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David Capstick

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The Robert Bruce Agency

The Robert Bruce Agency (Aus)


Gender: Male
Age Range: 50 - 60
Height: 176cm
Base Location: Auckland
Available In: International
Skills: Actor, Commercial Talent, Musical Theatre, Stand-up Comedian, Voice Artist
Hair: Brown, Greying
Eye: Hazel
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Memberships: M.E.A.A




C Teacher Eight Productions, Miki Magasiva
ST Tour Guide/Speaker JK Productions, Dione Joseph
TV Suitcase Man Screentime NZ & Mastiff, Ric Pellizzeri
TV Principal Sanderson South Pacific Pictures, Aided Walker
TV Robet Humphries South Pacific Pictures, Ian Hughes


FF Doctor Purdy No. 8 Films , Craig Newland
TV Commanding Officer , Riccardo Pellizzeri


FF Marcus Kontent, Simon Mark-Brown
SF Dave Exposition Films, Nick White
ST Lucretious Auckland Shakespeare Co., Rita Stone Berridge
ST Julian Barnes & Brown, Bruce Brown
ST Colonel Carter Stark Theatre, Amanda Rees
ST Garrett Legacy Projecy, Kat Glass
TV Hal Lister Great Southern Television, Danny Mulheron


C Heart Attack Victim Flying Fish, James Solomon
ST Grant and Dr Humphrey Umbilical Theatre, Regan Crummer
TV Witness Making of The Mob Limited, Various


SF Inspector Blake , Jonathan Rayner-Burt
ST Colonel Shelby Carter Galatea Theatre, Amanda Rees
ST Ensemble YNOT Productions, Ant Glyph
ST Arthur Independent (Howick Little Theatre), Simon Shreeve
TV Doug Murchison South Pacific Pictures, Various


C Salesman Exit Films, Greg Wood
FF Frank Reilly Unit 21 Motion Media, Richard S. Long
FF Charlie Inspire Entertainment, Terry Allen
FF Mr Brown Zodiac Entertainment, Dimi Nabov
ST Clive/Cathy Basement Theatre, Sam Shore


FF Clive 3 Mile Limit Film Ltd, Craig Newland


TV INP Sergeant Screentime NZ Ltd, Various


SF Danny (Lead) NZ Film Academy


FF INP Sergeant
ST Mr Robinson Court Jesters


ST Orewa, Adey Ramsel
TV Hugh Spencer South Pacific Pictures, Various
VO Unidoom Power Rangers Productions Limited, Various
VO Unidoom Power Rangers Productions Limited, Various
VO Unidoom Power Rangers Productions Limited, Various
VO Unidoom Power Rangers Productions Limited, Various


TV Signaller 2 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Kenneth Glenaan
C Dad
C Teacher BBC TV
TV Landlord British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
TV Prison Officer Shed Productions
V Store Manager Chip & Pin Training Video UK
V Chief Inspector Dept. of Education Training Video
V Florist Dept. Of Education UK
C Husband UK only
ST Constable , Sarah Branston
ST Sgt. Reilly , Jonathan Marks
ST Borrachio , Maggie Harvey
ST Antipholus , John Barnston
ST Mickey , Lawrence Hill
ST Tybalt , Sarah Branston
ST Nick , Simon Heath
ST Mozart , Jeff Walker
ST Bill , Peter Cowburn
ST Touring Asian Comedy Show
ST Allan Strang , Steve Aves
ST Paul Courtenay Hyu Various Venues
ST Sody Kahlon Various Venues
ST Sody Kahlon Various Venues
ST Mr Funjabi/Ravinder Gill Various Venues
ST Sody Kahlon Stand-up Comedy
V Dr Jack Knowles With Risk Corp. UK

Training & Additional Notes

2011 - 2016
2013 - 6 we
2011 - Dec
Natural accent is Regional English
Performable accents also include Dutch and Eastern European

Featured Media

Media Gallery
Shoe Size: 9.5
Waist: 100cm
Neck: 40cm
Chest: 108cm
Hip: 103cm
Natural Accent: English
Accent Skills: American Standard, Australian, English, French, German, Indian, Italian, Cockney
Voice Style: Voice Acting, Character, Accents
Languages: German, French, English
Hair Length: Ear Level
Hair Style: Wavy
Instrumental: Guitar
Singing: Musical Theatre, Folk, Choir
Singing Range: Tenor
Sport & Athletic: Soccer, Boxing
Drivers Licence: Car
Voice Style: Voice Acting, Character, Accents

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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