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Arka Das

Photo Gallery

IMC (Independent Management Company)


Gender: Male
Age Range: 20 - 30
Height: 173cm
Base Location: Sydney
Available In: International
Skills: Actor, Commercial Talent, Director, Writer
Hair: Black
Eye: Brown
Memberships: M.E.A.A



Feature Film

2019 Shaun Whitefalk Fims , Shannon Murphy
2018 Red Fez Walt Disney Pictures, Niki Caro
2017 Sami See-Saw/Aquarius Films , Garth Davis
2016 Sanjeeva Consolation Productions, Sotiris Dounoukos
2016 Steve Riot Films, Abe Forsythe
2015 TK Films & Casting Temple, Anupam Sharma


2018 Sonny SKY UK/ABC, Shaun Wilson
2018 Depak Sony/Playmaker Media, Various
2017 Tabb Patel ABC, Various
2017 Ravi Hasan ABC, Peter Andrikidis
2017 Karnick See-Saw FIlms, Jane Campion / Ariel Kleiman
2016 Actor VODVille / Youtube , Madeleine Butler
2014 Clifford Playmaker Media, Shawn Seet
2014 Farid Playmaker Media, Shawn Seet
2011 Bank Teller Nine Network, Shawn Seet

Short Film

2017 Writer/ Director Brown Peach Films , Arka Das
2017 Kerr Pickle Entertainment , Peter Francis
2016 Director Brown Peach Films , Arka Das
2015 Rajesh , Catherine Kelleher
2015 Nathan , Tom Judd
2015 Kevin Brown Peach Films , Arka Das
2015 Uber Driver Brown Peach Films , Arka Das
2015 Sean Myrtle Street Pictures, Craig Foster
2015 Sachin Emerald Productions, Sheila Jayadev
2012 Tarek UTS Media, Georgia Symons
2009 Jagdish UTS Media, Clare Holland


2015 Byron Apocalypse Theate Co., Cathy Hunt
2013 The Producer Griffin Theatre Company, Shannon Murphy
2011 Rocco Ensemble Theatre, Mark Kilmurry
2011 Several Sydney Theatre Company/ BYDS, Stefo Nantsou
2010 Martin Griffin Theatre, Anthony Skuse
2010 Suresh Ensemble Theatre, Mark Kilmurray
2009 Gerry Ashfield Youth Theatre, David Owens


Hero Plaza Films
Hero Plaza Films
Hero Ogilvy X
Hero Plaza Films/MLA


2014 Samir Scusi Productions, Arka Das
Shoe Size: 7
Clothing Size: Male - S
Waist: 77cm
Neck: 39cm
Chest: 90cm
Natural Accent: Australian
Accent Skills: American Standard, Australian, West Coast American, English, Indian, Mexican, Southern, Brooklyn, Caribbean, East Coast American, Latino, Pakistani
Languages: English, Hindi-Urdu, Spanish
Hair Length: Short
Hair Style: Straight, Wavy
Instrumental: Percussion
Singing: Rock
Sport & Athletic: Athletics, Cricket, Touch Football, Soccer
Drivers Licence: Car

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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