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PiaGrace Moon

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Gender: Female
Age Range: 18 - 28
Height: 173cm
Base Location: Melbourne
Available In: Adelaide, Australian Capital Territory, Brisbane, Melbourne, Northern Territory, Perth, Sydney, Tasmania
Skills: Actor, Model, Presenter, Voice Artist
Hair: Blonde
Eye: Blue / Green, Green
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Memberships: M.E.A.A



Feature Film

2016 Supporting, Taylah Stella Rose Productions, Marc Gracie & Tim Ferguson
2016 Supporting, Peggy Odin's Eye Entertainment & Two Tone Pictures, Matthew Holmes
2015 Supporting, Prue Goalpost Pictures, Neil Armfield


2015 Recurring, Jasmine Patterson Seven Network, Various
2014 Series Regular, Jasmine Patterson Seven Network, Various
2013 Series Regular, ‘Jasmine Patterson’ Seven Newtork Operations LtD, Various
2012 Series Regular, ‘Jasmine Patterson’ Seven Network Operations Limited, Various
2011 Guest, Vanessa Childs Freemantle Media, Gary Conway
2011 Guest, Jasmine Patterson Seven Network, Sian Davies, Paul Maloney,

Short Film

2018 Sarah Primitive Films, Luke Creely
2015 Girl Nexus Production Group, Nicolas Hinze
2011 Genevieve dmfilms, Darren Maxwell
2010 Mirabelle FalseStart Productions, Angus Ledgerwood, Shane Kang


2016 Rosa (Mother) Pump Theatre, Josephine Daly
2015 Rosa (Mother) Pump Theatre, Josephine Daly
2006 Presenter/Host and Vocal Performance Tribute, Meg Brown


2019 Female Footy Fan (Opening/Closing) Interrogate, Ash Bolland
2018 Young Woman #1 TBWA, Brian Patto


2019 Teens Acting Coach The Australian Film & Television Academy (TAFTA), John Orcsik
2019 Kids Acting Coach The Australian Film & Television Academy (TAFTA), John Orcsik
2018 Teens Acting Coach The Australian Film & Television Academy (TAFTA), John Orcsik
2017 Teens Acting Coach The Australian Film & Television Academy (TAFTA), John Orcsik
2016 Teens Acting Coach The Australian Film & Television Academy (TAFTA), John Orcsik
2015 Teens Acting Coach The Australian Film & Television Academy (TAFTA), John Orcsik

Training & Additional Notes

Marc - Marc view more
Augu - Augu view more
2010 - 2011 view more
"Pia is an excellent actress and very easy to work with, she is fun and works well with the crew. she is also completely willing to do what the script requires and responds very well to direction. It is clear why she has been in contention for roles on larger films."Angus Ledgerwod,(Producer,Director), FalseStartProductions July 4 2010 Oct 2010..

"Spellbinding..her eyes..She will go to Hollywood" - John Stewart, Photographer/Actor(Actor 'Sky Ways', 'The Sullivans','Cop Shop')
___________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi Pia. 

Wow! You are a talent. I just watched your video. Then I saw you are based in Victoria and that was disappointing. We're in Brisbane! I just want to congratulate you on your CV and wish you all the best. Several talented young ladies have come through our show (Natalie Blair & Poli Cameron from Neighbours, Megan Washington) so I recognise talent when I see it!! Kind Regards, Darren J.Ray, Qld (Producer,Director) Darren J. Ray Productions 26 Oct., 2010

______________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi PiaGrace, thanks for your email. Currently we are casting only out of Canada and the EU as our funding sources require this. If this should change I would have our director consider you for a role. Also I will keep you on file for future projects,
Sincerely,Marco Pecota Rue Morgue Cinema 2926 Dundas St. W.Toronto, ON 20th November, 2010


"She's going to be very famous one day..this girl, Pia," - John Orscik (Actor,'Cop Shop', The Condemned', Director, Writer,(dir TAFTA)at the aT2 Event, Brisbane, Qld, 2010.

"Pia should consider NIDA or WAPPA. I believe she should apply, she has a lot of potential"..- Gregg Apps 2009 - ('Mission Impossible II', 'Chopper'- Casting Director)

"Pia is great to direct, a talent..She would benefit from some high level training like NIDA. I have no doubt she will make it",- Dean O'Flaherty, ('Beautiful',writer/Director,2010)

2009 - "We'll be seeing Pia in the future," - Dave Newman,('Terra Nova' 'The Pacific'-Casting Director)

"Pia is very talented..she's a bit of a stand-out", - Thea McLeod, (Actor, Director, Casting Director, 'Underbelly', 'City Homicide'- 2010)

"She performed and delivered very well, I felt her!" 2010 -Bill Hughes (Actor 'Mad Max:Beyond Thunderdome',Producer/Casting Director, All Saints)

"For Pia, we don't think it's a matter of "if" but "when".. It's just a waiting game..the right script will come along and unfortunately for us, she'll be off to Hollywood in no time!" - John Stewart, Photographer,UpStage Vision.

" Very, very talented young girl..I'm sure she's going places...I wish her all the best in her future career, we'll watch out for her." -Simon Gallagher, ('Showstoppers', singer, entertainer)

" I was very impressed with Pia. She has, no doubt, got what it know..that indefinable will take her to the top along with her talent, a great girl who takes 
direction and performs very well.." - Mark Piper, 2008, (Producer/Director, 'Home and Away', 'Water Rats' 'Beastmaster') _______________________________________________________________________________________________ "I wish I had a role to cast her now !",- Lou Mitchell, 2009,(Casting Director, 'Neighbours','The Saddle Club', 'City Homicide') ________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Ooh, this one's strong... a natural" , Nov 2010- Richard Norton (Actor 'Mr. Nice Guy'),(Fight choreographer 'The Condemned', 'The Green Hornet',
stunt coordinator, 'Stealth' ________________________________________________________________________________________________ "She is a pleasure to have in class. I love that she takes notes, she really absorbs everything. Definitely one of my strongest students." 2010-2011- Mick Preston, Actor, 'Godzilla:Final Wars', 'Uta Hagen's Acting Class', numerous TVC's,) Acting Coach (TAFTA)

Featured Media

Media Gallery
Shoe Size: 10
Clothing Size: Female - 10
Waist: 67cm
Bra Size: B
Bust: 85cm
Hip: 87cm
Natural Accent: Australian
Accent Skills: French, English, Cockney, West Coast American, Australian, New Zealand
Voice Style: Corporate, Promo, Voice Acting
Hair Length: Long
Hair Style: Straight
Instrumental: Percussion, Piano / Keyboard
Dance: Latin
Singing: Rock, Pop
Sport & Athletic: Ice Skating, Netball, Rock Climbing , Roller Blading, Rugby League, Skate Boarding, Swimming, Volleyball, Horse Riding, Hockey, Cycling, Boxing, Body Boarding , Basketball, Abseiling
Types Of Model Work: Commercial, Hair, Promotional, Runway, Legs
Voice Style: Corporate, Promo, Voice Acting

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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