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Matthew Sunderland

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Nicky Gluyas Management Pty. Ltd

Johnson & Laird Management


Gender: Male
Age Range: 33 - 46
Height: 188cm
Base Location: Sydney
Available In: Auckland, International, Sydney, Wellington
Skills: Actor, Prof. Singer, Stunt Performer, Voice Artist
Hair: Brown(Honey)Blonde
Eye: Green
Ethnicity: European
Memberships: Actors Equity NZ, M.E.A.A


2019 ST Saggity Birtles/Suckling Sydney Theatre Company, Neil Armfield
2019 FF Father Boi To Hel Movie, Alister Grierson
2019 TV Pritchard Fremantle/BBC Two, Claire McCarthy
2019 SF Adult Jaden Kirsty Hamilton, Kirsty Hamilton
2018 FF Davey Causeway Films, Jennifer Kent
2017 TV Bryce Matchbox, Peter Templeman
2016 MV Hero Guy Revolver, Matt Devine
2017 FF Dan Paramount/Plan B Entertainment, James Gray
2015 FF Tom Lovett General Film Corp., Toa Fraser
2014 FF Steve Backtrack Productions, Michael Petroni
2014 SF Mark , Damon Duncan
2014 SF Danny , Brett O'Gorman & Mick Andrews
2014 ST Richard Royale Productions, Michael Hust
2013 FF Wiry Man Ticket to Ride, Josh Lawsonh
2012 FF Uncle Rory (Support) Severe Productions/Zentrope, Daniel Borgman
2012 ST Sagitty Birtles/Suckling Sydney Theatre Company, Neil Armfield
2011 FF Rider (Lead) Little Wolf Productions, Juliet Bergh
2010 FF Colonel Klaus Meyer (Lead) Island Bay Studios, Paul Campion
2010 FF Crowther (Support) Eden Films, Ian Sharp
2010 SF Survivor (Lead) The Cartel & The Sweetshop Films, Dylan Pharazyn
2010 TV White Dragon TVNZ, Richard Barr
2008 FF Wilberforce Drone (Support) Redhead Productions Ltd, Jonathan King
2008 SF Paddy (lead) Supercollider Ltd, James Cunningham
2008 ST Vershinin Peripiteia Theatre, Daniel Mainwaring
2008 TV Mr Sharpe (Guest) MF Films, Fiona Samuel
2007 FF Denis (Support) Robbers Dog Films, Gregory King
2007 TV Vigo USA Telefeature AFS, Dale Bradley
2006 FF David Gray (Lead) Southern Light Films, Robert Sarkies
2006 ST Eddie The Silo Theatre, Burt Turner
2006 ST Jack/Alex Brisbane Arts Festival, Garry Henderson
2005 FF Lemuel (Support) Tamarrilo Films, Andy Conlon
2005 SF Man (Lead) Severe Pictures, Jane Shearer
2004 FF Brett (Support) Severe Pictures, Gregory King
2004 SF Man (Lead) Severe Pictures, Steven Sinclair
2004 SF Fish (lead) Stray Bullet Films, Steven Sinclair
2004 ST Soldier The Silo Theatre, Michael Lawrence
2000 FF The Strongman (Support) Pictures for Anna Productions, Florian Habicht
2016 ST Sagitty Birtles/Suckling Sydney Theatre Company, Neil Armfield
2016 SF Jaden , Kirsty Hamilton
2016 TV Phil ABC TV, Peter Salmon
2002 SF Duff (Lead) God Zone Pictures, Reuben Pollock
2017 ST Saggity Birtles/Suckling STC/Adelaide Festival, Neil Armfield
2001 ST Begbie Herald Theatre, Chris Mead
2009 TV The Cleaner GRST Ltd

Training & Additional Notes

Stringer 2003 
One Night (Digital Feature) 'Matt' 2003 Dir. Anarvir Singh 
Christmas, 'Brett', 2002, dir. Greg King 
Woodenhead, 'Gustov, the Strong Man', 2002, dr. Florian Habicht 
Absent Without Leave, 'Paul', 1992, dir. Gaylene Preston

Home Video 'Geoff' 2004 Dir.Stephen Sinclair 
FISH 'Fish' 2003 dir.Dominic Hannah 
D.O.T. Matrix, 2000, dir. Reuben Pollock

Talent (Pilot) 'Geoff' 2004 Eleven Media 
Shortland Street, 'Kent Miller', 2001, South Pacific Pictures 
Cleopatra 2525, 'Tox', 2000, Pac.Ren/dir. Mark Beesley 
Duggan III, 'Ewen Daly', 1999, Gibson Group

Blasted 'Soldier' , 2003, Silo Theatre dir. Michael Lawrence 
Trainspotting, 'Begbie', 1999, dir. Chris Mead/Herald Theatre 
Fool for Love, 'Eddie', 1999, dir. Burt Turner / Silo Theatre

AUCKLAND BASED, voice overs, television commercials


Featured Media

Media Gallery
Natural Accent: New Zealand
Hair Length: Short
Hair Style: Straight
Drivers Licence: Car

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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