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Philip Hayden

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Gender: Male
Age Range: 35 - 40
Height: 187cm
DOB: 16 Jun 1978
Base Location: Melbourne
Available In: Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney
Skills: Actor, Director, Presenter, Voice Artist, Writer


2017 TV McKew Stan, Geoffrey Wright
2017 TV Brian Channel 7, Ben Shackleford
2017 FF Paul IndiMax Productions, Nathan Dalton
2016 ST Man 2 Red Stitch, Kirsten Von Bibra
2016 VO Lead voice
2016 CD Various ClickView, Nathan Dalton
2015 C Presenter Mr Smith, Curtis HIll
2015 CD Various ClickView, Nathan Dalton
2014 ST Clive Red Stitch, Luke Kerridge
2014 ST Johnny Red Stitch, Greg Carroll
2013 TV Neighbours Network Ten, Jovita O'Shaughnessy
2013 C Husband Robbers Dog, Adam Stevens
2012 C BBQ host The Shannon Company, Rey Carlson
2012 TV Radio Broadcaster ABC, Andrew Prowse
2011 VO Spike (ADR) Omnilab Media, Gary McKendry
2011 TV Mr Williamson ABC, Lisa Matthews
2011 VO News caster Ingenious Broadcasting, Simon Wincer
2011 ST Danny Red Stitch, Imara Savage
2010 ST James Red Stitch, Gary Abrahams
2010 ST David Fifth Gear Productions, Adele Shelley
2010 ST Jasper Fifth Gear Productions, Adele Shelley
2009 TV Tim Stanton 7, Richard Jasek
2009 R Voice Over BMF Advertising Ltd, Front of House
2008 SF Ash Retro Productions, Alex Boultwood
2008 FF Nick (lead) Second Last Stand, Thomas Nerling
2008 TV Robin Hood (guest) BBC, Guy Lambert
2008 TV Mr Elf (guest) BBC, Jennifer King
2008 ST Ferdinand (principal) Baseless Fabric Theatre Company, Joanna Turner
2007 TV Mark (princiapl) GoodTV, James Spence
2007 ST Malcolm (principal) Baseless Fabric Theatre Company, Joanna Turner
2007 ST Angelo (lead) Darker Arts, Helen Tennison
2007 VO Troy Sony, Katie Ellwood
2007 SF John Black Box Films, Martin McDonnel
2007 SF Adrian MFS, Ben Robinson
2006 SF Joshua Films South East, James Appleton
2006 FF Emmett (lead) All Enquiries Productions, Don Allen
2006 ST Frank (lead) Mansfield Palace Theatre, Louise Wildish
2005 FF Mark (principal) Halogen Entertainment, CHristopher Clarke
2005 TV Matt (lead) Hewland International, Richard Parkin
2005 ST Christopher Wren (principal) Mousetrap Productions, David Turner
2004 ST Charles Davenport (lead) Roll Your Own, Micheal Fidler
2004 ST Raliegh (lead) Wimbledon Theatre, Peter Kosta
2003 FF Jack (principal) Salvation Films, Wolfgang Buld
2003 TV Charles (principal) Brook-Lapping Productions, Jan Sutherland
2003 ST Demetrius (lead) Groundlings Theatre Company, Micheal Irving
2003 ST Eddie (principal) ICA, Marie Kelly
2002 TV Eddie (semi-regular) Pearson Television, Various
2002 VO Police Chief Sony, Katie Ellwood
2001 TV Corporal Jones (guest) Dreamworks SKG, Various

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Shoe Size: 10
Waist: 82cm
Neck: 38cm
Chest: 99cm
Drivers Licence: Car

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