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Kate Skinner

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Sophie Jermyn Management

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Gender: Female
Age Range: 30 - 38
Height: 170cm
Base Location: Sydney
Available In: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney
Skills: Actor
Hair: Blonde
Eye: Blue / Grey
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Memberships: M.E.A.A


2019 T Bonnie Sugary Rum/Red Line Productions, Shane Anthony
2017 ST Angela Ensemble Theatre, Francesca Savige
2017 ST Miri Shalom/ Eternity Playhouse, Moira Blumenthal
2016 CO Nicki Health Television Network, Zoe Harvey
2016 ST Mary Thread Entertainment/Red Line Productions, Justin Martin
2016 TV Kathryn See-Saw Productions, Jane Campion
2015 SF Carol JFW Films, Kirsty Jordan
2015 C Call Centre Girl The Feds, Graeme Burfoot
2015 WS Scholarship Recipient Acting with Passion (Paris), Niki Flacks
2014 ST Florence Whiting No Rest For The Wicked/ Turn Around Productions, Mary-Anne Gifford
2014 ST Sarah Griffin Theatre Company/Stories Like These, Corey McMahon
2014 SF Emma Arterial Motives, Dave Edwardz
2013 SF Katie AFTRS, Jonathan Weir
2013 SF Stacey , Scott Walmsley
2013 ST Lily Sydney Fringe Festival, Lou Fischer
2013 ST Mary Moira Blumenthal Productions, Moira Blumenthal
2013 ST Delia MAYDAY Playwrights' Festival, Augusta Supple
2013 ST Katrina NIDA, Luke Rogers
2013 C Dinner Guest Channel 7, Matt Hodges
2012 SF Charlotte Torrid Films, Zoe Harvey
2012 ST Fiona Cathode Ray Tube
2012 C Mum Jungleboys, Scott Pickett
2012 TV Mia Seven Network, David Gould
2012 C Julie Filmgraphics, David Denneen
2011 ST Claudette Michaela Kalowski & Darlinghurst Theatre Company, John Kachoyan
2011 C Office Worker Flying Fish, Adam Blaiklock
2011 CO Caseworker TVU, Norman Neeson
2011 C Aldi Mum Flying Fish, Adam Blaiklock
2011 TV Natarsha Eleanor Winkler, Craig Anderson
2011 C Call Centre Girl Playbig Film, Brendan Fletcher
2011 CO Jenny Jennifer Crone Productions, Jennifer Crone
2011 ST Olga New Theatre, Augusta Supple
2011 C Weather Girl Channel 7, Tara Foster
2011 C Hero Mum FG Entertainment, Fabio Nardo
2011 C Waitress Radical Media, Brendan Hearne
2010 ST Debbie89 Adelaide Fringe Festival (Rebecca Meston), Rebecca Meston
2010 ST Arion NIDA/ Griffin Theatre Co, Virginia Savage
2010 ST Anitchka Brand Spanking New, Nick Curnow
2010 SF Nora AFTRS/ fauxparker films, Jeff Parker
2009 SF Genevieve & Belinda Giant Olive (London), Gillian Foley
2009 ST Genevieve & Belinda Giant Olive, Francis Watson & Gillian Foley
2009 ST Lucy The Impulse Company/ Tristain Bates Theatre , Scott Williams
2008 ST Jenny Camarilla Productions/ Southwark Playhouse, Rebekah Fortune
2007 C Shop Couple Prime Cuts, Maurice Dowd
2007 ST Mindi Brainstorm Productions, Jenny Johnson
2007 ST Cecile Volanges Factory Space Theatre, Roz Riley
2006 CO Stephanie Macquarie Bank (In House Films), James Bogle
2006 ST Lexi & Amelia Brainstorm Productions, Jenny Johnson
2006 ST Kim Bareskin Productions, Zoe Steen
2006 SF Francine Torrid Films, Zoe Harvey
2005 SF Coco Chick Flicks, James Ward Breen
2005 ST Cris/Janine/Kate Bareskin Productions, Claudia Barrie
2005 ST Member of Chorus New Theatre, Anthony Skuse
2004 ST Cassius Theatre Nepean, Lee Lewis
2004 ST Miss Louisa/Reporter Theatre Nepean, Brendan McDonall
2003 ST Bianca Theatre Nepean, John Senczuk
2003 ST Ensemble Piece Theatre Nepean, Rochelle Whyte

Training & Additional Notes


On 'Low Level Panic', July 2016:

"Kate Skinner digs deep as the haunted Mary." -Jason Blake, SMH, 15th July, 2016

"Skinner as Mary is raw and fragile, demonstrating a powerful understanding of the emotional aftermath of an assault." -Alana Kaye, Theatre Now

"Skinner bears the brunt of the violence conversation with a self-consciousness every woman recognizes.. The three women present superb performances that alternately forge shudders and smiles of recognition in all the women in the room." -Lisa Thatcher

On 'Through These Lines', September 2014:

"Kate Skinner as Sister Florence Whiting gives a particularly powerful performance; she’s the sober soul navigating the awful, and absurd, tension between wooing and warring."- Veronica Kaye, Theatre Red, 30th Sept, 2014

On 'Music', Griffin Theatre Company, April 2014:

“[Stokes] and Skinner are excellent as the manipulative and guileless new friends” –Jason Blake, SMH, 6th April, 2014

“Skinner nails Sarah, oscillating from gregarious frivolity to fear.” - Jasmine Crittenden, Concrete Playground, 9th April, 2014

On 'The Great Lie of the Western World', TAP Gallery, April 2012:

"...this team is incredibly engaging, with Kate Skinner the standout."- Veronica Kaye, Theatre Red

 Drake the Amazing

"It’s the romance that carries the play, in no small part due to Kate Skinner, whose Claudette has a spiky appeal reminiscent of great old-time movie stars." - Pierce Wilcox,

Harbord Horror

“Francine (an engaging turn by the attractive Kate Skinner)" -Woody Anders, IMDB, 29th July, 2009

Getting Out

“...the uptight secretary Belinda (Kate Skinner, who has a dramatic transformation from the loud Genevieve).." -Graham Trelfer, Remote Goat, 23rd April, 2009

"Kate Skinner plays Belinda very well and expertly contrasts her with her other character, the bolshie Genevieve (Firm Partner) .... Genevieve is lazy yet uses her sexual prowess and sometimes her bad temper to get her way. Skinner gives her the perfect mix of sugar and spice." -Skye Crawford, The Fringe Review, 26th April, 2009

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 “'Debbie89 (brought to life with verve by Kate Skinner)” -Kryztoff Fringe Raw, March 2010

Featured Media

Media Gallery
Shoe Size: 7.5
Clothing Size: Female - 8
Waist: 67cm
Bra Size: D
Bust: 86cm
Hip: 97cm
Natural Accent: Australian
Accent Skills: American Standard, Australian, Brooklyn, Cockney, English, French, Irish, Russian, Southern
Hair Length: Shoulder Length
Hair Style: Curly, Wavy
Dance: R & B, Jazz
Singing: Show, Musical Theatre
Singing Range: Mezzo Soprano
Sport & Athletic: Touch Football, Water Polo, Water Skiing, Yoga, Table Tennis, Swimming, Snow Skiing, Roller Blading, Pilates, Netball, Ice Skating, Horse Riding, Fishing, Cycling, Body Boarding , Athletics, Aerobics, Abseiling
Circus: Acrobat, Clown, Juggling, Stage Combat
Drivers Licence: Car

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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