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Andy McPhee

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Gender: Male
Age Range: 55 - 65
Height: 196cm
Base Location: Melbourne
Available In: Brisbane, International, Melbourne, Sydney
Skills: Actor, Stunt Co-Ordinator, Stunt Performer, Voice Artist
Hair: Greying
Eye: Blue / Green
Memberships: M.E.A.A




2018 Guest, Mr. D Radio Karate, Tim Bartley, Richard Franc
2017 Recur, Turk Fremantle Media Australia, Catherine Millar
2016 Guest, Turk Fremantle Media Australia, Kevin Carlin
2016 Guest, Chink Essential Media & Entertainment, Kieran Darcy-Smith
2016 Recurring, Beard Emu Creek Pictures, Screentime, Tony Tilse
2015 Guest, Kevin Van Der Hayden The Doctor Blake Mysteries December Media, Fiona Banks
2015 Recurring, Lieutenant Colonel John Antill Gallipoli Nine Network, Endemol Australia, Glendyn Ivin
2012 Recurring, Danny Braxton Home and Away Red Heart Entertainment, Various
2012 Recurring, Lewis Walton Neighbours Fremantle Media, Various
2011 Guest, Uncle Doug SBS Australia, Paul Fenech
2011 Guest Recur, Liam Criminal Minds Mark Gordon Company, Matthew Gray Gubler, Charles S. Carroll
2010 Guest, Kosiosko Wilfred Film Victoria, Tony Rogers
2010 Guest, Cracker Australian Broadcast Corporation, Amanda Brotchie, Adam Zwar
2010 Recurring, Harvey Pullman Southern Star Entertainment, Various
2010 Guest, Ian Miller Australian Broadcast Coroporation, Rob Macdonald
2010 Recurring, Keith 'McGee' McGee Sons of Anarchy SutterInk, Linson Entertainment, Various
2009 Guest, Rennie Southern Star, Daniel Nettheim
2009 Guest, Les 7 Network, Marcus Cole
2008 Guest, Gus Brown Australian Film Finance Corporation, Geoff Bennett
2007 Various Guests (Darel Dinkum, Cell Guy, Snake) Pizza SBS Australia, Paul Fenech
2007 Guest Recur, Terry Chadwick Jonathan M. Shiff, Colin Budds
2007 Guest, Sgt Blight Knapman Wyld Television, Peter Andrikidis
2006 Guest Recur, Mike Starr Channel 9 Television, Millennium Television, Grant Brown
2006 Guest, Pot Bellied Man Coote Hayes Productions, Mike Robe
2005 Guest, Mr. Lewis Jonathan M. Shiff, Richard Jasek
2004 Recurring Guest, Vic Booker Southern Star Productions, Peter Sharp, Roger Hodgman
2004 Guest, Robert Strong Beyond Simpson le Mesurier, Crawfords Australia, Grant Brown
2003 Series Regular, Cutthroat Jack Jonathan M. Shiff, Various
2002 Guest, Genghis Khan 7 Network, Southern Star Productions, Rick Held & Bevan Lee
2001 Guest, Ross Murphett Southern Star, Peter Sharp
2001 Dayplayer, Tough Guy Optus Television, Southern Star Entertainment, Richard Jasek
1999 Guest, Graeme Plamer Southern Star, Ray Quint
1999 Guest, Arnie Southern Star, Richard Sarell
1999 Guest, Fred Barron Entertainment, Pino Amenta
1997 Guest, Tim 'Tiny' Duggan Southern Star, Grant Brown
1997 Guest, Grassy Beyond International, Simpson Le Mesurier Films, Steve Jodrell
1995 Recurring, Lance Doyle Nine Network Australia, Various
1992 Dayplayer, Offsider The Fremantle Corporation, Andrew Prowse

Feature Film

2018 Supporting, Tommy Baker Ontological Pictures, Richard Wolstencroft
2018 Supporting, Closereef Productions, Estranged Films, Heath Davis
2018 Bar Keep 308 Ent, ILF AU Productions, Russell Mulcahy
2018 Office Joe Lucky Strike Film Studios, Romane Simon
2018 Simon Hole in One Productions, Mike Smallwood
2018 Dallas Gooding Freeway One Entertainment, Daniel Green, Jesse Richardson
2018 Mikhail Golden Gate Productions, John Fraser
2017 Mitch Peterson Hole in One Productions, Tyson Jarvis, Mike Smallwood
2017 Airport Cleaner Matchbox Pictures, Jeffrey Walker
2016 Officer Dan Marriot Productions, Amy Lyndon
2016 Officer Tru Dot Films, Steven Spiel
2016 Oldman Finch Hollow Productions, Peter Bohush
2015 Biker Bob Antichocko Productions, Paul Fenech
2015 Biker Bob Antichocko Productions, Paul Fenech
2015 Burly Man See-Saw Films, John Maclean
2015 Larry Independent, Stuart Stanton
2015 Mr. Lucky Snr NH Productions, Nathan Hill
2014 Lead Hornet, Hank Maya the Bee Movie Screen Australia, Buzz Studios, Alexs Stadermann
2014 Foreman Subotica Entertainment, Jake Paltrow
2014 Uncle Doug Australian Broadcast Corporation, Paul Fenech
2013 Man with Doll Independent, Nicolai Schwierz
2013 Mr. Belhatchett Saving Mr Banks Walt Disney Pictures, John Lee Hancock
2012 Joe Kwitny Jack Irish: Bad Debts Essential Media and Entertainment, Jeffrey Walker
2012 Jarvis Bad Karma Limelight International Media, Suri Krishnamma
2012 Louie Goldfinger Independent, Connor Dylan Wryn
2012 Sean Gall Hello Herman All in Films, Roughsky Productions, Michelle Danner
2010 Richard Collis Animal Kingdom Porchlight Films, David Michôd
2010 Shnook Colton Productions, Jesse Warren
2010 Bear Revival Film Company, Richard Gray
2010 Wild Bill Maguire Cascade Films, Nadia Tass
2010 Lead, John Noble Open When Johnny Can Read Independent, Matthew W. Griffin, David Sean Stringer
2010 Supporting, Grandfather BIK Entertainment, Jeta Amata
2010 Supporting, Donnie Annapurna Productions,, Mitch Glazer
2009 Supporting, Bear Audience Alliance Motion Picture Studios (AAMPS), Dagen Merrill
2008 Supporting, Minister Dendy Films Australia, Anthony Hayes
2008 Supporting, Tough Guy Optimistic Pictures, Steve Trenbirth
2007 Steve, Strip Club Boss Let Me Not , Ron V. Brown, Ruth Brown
2007 Supporting, The German Lionsgate, Scott Wiper
2007 Supporting, Foreman Australian Film Finance Corporation (AFFC), Rod Hardy
2007 Supporting, Seargent Mike Calis Adante Productions , Michael Adante
2006 Supporting, Harris Academy Features, BBC Films, Sherman Pictures, Peter Cattaneo
2006 Supporting, Rodney Independent, Jason Turley
2006 Supporting, Rex Film Finance, Wildheart Zizani , Ana Kokkinos
2006 Supporting, Seedy Pub Barman Molloy Boy Productions, Kevin Carlin
2005 Supporting, Bazza The Australian Film Finance Corporation, Greg Mclean
2005 Supporting, Urinal Bloke Mondayitis, Australian Film Finance Corporation, Marc Gracie
2005 Supporting, Police Officer All At Once, Kieran Galvin
2004 Supporting, Trevor Huntaway Films , John Clarke
2004 Supporting, Leon Tom White Fandango Australia, Rescued Films, Alkinos Tsilimidos
2003 Supporting, Tozer A Million Monkeys, Double Yolker Films, Macquarie Film Corporation, Tony Martin
2000 Supporting Lead, Daisy GIV Productions Pty. Ltd., Michael Ralph
1997 Supporting, Zen Master Cinevest, Spandau Films, Wayne Groom
1993 Supporting, Yobbo #2 Bubby, Fandango, South Australian Film Corporation, Rolf de Heer
1990 Supporting, Spanner Musical Films, Ray Argall

Training & Additional Notes

Andy McPhee is best known for playing Irish biker Keith McGee on FX cult classic Sons of Anarchy and for his work on iconic Australian features such as Wolf Creek directed by Greg McLean, Animal Kingdom opposite Jacki Weaver & Ben Mendelsohn, Paul Fenech’s FAT Pizza as well as series such as SBS’s Wilfred, ABCs Dr Blake Mysteries and Endemols Gallipoli.  Andy has worked on international productions such as Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks, See Saw’s Slow West and CBS Criminal Minds. He currently splits his time between LA / Melbourne providing one-on-one coaching services and supporting Indie film.

Featured Media

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Shoe Size: 13
Clothing Size: Male - XL
Waist: 116cm
Neck: 42cm
Chest: 125cm
Natural Accent: Australian
Accent Skills: American Standard, Australian, East Coast American, Mid Western, Scottish
Hair Length: Bald / Shaved, Short
Hair Style: Wavy
Sport & Athletic: Boxing, Martial Arts, Swimming, Yoga
Drivers Licence: Car, Forklift, Motorcycle, Truck

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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