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David Woodland

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Gender: Male
Age Range: 35 - 45
Height: 183cm
Base Location: Sydney
Available In: Adelaide, Auckland, Australian Capital Territory, Brisbane, Christchurch, Dunedin, International, Melbourne, Northern Territory, Perth, Sydney, Tasmania, Wellington
Skills: Actor, Prof. Musician
Hair: Light Brown
Eye: Blue / Green
Memberships: M.E.A.A




2017 Burly Man Seven Productions, Mark Joffe
2017 Anton Shields Seven Network, Geoffrey Nottage
2016 Council Worker Nine Network, David Ceaser
2015 Aussie Farmer Seven Productions, Shirley Barrett
2013 Bobby Jnr. NBC Universal 13th Street & Envelop Entertainment Pty Ltd, Timothy Wilde
2011 Jeffrey Wright Beyond Productions, John Mavety
2010 Detective Bowden Seven Productions, Jif Morrison
2009 Scrooge Of The Week Channel 9 Productions, Jodi Boylan
2009 Dennis Allen Graham McNeice Productions, Gary Deans

Web Series

2018 Uncle Steve Doors are Closing Productions, Sonny Vrebac


2019 Hector Sydney Fringe Festival, Sahn Millington
2019 Runt Bondi Feast Festival, Laurence Coy
2019 Vladimir New Theatre, Moira Blumenthal
2019 Multiple Griffin Theatre, Batch Festival, Johann Walraven
2018 Runt Sydney Fringe Festival, Xavier Coy
2017 Craig Brave New Word, Richard Hilliar
2017 Captain Nemo Monkey Baa Theatre Company, Alex Butt
2016 Captain Nemo Monkey Baa Theatre Company, Alex Butt
2016 The Musician (Composition, Arrangement and Performance) Fledgling Theatre Co., Chris Turner
2016 Dickie Tooth & Sinew, Richard Hilliar
2015 Sean Brevity Theatre, Alexander Butt
2015 Gabriel York / Henry Law New Theatre, Rachel Chant
2014 Warren Gael New Theatre, Emma Louise
2014 The Devil Gherkin Global, Keith Bosler
2014 Dr. Faustus Brevity Theatre Company, Richard Hilliar
2013 Jack Worthing Fingal O'Flahertie, Collin Jennings
2012 Dennis/Brad Furst Class Productions, Malcolm Frawley / Lewis Scamozzi
2012 Antonio Independant, John Galea
2012 Malvolio Bard on the Beach, Patricia Rowling
2011 Jack Worthing Dead Actors Society, Matt Hume
2011 Randle P. McMurphy Epicentre, Ben Lenzo
2011 Antipholus Of Syracuse/Ephesus Shakespeare By The Sea, Dr. David MacSwan
2011 Demetrius Shakespeare By The Sea, Dr. David MacSwan
2011 Australian Diplomat Julian Brophy, Julian Brophy
2010 William Shakespeare Genesian Theatre Company, Tom Massey
2009 Silvius, Charles, Court Lord Impulse Theatre Company, Stephen Wallace

Short Film

2017 Mr. Barry Digital Realm, Glenn Fraser
2016 Richard Chekhov's Gun Pictures, Tel Benjamin
2015 2IC Henchman Digital Realm, Glenn Fraser
2013 Jake Fountainhead Productions, Bujuanes Livermore
2013 Gary ( Lead ) Metroscreen, Adrian Muscat
2012 Wev sieracourt Productions, Kristina Macourt
2010 Tim Peachy Pictures, Heng Tang
2009 Ben Astute Pictures, Stuart Willis


2019 Dad Rabbit, Craig Rasmus
2018 Father The Good Oil, JH
2018 Soccer Dad The Sweet Shop, Reynald Gresset
2018 NRL Punter Taxi Film Production, Nick Robertson
2017 Mortein Dad Jungle, Al Morrow
2016 Dad ONE20, Will Horne
2016 Neighbour Jungle, Trevor Clarence
2016 Dave the Carpenter Plaza Films, Dave Wood
2016 Dad ONE20, Will Horne
2015 Dad ONE20, Nick Robertson
2014 Dad Jungleboys, Al Morrow
2013 Father 9mm, Brett Danton
2013 Husband 2Feet, Phil Rich
2013 Dad - Tiger Mask AMVI, Arni Thor-Jonsson
2012 Husband Jabez Media, Phil Harris
2012 Father/Driver Elemental Media, Shannon Harvey
2012 "Spectacularge" Guy 100% Captiv8, Ricardo Neves
2012 Arguing Couple Prodigy Films, Steve Hudson
2012 Poor Man ( Lead ) Metroscreen, Ben Lenzo
2011 Break Up Couple Will O'Rourke, The Glue Society
2011 Husband / Father one3six, Aaron Schereck
2011 Husband / Father NOW, Brendan Young
2011 Husband / Father Photoplay, Husein Alicajic
2010 Barons Beer Guy Independent, Tatjana Marjanovic
2010 Husband Radical Media, Sean Kruck
2010 Husband NOW, Deborah Niski
2010 Party Host Jungleboys, Leigh Richards

Corporate Work

2019 Actor-JASON Newscorp, Peter Burge
2015 Presenter Mediaheads, Peter Rubinstein
2014 Chef Trapdoor Productions, Mike Pritchett
2014 Business owner VnR Creative, Lucy Gaffy
2013 Motorcyclist Westmead Hospital Trauma Recovery Program, Julie Seggie
2012 Dan Mediaheads, Peter Rubinstein
2011 Gavin NSW Health, Lisa Hancock
2011 Richard / Warwick Take One Productions, Steve Trgo


2013 RBA Agent ABC, Bentley Dean

Feature Film

2018 Adam Molland Little ones Films, Lyndsay Doyle

Training & Additional Notes

2016 - 2016
2012 - 2012
2011 - 2011
2011 - 2011
2009 - 2010
2009 - 2009
2008 - 2008
2007 - 2007
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Vocal Range: Baritone G2 - G4

Reviews for “Wittenberg” performed at the Old Fitz, January 2014

“This is an absolutely brilliant play, brimming full of references to philosophy, psychology, theology and literature.”
“The direction is simple but precise, driving the show along at a rollicking speed, theological arguments and all. And while the whole cast is excellent, special credit must go to David Woodland, who is totally brilliant as Faustus. He is absolutely on point with his portrayal of the doctor as a charismatic dedicated devil’s advocate, believable both when he is delivering academic lectures on philosophy to conducting pseudo-Freudian psychoanalysis to pleading with his mistress to marry him to playing the ukulele in his local bar. The scene where he and Luther get drunk together and argue about the problem of purgatory while throwing peanuts at each other is perfect.”
-Australian Stage

David Woodland's Faustus is rogue academic sexiness incarnate and he plays a mean ukulele.
-Jason Blake, SMH

Hilliar has pulled together quite a luminous ensemble of cast and creatives. Both David Woodland, as Faustus, and Nick Curnow, as Luther, not only tick the boxes for what at least used to be considered standard equipment for actors (diction and projection), but flesh out their characters such that they become both believable and relatable. We can begin to have sympathy for both, regardless of how much we agree or disagree with their views and arguments.
-Lloyd Bradford Syke

“David Woodland as John Faustus is exceptional and in a league of his own. His musical interludes on the ukulele make it all worthwhile.”
-Stage Whispers

“Performances are consistently strong, and all actors seem to be very thoroughly rehearsed. Intentions are clear, and their control over their tricky lines are very accomplished. David Woodland’s performance however, is completely show stealing. His portrayal of John Faustus is charismatic, committed and irresistibly convincing. He has a fearless approach that effervesces unceasingly, and he resonates strongly at every turn. We hear his points of view clearly, and we empathise with his vulnerabilities.”

“David Woodland rises to the Faustus challenge with a charismatic elegance, painting Faustus as an intellectual rogue, his causal manner masking a fierce mental independence that borders on reactionary. Passion belongs to love – everything else is open to debate in Woodland’s Faustus. Woodland navigates the shifting sands of his characters moods and ideas smoothly, giving over the appearance of control admirable in all those skilled at making their feisty point.”
-Lisa Thatcher

“Under Richard Hilliar’s direction, the Brevity Theatre cast tackle Wittenberg with brio. It’s a tough script, demanding complex diction and on-the-mark timing. David Woodland delivers a charismatic and rebellious take on Faustus, while Nick Curnow is a commanding yet deeply perturbed Luther. Hilliar makes the most of the contrast. Their exchanges — whether comical or filled with ire — are edgy and real.”
“Wittenberg is further evidence that Sydney would do well to roll out the red carpet in celebration of the company’s arrival. Having set out with the mission of “producing theatre told in a sharp and simple way”, they’re doing a fine job of achieving their intention.”
-Concrete Playground

“What a brilliant start to the year. This production by the Brevity Theatre Company in association with the Sydney Independent Theatre Company could well be one of the highlights in theatre for 2014.”
“The casting was superb. David and Nick both accomplished actors brought out the very best from their characters, I certainly couldn't fault them. I doubt there is be many, if any productions of this play that will beat the standard of this performance”.
-What’s on Sydney

“David Woodland is the standout as the self-determined Dr Faustus. He fills the stage with an easy charisma, and manages the dialogue with aplomb. Woodland mixes devil’s advocacy with the enthusiasm of a spirited academic, giving balance to the Faustian hubris. There is a simple charm to Woodland and in this way he is Brevity’s Richard Roxburgh. (He also plays a mean ukulele).”
-Dinner and a show

“David Woodland does a wonderful job of bringing this likable and passionate rogue alive.”
-Veronica Kaye

“David Woodland is brilliant as Dr Faustus, his scene stealing performance is hilarious and riveting to watch.”
-The Buzz from Sydney

Reviews for “Heaven Help Us!” at the Bordello Room Kings Cross Hotel, Kings Cross, March 2014

The performances are excellent, everyone on top of their game and having a lot of fun with the show. David Woodland, always good, is a fabulous Devil, seductively OTT in his lace up faux leather, matching his talent for oozing sex appeal that he seems to bring to each of his performances (or is it just me?). He delivers Bosler’s great lines carefully and cleverly, most of the tongue-twisters end up his, tumbling out playful and clear. He is posited against the great Lyn Pierse as God and some of the best moments are when the two of them riff off each other, Pierse’s God being a patient, witty performance, commanding the stage in oversized shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. She performs Bosler’s words on a slow burn which works well, so that God develops throughout the play, a nice point of difference from Woodlands in-your-face Devil. The work between these two fine actors is one of the primary reasons to see the show, Pierse being such a well crafted talent, so it’s a little bit of Sydney theatre-watchers porn to see the pair engaged in some clever word play so close to the audience

The highlight of the production are actors Lyn Pierse and David Woodland who seem to be able to “sing the phone book”. David Woodland plays the devil with a lot of flamboyance. His work is filled with tricks and techniques to prevent the character from ever becoming too plain. Woodland is a highly entertaining performer.

David Woodland exudes a sleazy charm as the prince of pandemonium, black leather clad and hairy chested hubris, a slinking, strutting Satan who marvels in mischief. There’s a nice detail in his devil.

 Reviews for “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” performed at the Zenith Theatre Chatswood, November 2011

The key roles of Chief Bromden, Randle P McMurphy and Nurse Ratched dominate the play, as they do the film. Cheyne Flynn as the Chief, Dave Woodland as McMurphy and Suzy Wilds as Ratched drive the production impressively. Woodland’s McMurphy is a genial larrickin. 

A strong central acting ensemble portrays the inmates of the institution credibly, with sensitivity, generally balancing well on the fine line that could so easily take them over the top. 
Given that the film was one of those great cathartic experiences for me, an impact I just can’t hope to duplicate, that I was genuinely affected by this production is testimony to the talents and efforts of the Epicentre cast and crew.

Neil Litchfield  Stage Whispers  4/11/11

Dave Woodland impresses as one of the ultimate rebels, Randle P.McMurphy. This is a night in the theatre that works both as entertainment and as world class drama. This play really has it all!    

David Kary  Sydney Arts Guide  9/11/11

The focal character Randle P. McMurphy was played stunningly by Dave Woodland, who, for some reason reminded me of Dennis Quaid, in a good way though, definitely in a good way. Nurse Ratched and McMurphy have great chemistry and some very intense exchanges that make for exciting viewing. 

Nini  4/11/11

This production is nevertheless strong and entertaining, thanks mainly to a fine lead performance from Dave Woodland as Randle McMurphy – the character that won Jack Nicholson his first Oscar.
Woodland, as her nemesis, is a delight to watch. Hilariously crass, uninhibited and egotistical, in his hands McMurphy is also intuitively wise and genuinely, if roughly, kind – a complex mixture of elements always threatening to erupt.

Jennie Sharpe  ArtsHub  11/11/11

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Shoe Size: 11
Clothing Size: Male - L
Neck: 41cm
Natural Accent: Australian
Accent Skills: Australian, American Standard, Cockney, English, Irish, Southern
Hair Length: Short
Instrumental: Guitar
Singing: Blues, Folk, Pop, Rock, Show
Sport & Athletic: Aerobics, Athletics, Body Boarding , Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Roller Blading, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Skate Boarding, Soccer, Swimming, Basketball, Fishing, Golf, Table Tennis, Tennis, Touch Football
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