State Theatre Company SA, Neschia Jelk
2015 ST Joe State Theatre Company SA, Corey McMahon
2014 TV Malcolm Ross Matchbox Pictures
2014 ST Sorin State Theatre Company SA, Geordie Brookman
2014 ST Cast STC - South Australia
2013 ST Vere Sydney Theatre Company, Sarah Goodes
2013 FF Errol , Rold De Heer
2013 ST Vere State Theatre / STC, Sarah Goodes
2013 ST Lionel Brink Productions, Chris Drummond
2013 ST Gidon State Theatre Company, Chris Dummond
2012 FF Charlie Wick 100BA Productions, Cameron Cairnes
2012 FF Barrie The Boy Castaways Pty Ltd, Michael Kantor
2011 FF Mr Cribbage , Kriv Stenders
2011 TV Charles Fenner Kojo, Richard Jasek
2010 ST FROSCH Opera Australia, Lindy Hume
2009 ST Argan Brink, Chris Drummond
2009 ST Terence Jupiter Smith Patch, Dave Brown
2009 TV Mr Watson Little Leaf, Samantha Lang
2009 TV Nursing Home Proprietor , Jet Wilkinson
2008 R Various ABC, Ladd / Williams / Steen
2008 ST Joe Ryan Brink, Chris Drummond
2008 ST Chorus Co.B, Belvoir, Chris Kohn
2008 ST Narrator/Inspector Windmill/Adelaide Symph Orch, Andy Packer
2008 ST Johnnypoteenmike STC of SA, Adam Cook
2007 ST Cuthbert Brink/Windmill, Chris Drummond
2007 ST little Gent Windmill, Neill Gladwin
2007 R Various ABC- Radio National, Mike Ladd
2007 R Various ABC-Radio National, Chris Willams
2006 FF Paulus Vertigo, Rolf de Heer
2006 ST Estragon State Theatre S.A, Micheal Hill
2006 ST Eurylicus Malthouse, Micheal Kantor
2005 FF Watson Becker Films, Rod Hardy
2005 MT Various Oz Opera / Windmill, Adam Cook
2005 ST Khlestakov STC SA, Adam Cook
2005 FF Phillip Dudley , Neil Armfield
2004 ST Various Patch Theatre, Dave Brown
2004 ST Professor STC SA, Chris Drummond
2003 MT Groper Windmill/Adelaide Symph Orch, Tom Healy
2003 ST Nicodemus/Enid/Alcazar State Theatre SA, Warren Coleman
2003 ST Cohen Company B Belvoir, Neil Armfield
2002 MT Frosch State Opera of SA, Lindy Hume
1994 MT Billis Gordon Frost/AFCT, Christopher Renshaw

Training & Additional Notes

2000 - ST - Old Man - The Chairs - Melbourne Theare Company - Douglas Horton
1999 - ST - Andre Aguecheek - Twelfth Night - State Theatre Co. SA - Rodney Fisher
1999 - ST - Frosch - Die Fledemaus - State Opera of SA - Lindy Hume
1997 - FF - Father - The Quiet Room - Vertigo Productions - Rolf De Heer
1997 - ST - Greg Hidcombe - Up The Road - Company B Belvoir/Playbox - Neil Armfield
1997 - ST - Orgon - Tartuffe - STC - Barrie Kosky
1994 - MT - Luther Billis - South Pacific - Gordon Frost/Adelaide Festival - Christopher Renshaw

Shoe Size: 8.5
Clothing Size: Male - M
Waist: 92cm
Neck: 41cm
Chest: 102cm
Natural Accent: Australian
Accent Skills: Scottish, New England , Irish, German, English, Cockney, Australian, American Standard
Hair Length: Collar
Hair Style: Wavy
Instrumental: Brass, Guitar
Singing: Musical Theatre
Singing Range: Baritone
Sport & Athletic: Horse Riding
Circus: Puppeteer
Drivers Licence: Boat, Car, Motorcycle

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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