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Ben Fransham

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The Pro Actors

CUE Agency


Gender: Male
Age Range: 30 - 40
Height: 186cm
Base Location: Wellington
Available In: Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, International, Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington
Skills: Actor, Choreographer, Dancer, Specialist Performer, Stunt Performer, Voice Artist
Hair: Black, Greying
Eye: Hazel
Ethnicity: New Zealand
Memberships: Actors Equity NZ, M.E.A.A




2019 TBA TVNZ, Jemaine Clement/Jackie Van Beek
2018 The Militia Captain History Channel, John Ealer
2018 (2x Episodes) Cheeseface; Werewolf stunt double TVNZ, Jackie Van Beek
2017 The Red Wraith, (6x episodes) MTV/Spike, Brad Turner and Toa Fraser
2015 Eligos (3x episodes) STARZ! , Michael J. Bassett (Ep.3); David Frazee (Ep. 4+5)
2014 Captain James Cook Red Sky, Bryan Bruce
2010 Gar; Shadrin; Nygaax 6x Episodes, '08 -'10 Disney/ABC, Various
2009 Lead "Brendan Percy" Ninox Films, Paul Murphy

Feature Film

2021 TBA , James Cameron
2019 The Uncle/Quint Galvanised Films, Alex Galvin
2017 Previs. Motion Capture Actor Europacorp, Luc Besson
2016 Previs. Mo-Cap Actor/Stunt Performer Weta Digital, Maria Battle-Campbell
2016 James , Alex Galvin
2015 Performance Capture , Francis Lawrence
2015 Performance Capture , Wes Ball
2014 Ass. Fight Choreography Engineered Films, Matthew J. Pearson
2014 Petyr Unison Films, Jemaine Clement & Taika Waititi
2014 ER Doctor , David Gould
2014 Stunt Performer, and MoCap Warner, Peter Jackson
2013 Policeman , Alex Galvin
2012 Junkie Engineered Films, Matt Pearson
2011 Rugby Thug #2 Tom Scott Productions, Danny Mulheron
2011 Nick Frost stunt double/Utility stunts , Stephen Spielberg
2010 (Mo-Cap) Lilliputlians (various) 20th Century Fox, Rob Letterman
2010 Jack Inverted Bird Films, Rebekah Wilson
2009 (Mo-Cap) Alien roof-jumper , Neill Blomkamp
2006 Heron Ghost House Pictures, David Slade
2006 The Ferryman , Chris Graham
2005 (Mo-Cap) New Yorkers, Venture crew members, various , Peter Jackson
2004 (Mo-Cap) NS4 & NS5, Humans 20th Century Fox, Alex Proyas
2003 Army of the Dead hero; Mo-Cap: Elf Sword, Stunts, R&D-Treebeard, Balrog, Goblin Wingnut Films, Peter Jackson
1997 Joseph , Mike Asquith
1995 The Reaper (R&D/previsualisation) Wingnut Films, Peter Jackson
1994 Charles Wingnut Films, Peter Jackson

Short Film

2015 Fight choreography , Matt Bateman
2015 Tim Independent, Paige Larianova
2014 Stu NZ Film Commission, Jamie Lawrence
2011 William , Daniel Gonzalez
2010 Fight Choreographer Ministry of Boys, Elizabeth Crummett
2009 Man , Rachel Davies
2008 The Witch , Dan Story
2007 Jack Two Ishland, Sally Tran
2006 Geoff , Rajeev Mishra
2005 Dracula Merchenweld, Laura Samide
2005 Snake Merchenweld, Kay Kienzler
2005 Clint ICW Productions, Rajeev Mishra


2012 William Jefferys The 24/7 Project, Kerryn Palmer
2010 Choreographer (dance and assistant fight arranger). Gryphon Theatre
2010 Duc de Rochefort (dance choreography & assistant fight choreographer) Gryphon Theatre, Joy Hellyer
2009 Ethan Glorious Abandon, Gene Alexander
2008 Anton the Thief & Uriah the Hittite The Bacchanals, David Lawrence
2007 Arvin , Stephen Ray-Whiting
2007 Senator Fipp, Old Man Joseph Strong , Catherine Downes
2007 The Police Officer , Gene Alexander
2005 SA Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd The Bacchanals, David Lawrence
2005 The Ringer Akeake Theatre, Jessica Sutherland
2004 Glumac Beli Akeake Theatre, Jessica Sutherland
2003 Roger Bats Theatre, Jean Betts
2003 Cast STAB @ Bats Theatre, David Lawrence
2002 Attendant Sydney Theatre Co, Gale Edwards
2002 Ensemble The Production Co, Rodney Fisher
2002 Understudy to Sir John Trimmer NZ International Festival of the Arts, Gale Edwards
2001 The Burglar STAB @ Bats Theatre, Kathy McRae
2001 Actor, Singer, Dancer, Puppeteer 98-01 Capital E National Theatre for Children, Peter Wilson
2000 Cast and Co-Writer 97-00 , Jacqueline Coats
2000 Cast & Co-deviser STAB @ Bats Theatre, Jemaine Clement & Bret McKenzie
1997 Rudy Sturgeon Theatre, Jacqueline Coats
1997 Bernardo Wellington Musical Theatre, Stephen Robertson


2014 The Ginger Bear DDB Group, Various
2007 Gas Station Guy Rattling Stick (UK) & Shoot NZ, Danny Kleinman
2006 Courting Man
2005 Lead Prodigy Films, Tim Bullock
2005 Spy Silverscreen, Nathan Price
2003 Lead - Rogue Publicis Mojo, Robert Sarkies


1991 Dancer The Royal NZ Ballet, Harry Haythorne

Web Series

2019 Axel Gunn (2x episodes) Awa Films, Julian Arahanga


2019 TBA Magic Leap, Greg Broadmore

Training & Additional Notes

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1989 - 1991
Accolades and Awards

1997 - Best Newcomer, Wellington Fringe Theatre Festival - Speedos - Jacqueline Coats


2010 - July, Master Class with Sir Ian McKellen & Sean Mathias
2008 - Acting for Camera Workshops x6 - Miranda Harcourt
2007 - Stage Combat, Intermediate Cert: Mediaeval Sword & Various Weapons, Unarmed, Falls and Throws - Peter Hassall
2006 - Acting for Camera Workshop and American Accent Coaching - Terri de'Ath
2006 - Acting for Camera Workshops - Vicky Yiannoutsos
2006 - Shakespeare Performance Workshop - Tim Carroll
2005 - Audition Technique - Rachel Bullock
2002 - Drama Classes - Actor's Centre, Sydney
2002 - Shakespeare Coaching Drama Classes - Paddy Stevens

1991 - Scholarship Post-Grad. Dip. Dance Peformance (1 yr) - NZ School of Dance
1990 - Graduate Dip. Dance Performance (2 yrs) - NZ School of Dance

Wing Tsun Kung Fu (senior level) 15+ years, NZ Wing Tsun Association
Aikido & assoc. weapons (brown belt level) 20+ years casually, NZ Aikikai Fed.
Budo Taijutsu & assoc. weapons.
Russian Systema (with Blair Apperley)
Historical European Martial Arts (Longsword; 2 Handed Greatsword; Rapier and Dagger; Longstaff)
European Sword & Dagger techniques 1.5 years (with Tony Wolf)
Arnis 6 months (with Michael Morello)
Archery (basic)
Stunt Rappelling; Wire Jerks; Deadman; Partial Fire Burns; Fire Safety - Rodney Cook
Advanced Historically Accurate Weapons Combat for Camera - Tony Wolf

Featured Media

Media Gallery
Shoe Size: 10
Clothing Size: Male - M
Waist: 82cm
Neck: 39cm
Chest: 104cm
Hip: 97cm
Natural Accent: New Zealand
Accent Skills: South African, Russian, New Zealand, Maori, Japanese, Italian, Irish, Indian, Greek, German, French, Chinese, Cantonese, Australian, American Standard, Scottish
Voice Style: Accents, Voice Acting, Animation, Character
Languages: English, Polish
Hair Length: Short
Hair Style: Curly, Wavy
Instrumental: Guitar
Dance: Ballet, Contemporary
Singing: Musical Theatre, Show
Singing Range: Tenor
Sport & Athletic: Martial Arts, Abseiling, Archery
Circus: Stage Combat, Stilt Walking, Puppeteer
Drivers Licence: Car
Voice Style: Accents, Voice Acting, Animation, Character

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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