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Monica Sayers

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Gender: Female
Age Range: 26 - 35
Height: 170cm
Base Location: Sydney
Available In: Adelaide, Auckland, Australian Capital Territory, Brisbane, Christchurch, Dunedin, International, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Tasmania, Wellington
Skills: Actor, Commercial Talent, Corporate, Model, Musical Theatre, Presenter, Voice Artist
Hair: Dark Brown, Black
Eye: Dark Brown
Ethnicity: Chinese, Asian
Memberships: M.E.A.A




2018 Federal Police Commissioner Easy Tiger, Blow by Blow, Matt Saville
2016 Helen - Yoga teacher The Warriors Production, Beck Cole
2012 Que makebeLIVE, AFTRS and Ginja Ninja Productions, Amber Todd
2008 Kim Tan Elixir TV (RTE Ireland), Declan Eames
2008 Mrs Wong ITV Yorkshire (UK), David Kester
2007 Presenter ABC TV
2006 Secretary Seven Network, Various
2005 Kasey Brown Seven Network, Sean Seet
2005 Alyson Burberry Productions, Daniel Nettheim
2005 Rebecca Southern Star, Shirley Barrett
2001 Caroline Gannon Television, Steve Mann

Feature Film

2016 Nurse Harmony Productions, Corey Pearson


2019 Ensemble Company of Rogues, Erica Langoulant-Lovell
2019 Mon Cobbstar/ Sydney Fringe, Tamara Cook
2018 Matron, Mrs Watmuff, Berys, removal man 2, soprano voice Sydney Theatre Company, Kip Williams
2018 Irene bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company, John Harrison
2018 Doctor Diaforious Darlinghurst Theatre, Jo Turner
2018 Dock Daisy, The Counsel, Millstreamian Sydney Theatre Company, Kip Williams
2017 Bob Cratchit Lies Lies and Propaganda , Michael Dean
2017 Myra Arundel Melbourne Theatre Company, Lee Lewis
2017 Nam STC, Paige Rattray
2017 Michelle, Mary, Deng, Pengsi's wife Sydney Theatre Company, Kip Williams
2017 Actor Freefall Productions, Derek Walker
2016 Miss Prism Ensemble Theatre Co., Priscilla Jackman
2016 Hostess OnSTAGE - Dept Education HSC, Priscilla Jackman
2016 Irene bAKEHOUSE Theatre Co., Michael Dean & John Harrison
2015 Marcia Marie Seeker Productions/ Sydney Fringe Festival, Laura Pike
2014 Madame Mao & ensemble bAKEHOUSE Productions, Suzanne Millar
2013 Jing Griffin Theatre Company, Lee Lewis
2012 Sadako Young Australia Workshop & Cannute Productions, Pip Madgwick
2012 Tripitaka Theatre of Image & Bell Shakespeare, John Bell
2012 Narrator Performance 4A and The Chinese Heritage Association, Annette Shun Wah & William Yang
2006 May Takeaway Theatre Company, Nicholas Papademetriou
2006 Amanda Tunks Productions, Wayne Tunks
2005 Sadako Canute Productions, Chris Canute
2005 Joy Newtown Short & Sweet Festival, Liz Hovey
2004 Thyona NIDA, Lee Lewis
2004 Beatrice NIDA, Richard Cottrell
2003 Feste NIDA, John Clark
2000 Simpsons Host, Street Theatre, Vox, Make-Up Artist Fox Studios Australia, Mark Gaal/Waren Coleman

Short Film

2018 Mother EPA, Josh Anderson
2017 Anhar Vanderblitz 75%Old School, Yure Covich
2015 Irate parent Ivy Mak Productions, Nicole Delprado
2011 Female detective International Film School Sydney, Mateusz Subieta
2008 Unknown Woman National Film & Television School London, Anthony Chen
2006 Chinese Assistant Phillip Wade Productions, Gary Eck
2001 Chinese friend Blackframe Productions, Jonanthan Olgivie


2019 Lynn One3Six, Aaron Schereck
2019 LEGO mum & Assafoetida lady Rabbit, Lachlan Dickkie
2019 Wife Rabbit Content, Craig Rasmus
2018 Friend The Otto Empire, Gemma Lee
2018 Lawyer Eight, JWT Sydney
2017 Hedge clipper friend The Sweet Shop, Nick Kelly
2016 Diver AJF Partnership, Justin McMillan
2016 Asian girl , Bruce Hunter
2016 Female foreman Rabbit Content, Dan Mitchell
2015 YOUI customer , Bryan Carwood
2015 Astronaut Plaza Films, Paul Middleditch
2014 Business woman Finch, Christopher Riggert
2014 Young mum Goodoil Films, Chris Faith
2013 Friend Capitol Productions, Jane Eakin
2012 Girlfriend Photoplay, Matt Kamen
2012 Friend M&C Saatchi, Michael Wong
2011 30's Woman Plush Films, Kriv Stenders
2011 Criminologist
2011 Sarah J Walter Thompson, Jesse McElroy
2010 Woman BBDO (USA), Michael Karbelnikoff
2010 Doctor , Paul Goldman
2010 Yoga Teacher The Campaign Palace, Colin Skyba
2010 Chef NowScreen, Mark Leonard
2010 Beth Doner/Hello & Co (USA), Jacobs Briere
2009 Chinese face The Feds, Josh Logue
2009 Yoga Woman George Patterson, Jamie Doolan
2008 Young mother Thomas Thomas (UK), Jim Gilchrist
2007 Chinese Woman Harvey House Productions, Lloyd Harvey
2007 CBA Representative Film Construction
2007 Interior Designer M & C Saatchi, Paul Goldman
2006 Fu-Ling Daily Planet Productions, Craig Bardon
2005 Cafe Patron Campaign Palace
2001 Date 1
2001 Chinese friend George Patterson, Cate Shortland

Corporate Work

2019 Daughter COUP, John Atkins
2016 Dove Specialist Brand Love, Katerina Pellegrini
2015 Dove Specialist Brand Love, Katerina Pellegrini
2013 Cecile Yee Joy Brand Love, Scott Xavier Higgins
2011 Rachel Zhang BiG GiG Productions, Scott Higgins


2012 Silurian monster Sydney Opera House & BBC, Paul Bullock

Musical Theatre

2008 Buttons Pyramid Productions (UK), Joseph Symons
2007 Calpurnia Sydney Theatre Company, Tamara Cook
2003 Princess Winnifred NIDA, Andrew Davidson

Photograph / Stills

2009 Chinese woman
2007 Chinese woman Graphic Surgery, Brent Rice
2006 Home owner


2009 Student 1 BBC Northern Ireland, Heather Lamour


2017 Anha Vanderblitz 75percent Old School, Yure Covich
2016 Mother Ten Alphas, John Adams
2016 Katherine Ten Alphas, John Adams
2015 Anime Girl George dot Play, Aileen Huynh
2015 Young mum , Nicole Delprado
2011 Australian speaking presenter VSIcorp, Nick Bolton
2010 Female Leader Red Rug Productions, Clare Mackey
2009 Lin Lipfriend Rodd (UK), David Winn
2009 Female representative Video on Web (UK), Steve Morrison
2008 Young woman Lipfriend Rodd (UK), David Winn
2007 Presenter Louder than Words, Jonathan Packard

Voice Over

2019 Watch, Laptop Voicebooth , Joe Lewis
2018 Tanya Voicebooth, Joe Lewis
2018 Julian Voicebooth , Joe Lewis
2016 Female voice Starchild, David Wild
2016 Quirky storyteller Voicebooth, Joe Lewis
2015 Irate parent Song Zhu/ Ivy Mak Productions, Nicole Delprado
2014 Yoko Ono Song Zhu, Christiaan van Vuuren
2014 Singaporean voice Eardrum and Song Zhu, Ralph van Dijk
2014 Female voice Sonar Sound, Christopher Riggert
2011 MC QDance Australia
2010 Live Vocalist Transmission Promotions
2008 Female voice Freaky Records (NL), Michel Pollen
2007 Female voice Freaky Records (NL), Michel Pollen
2007 Female voice Freaky Records (NL), Raoul van Grinsven
2007 Female voice Transmission Promotions, Sameer Sengputa
2007 Female voice Transmission Promotions, Simon Coffey

Training & Additional Notes

1998 - 1998
2002 - 2004

2003 - ST - Edna - Waiting For Lefty - NIDA - Kevin Jackson
2003 - ST - Various - All In The Timing - NIDA - Adam Cook
2002 - ST - Mrs Palmer - No Names, No Packdrill - NIDA - Tony Knight
2001 - ST - Music Theatre course 1 & 2 - Australian Theatre for Young People NSW
2001 - C
- Friend - Pizza Hut 2001 - C
Date # 3 - Ikea 1998 - ST -
1 yr drama course The Journey - Actor's Centre Australia
Surry Hills NSW 1997 - ST - Wicked Queen - Snow White - Marian St Childrens Theatre - Margie McCrae

Featured Media

Media Gallery
Shoe Size: 8.5
Clothing Size: Female - 10
Waist: 71cm
Bra Size: B
Bust: 86cm
Hip: 93cm
Natural Accent: Australian
Accent Skills: American Standard, Australian, Cantonese, Chinese, Cockney, English, Indonesian, Irish, Japanese
Voice Style: Character, Corporate, Straight, Accents, Animation, Voice Acting
Languages: Yue (Cantonese)
Hair Length: Shoulder Length
Hair Style: Straight, Wavy
Instrumental: Piano / Keyboard
Dance: Ballet, Jazz, Tap
Singing: Blues, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, Show, Contemporary
Singing Range: Mezzo
Sport & Athletic: Cycling, Ice Skating, Swimming, Yoga
Drivers Licence: Car
Types Of Model Work: Commercial, Hands, Promotional
Voice Style: Character, Corporate, Straight, Accents, Animation, Voice Acting

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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