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Brennan Muhoberac

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Suzie Steen Management


Gender: Male
Age Range: 30 - 40
Height: 178cm
Base Location: Sydney
Available In: Adelaide, Auckland, Australian Capital Territory, Brisbane, Christchurch, Dunedin, International, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Tasmania, Wellington
Skills: Actor, Prof. Musician
Hair: Brown
Eye: Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian




SF Robert Acuity Productions, David Burrowes
TV Dr. William Coriel Beyond Productions, Katie Ryerson
TV Patrick Mergen Channel 7, Ashley Davies


SF Dean , Luke Erickson
TV German Soldier Beyond Productions, John Mavety
TV Arkie Burks Beyond Productions, Katie Ryerson


TV Levi Perham Beyond Productions, Katie Ryerson


TV Greg Owen Beyond Productions, Katie Ryerson
ST Simon (Lead) Blancmange Productions, Stephen Carnell


ST Simon (Lead) Blancmange Productions, Stephen Carnell


WS Gordon Smith Lightbulbhead Films, David Burrowes
FF Schizo Showkhan Productions, Seewoo Kim
FF Journalist Bazmark Productions, Baz Luhrman


SF Clerk , Ben Howling
SF Nick , Ben Howling
ST Young Charlie Short and Sweet Gala Final, Liane Norman
ST Elf Short and Sweet, Pete Malicki


ST Daniel Short and Sweet, Liane Norman
ST Steve The Radio Players, Robert Salisbury


WS Michael (lead) Acuity Productions, David Burrowes
V Bystander Team Bondi, Brendan McNamara
TV James Mum's Spaghetti, David Fedirchuck
ST Purvis Actors Anonymous, Felix Carlyle
ST Nathan Actors Anonymous, Liam Burgess
SF James Peach Productions, Margaret Fitzgerald


SF Tommy , Anika Evans
V Gary MLC/NAB, David Fedirchuk
ST Paul Mark Oakley Short and Sweet, Costa Ronin
FF Ballet Patron Great Scott Productions, Bruce Beresford
TV Aaron (lead) Franchising Australia, Andrew Dillon


V Bank Manager Pixelmill Films, Kain Tietzel
V University Student Spinifex Interactive, Michael Gray
FF Military Policeman/Soldier/Trooper/Cowboy Bazmark Productions, Baz Luhrman
C Stunned guy Collider Films, Joel Pront
TV Customer in Diner Channel 7, Various
PH Businessman Andreas Smetana Photography, Andreas Smetana
TV Waiter ABC, Chris Martin Jones
SF Nathan , Tristan O'Donnell


C Guy in cafe
FF Businessman in bar Gerrycan Productions, Mark Lee


ST Guitarist Planet Productions, Jordan Ellery


TV Singer Channel 9


MT Keith Jacobsen Entertainment, Richard Wherrett
V Lead Guitarist in band Jordan
ST Guitarist Jacobsen Entertainment, Various


ST Guitarist Burn, Jordan Ellery


TV Lead Guitarist Channel 10


C Singer
VO Excited Kid Tiger Music


TV Singer Channel 10, Barry Newman


TV Singer WAM, Geoff Ayling

Training & Additional Notes

2013 - 2016
2011 - 2011
2010 - 2017
2009 - 2009
2008 - 2008
2007 - 2008
2007 - 2007
2006 - 2006
2006 - 2006
2006 - 2006
2005 - 2006
Brennan Muhoberac is a multi talented and diverse actor and musician who has a penchant for working with wonderful and talented actors, film makers, writers, directors, producers and theatre makers who have a strong dedication to their work and professionalism. 

Featured Media

Media Gallery
Shoe Size: 10
Natural Accent: American, Australian
Accent Skills: American Standard, Australian, French
Voice Style: Accents, Animation, Character, Corporate, Documentary, Impersonation, Phone Message, Promo, Radio/TV Promo, Retail, Singing, Straight, Voice Acting
Languages: French
Hair Length: Short
Hair Style: Straight
Instrumental: Bass Guitar, Drums, Guitar, Percussion, Piano / Keyboard
Singing: Blues, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Choir, Classical, Contemporary, Country & Western , Folk, Musical Theatre, Show
Singing Range: Tenor
Sport & Athletic: Basketball, Tennis
Drivers Licence: Car
Types Of Model Work: Commercial, Promotional
Voice Style: Accents, Animation, Character, Corporate, Documentary, Impersonation, Phone Message, Promo, Radio/TV Promo, Retail, Singing, Straight, Voice Acting

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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