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Panda Likoudis

Photo Gallery Attachment

Smith and Jones Management


Gender: Male
Age Range: 38 - 55
Height: 179cm
Base Location: Sydney
Available In: Sydney
Skills: Actor
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye: Blue / Green
Ethnicity: European, Greek, Southern European
Memberships: M.E.A.A



Feature Film

2014 Ivan/Warehouse Boss Screnelight Pictures Pty Ltd, Kosta Nikas
2014 Aldo Storm Entertainment & Maddfilms, Marc Furmie
2004 Jimmy, Tom Yum Goong The Weinstein Co. by Quentin Tarantino, Prachya Pinkaew

Short Film

2017 Sean IFSS, Quentin Curzon
2016 Benjamin IFSS, Jake Blackburn/Quentin Curzon
2015 Phillip SFS, Daniel Allman
2015 Steve IFSS, Quentin Curzon
2015 Steven IFSS, Adam Barr
2015 Tony IFSS, Dugald Macleod
2015 Finn IFSS, Quentin Curzon/Bradley Cody
2009 Devil Image Reels Productions, Simon Watt
2006 Nick Ivan Zelic prod., Ivan Zelic
2006 Father Riley Ivan Zelic Prod., Ivan Zelic
2006 chill Factor AFTERS, Ryan Tranced
2005 Vince , Karen Borger and Glen Kalem
2002 Max Interupt Prod., Luke Marcatlili
2001 Saviour Stonehouse Prod., Scott Mills
2001 Kidnapper Stonehouse Productions, Scott Mills
2000 Alex Day Job Productions, Boyd Attewell


2017 T.Edison/M.Twain/J.P.Morgan Tesla Society, A.Hatz
2013 Herb Hausmann Michael Holt & ArchitectS Untitled, Danielle Maas
2012 Frank Trothellos Bulldog Theatre Company, Alex Lykos
2006 Zeus, Father Mike, George, Stanley Side Track Performance Group, Don Mamouney
2005 Macduff Pulse Productions, David O'Connor
2005 Freddie Miles Embro Productions, Jeff Bollow
2003 Old King and Death Sidetrack Performance Group, Don Mamouney
2002 Short and Sweet Newtown Theatre, Lousie Hall
2001 Mitsos & Nicholas Sidetrack Perf. Group, Don Mamouney


2017 Yanni Angelou Screentime/ABC, P.Andrikidis/G.Brown
2016 Federal Agent Parr Blackfella Films , Shawn Seet
2015 Keno/Shop Owner ABC TV, Rowan Woods/P.Duncan
2015 Bob Seven Network, Arnie Custo
2013 Michael Nardella Fremantle Media Australia, Darren Ashton/Jovita O'Shaughnessy
2013 Jimmy Samsonidis Peter Gawler & Elisa Argenzio, Peter Andrikidis
2011 Don Schmidt Crownies TV Pty Ltd, Lynn Hegarty
2009 Cousin Yanni Chapman Pictures, Michael J Roland
2008 Mr Heavy Seven Network, David Gould
2008 Tony Kazan Knapman Wyld TV/Nine Network, Ken Cameron
2007 Dr Achmet Azziz Southern Star Prod., Fiona Banks/Shawn Seet
2005 Bryce the Ambo Channel 7, Various
2004 Bryce The Ambo Channel 7, Catherine Millar
2002 Mechanic Crackerjack Productions, Various
2002 Carver Quicksilver Productions, Ana Kokkinos
2002 Tilbrook Jigsaw Entertainment, Peter Andrikidis
2002 Ricky Spinetti Knapman Wyld TV, Roger Hodgman
2001 Rocco Channel Seven, Peter Andrikidis
2000 Tibor Channel 10
2000 Dr Fuhad Ibrahim Channel Seven

Photograph / Stills

2010 Luka Laurant Carnival Studio, Jeremy 'Demi' Hopkins


2013 The Axe-man UK production, BBH London, Rupert Sanders

Training & Additional Notes


2014 Screen test Workshop, Cinzia Coassin - Melb. Acting Academy
2014 Advanced Audition Technique,Tom McSweeney/David Newman - McSweeney & Newman Cast. SYD
2013 Screen test Workshop, Tim Littleton - Melb. Acting Academy
2013 Audition Workshop, Thea McLeod - TAFTA
2013 Audition Workshop, Angela Heesom - Melb. Acting Academy
2013 Screen test Workshop, Leigh Pickford - Screen Actors Australia
2005 AFTERS, Understanding Lars Von Trier. Dir Teresa Rizzo and Graham Thorburn.
2005 David Oconner, Miesner Technique Graduation.
2005 Sydney Combat School-Master Class,Fighting for Film and TV.
2005 Rowna Balos-Voice Workshop.
2001 Screenwriting Workshop - Embryo Films
2001 Audition Technique Intensive Master Class Tom McSweeney
Panda graduated from RE-ACTOR acting services in 1999
2000 Sanford Miesner Technique - Actors Pulse - Sydney
1998-1999 Camera Technique - Re-Actor - Sydney
1997 Improv & Voice - Actors Centre - Sydney
1997 NIDA Short Course - NIDA - Sydney
1996 Theatre sports - Belvoir Street - Sydney

Additional notes:

2001 SCRATCH - Naked Theatre Company Dir. Lizz Fell
1999 Brett - THE BOYS - Re-Actor
1998 Benedict - MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING - Re-Actor

2002 GOOD CALL - Will - dir. Brendan Carmody
2000 Geeza - STEADI

Featured Media

Media Gallery
Shoe Size: 9.5
Clothing Size: Male - L
Waist: 83cm
Neck: 37cm
Chest: 105cm
Natural Accent: Australian
Accent Skills: American Standard, Brooklyn, Cockney, English, Greek, Indian, Irish, Italian, Pakistani, Russian, Southern, Australian
Languages: English, Greek
Hair Length: Short
Hair Style: Wavy
Sport & Athletic: Rugby League, Horse Riding, Basketball, Swimming, Soccer, Rugby Union, Martial Arts, Cricket, Boxing, Athletics, AFL Football
Circus: Stage Combat
Drivers Licence: Car

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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