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John-Paul Jory

Photo Gallery

Suzie Steen Management


Gender: Male
Age Range: 25 - 32
Height: 180cm
Base Location: Sydney
Available In: International, Melbourne, Sydney
Skills: Actor
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye: Hazel
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Memberships: M.E.A.A


2012- TV Constable Murray Seven Network, Various
2018 WS Wilkes Caffcy Films, Michael Samer
2018 SF Dave , Imogen Ross
2018 IMP Jack SketchShe, Lana Kingston
2017 SF David AFTRS, Ramon Samson
2017 SF Dex Sydney Film School , Glean De Goya
2016 C Matt Flare BBDO, Robin Sung
2016 C Freezer Employee Rapid Films, Jonathan Nyquist
2016 TV Anthony Circio Beyond Productions, John Mavety
2016 C Matty BMF, Matt Weston
2016 SF Paul , Suzie Steen
2016 SF Miles Sydney Film School, Glean De Goya
2015 TV Constable Murray Seven Network, Bill Hughes
2015 TV Constable Murray Seven Network, Arnie Custo
2015 FF Armstrong Original Maverick, Ben Phelps
2015 SF Paul Obligatory Media, Philip Meadows
2015 CO Jim Wirrim Films, Richard Jameson
2015 C Dave ROTOR, Simon Frost
2015 FF Bartender , James Vanderbilt
2015 TV Bob Beyond Productions, John Mavety
2015 SF Rob Showreels Australia, Premila Ratman
2015 C Tradesman (co-lead) Will O_Rourke, Mel Tually
2015 SF Jim (lead) IFSS, Sione Alone
2015 SF Jake Wirrim Films, John-Paul Jory
2014 C Real Estate Agent Rabbit Content
2014 SF Zaine IFSS, Emma O'brien
2014 C Presenter Coordinate, Kate Edwards
2014 SF Joshua CFFS, Steve Herczeg
2014 TV Boyfriend Steven Levitan Productions
2013 SF "The Man" Wirrim Films, Richard Jameson
2013 SF Joshua CFFC, Steve Herczeg
2013 SF Blake Red Desert Productions, Billy Kayani
2013 TV Father Play Maker Media
2013 C Lead Actor Coordinate, Kate Edwards
2013 TV Constable Murray Seven Network, Geoffrey Nottage
2013 TV Constable Murray Seven Studios, Danny Raco
2013 TV Constable Murray Seven Studios, Scott Hartford-Davis
2013 SF Bruce Wirrim Films, Richard Jameson
2013 TV Jesse Smith Beyond Productions
2013 TV Rodney Southern Star Productions, Geoff Bennett
2013 C AFL Dancer Curious, Taika Watiiti
2012 CO Martin Bearcage Prodcutions, Serge Ou
2012 C Ben Cry Havoc Media
2012 C Secret Agent #1 Thinkbone Creative, Tim Brown
2012 SF Zack Madd World Productions, Maddie Pottinger
2012 TV Philip Beyond Productions
2012 FF Sean Clear Vision Studios, Ian Winchester
2012 TV Constable Murray Seven Network, Jet Wilkinson
2012 CO Sam the Electrician Progressive Pictures, Jonathan Adams
2012 SF Oliver Standing Silhouette Pictures, Geogina Dothanh
2012 TV Presenter Clockwork Films, Jamie Cohen
2012 SF Sam , Evan Harrison
2011 SF Jason Roaring Productions, Kimberly Castle
2011 SF Pool player David Pendragon Productions, David Pendragon
2011 SF Ethan , Evan Harrison
2011 C Sick customer ACT Health, Abbey Omran
2011 C Boyfriend Dickson Tradies, Tesse Engel
2011 C Trainer Sportsmans Warehouse
2011 C Boyfriend Sportsmans Warehouse
2011 C Explorer University of Canberra, John Anstey
2011 SF Tooth Guard AFTRS, Stephen McCallum
2011 SF Dave Progressive Pictures, Jonathon Adams
2011 TV Young Lewis Moran Beyond Productions, Jamie Robertson
2011 SF Hamlet , Billy Kayani
2011 FF Casting Dicrector Clear Vision Films, Warren Coulton
2011 SF Jack Tanner , David McNamara
2011 SF The Wolf , Lachlan Pini
2011 TV Constable Murray Seven Network, Jet Wilkinson
2011 TV Constable Murray Seven Network, Scott Hartford Davis

Training & Additional Notes

Febu - Marc
2007 - Ongo view more
2011: Invited to the Howard Fine Master Class - Held by Melbourne Acting Academy

Featured Media

Media Gallery
Shoe Size: 11.5
Clothing Size: Male - L
Waist: 80cm
Neck: 41cm
Chest: 101cm
Natural Accent: Australian
Accent Skills: American Standard, Australian, English, Irish, South African, Southern, Welsh
Hair Length: Short
Sport & Athletic: Abseiling, AFL Football, Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Body Boarding , Bowls, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Fencing, Fishing, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Ice Skating, Martial Arts, Mountain Biking, Netball, Pilates, Rock Climbing , Roller Blading, Rowing, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Skate Boarding, Soccer, Squash, Surfing, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Touch Football, Volleyball, Water Polo, Yoga
Drivers Licence: Car
Types Of Model Work: Commercial

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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