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Naomi Lisner

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Profile Talent Management


Gender: Female
Age Range: 47 - 55
Height: 157cm
Base Location: Melbourne
Available In: Adelaide, Auckland, Australian Capital Territory, Brisbane, Christchurch, Dunedin, International, Melbourne, Northern Territory, Perth, Sydney, Tasmania, Wellington
Skills: Actor, Corporate, Director, Model, Presenter, Writer, Producer
Hair: Brown
Eye: Hazel
Ethnicity: Caucasian, East European, Semitic, European
Memberships: M.E.A.A




2016 Retirement Wife Hub Productions, Nicholas Carlton
2013 Researcher (Featured) Creatology, Drew Heriot

Feature Film

2019 (FEMALE LEAD)- Margarita Cogni DFUA Productions/Thirsty Films, Derek Erskine
2017 (SUPPORT) Anita Nexus Productions , Ivan Malekin
2017 (LEAD SUPPORT)Jade Patterson Thirsty Productions/MMG/DFUA Productions Pty Ltd, Derek Erskine
2016 (LEAD SUPPORT) Evelyn Venom Rat Productions, Daniel Andrusiak
2016 (SUPPORT) Sally Lamberg Productions, Saara Lamberg
2014 (SUPPORT) Hilary Wynn Digital Features, Laurent Boulanger
2012 (SUPPORT) Wilmer Hartman Creative Frontier Productions, David Ban
2012 (SUPPORT) Melanie Jamison Felix Odion Productions, Felix Odion
1983 (MAIN ENSEMBLE CAST) Sam Bullamakanka Productions, Simon Health

Short Film

2019 Alex (LEAD) Thirsty Films, Derek Erskine
2019 (FEMALE LEAD) Aviva DFUA PRODUCTIONS/Thirsty Films, Naomi Lisner
2018 (LEAD) Hannah Rosenthal DFUA Productions Pty Ltd, Naomi Lisner
2015 (SUPPORT) Julie Ritchie Off Beat Productions, Darren L Downs
2013 (LEAD) Sue Nic Barker, Nic Barker
2013 (SUPPORT) David's Mother VCA, Sarah Parkinson
2013 (FEMALE LEAD) Rita Wright Footscray City Films, Kash Clements
2013 (SUPPORT) Brenda Sullivan (Support Role)AFI Nominee 2014 David Raynor Productions, David Maxwell Raynor
2012 (SUPPORT) Jan Peacock Jim Shomos Productions, Jim Shomos
2012 (LEAD) Estelle RMIT, Tom Vizard
2012 (SUPPORT) Mother Miriam Deakin (Master), Jonathan Cabrera
2012 (SUPPORT) Dr Mary Mortimer Russian accent required , Steve Walshe
2011 (SUPPORT) Carol National Cannabis Prevention Information Centre, George Makrynakis


2015 Bones Drama zing Productions , Yma Zammit-Ross
2011 Ensemble Raglan Street Theatre, Miklos Gerely


2020 (FEMALE LEAD) Roberta Crowe Thirsty Films/DFUA P/L, Derek Erskine
2017 (INTERVIEWED AS A FILM MAKER) Myself Visions in Pictures, Stella Dimadis
2011 (SUPPORT) Pauline Soup Du Jour Productions, Dominic Billings
2011 (SUPPORT) Nun Soup Du Jour Productions, Tom Swinburne
1989 (RECURRING) Victims Grundy Productions- 7 Network, Ian Stevenson
1984 (GUEST) Raleen Grundy Productions (9 network)


2015 Sugar Honey Cherry Ripe John Fox Productions, John Fox
2014 Mother/Wife LVM Enterprises, Luke Mc Dade
2013 Principal Virable, Jonathan Creek
2013 Art Gallery Curator , Guy Franklin & Josh Gavin
2011 Dancer/Dinner Guest (supporting role) Genero TV, Julian Lucas

Voice Over

2016 Russian Characters , Catherine Gough-Brady

Photograph / Stills

2019 Stylish Woman One Fell Swoop, Lynn Crabtree
2017 Myself First left
2017 woman in receiving help The Salvation Army, Craig Buddle
2016 Mother of the Bride , Emma Matsuda
2016 Arcare Worker Arcare, Scott Bundy
2014 Myself Todd Martin Productions, Willem Dirk Du-Toit
2014 Myself Sam I am, Cory White
2014 Customer Australia Post, Jasper Neilson
2014 Commuter Public Transport Victoria, Jasper Neilson
2014 Mother of the bride Black Magic Design, Richard De Silva
2014 Mother/Wife LVM Enterprises, Luke McDade
2013 Myself Cecelia Bedford Productions
2013 Myself Toni Newman Productions
2013 Researcher Creatology, Drew Heriot
2012 Myself Purple Patch Producers, Aaron Hughs
2012 Mother viviens creative

Corporate Work

2014 Coach Parenting Research Centre, Jane Bennetto
2012 Mother Hello Medical
2012 Presenter Trained Up, John O'Neil


2013 Myself Regina Budiardjo, Regina Budiadjo


2018 Nonna (Italian chef) Enamoured Iris, Paddy Hassall
2013 Reseacher Creatology, Drew Heriot

Training & Additional Notes

2015 view more
2012 view more
2013 view more
2011 - 2012 view more
2012 - 9 we
2011 - 2012 view more
2012 view more
1966 - 1974 view more
1980 - 1982 view more
Passionate and committed actor, loves to work.
WIFT Vic- Board member from 2015-2017
AWG Member
Volunteer at Victorian Actors Benevolent Trust 
MEAA Wellness Committee Member
Director - DFUA Productions Pty Ltd

Other media in library - trailer for L'Chaim and trailer for Hannah Rosenthal

Studied Elocution at Trinity College of London for 7 years with Ms Joyce Foreman.

Please note: Hannah Rosenthal trailer  and Comedy clip are in media library. If you would like to see a private full screen of Hannah Rosenthal please contact Daniel Scarf at Profile Talent Management. Proud to announce it has international distribution.

Nominations and Awards (Writer/director/lead )
Hannah Rosenthal - Semi Finalist LACineFest- best short film
Hannah Rosenthal- Winner of Gold Kahuna Award for best short film Honolulu Film Festival
Hannah Rosenthal- Semi Finalist Near Nazareth Film Festival- best short film 
Hannah Rosenthal- Winner Special Award given by Jurors 30th Girona Film Festival (Spain)
Hannah Rosenthal- Winner Best Australian Film Malta Film Festival
Hannah Rosenthal- Official Selection- Lift Off Global
Hannah Rosenthal- Semi Finalist Best Film- Connect Film Festival LA/Australia
Hannah Rosenthal- selected to play at the Euro Cinema Awards in Geneva Switzerland

Apparently So (Writer)-  Semi Finalist LACineFest- Best feature screenplay
Apparently So -Finalist- Twister Alley Oklahoma

The Imbalance (Writer)- Semi Finalist LACineFest- Best feature screenplay
The Imbalance- Finalist Twister Alley (Oklahoma) Best feature screenplay (comedy)
The Imbalance- Winner West Field Screenwriting Awards (New York)-Best Feature Screenplay
The Imbalance- Official Selection Palm Springs International Comedy Festival (California)- Best Comedy Screenplay
The Imbalance- Official Selection-Best Screenplay Near Nazareth Film Festival
The Imbalance- Winner Best screenplay- Short Stop film festival- Romania
The Imbalance-Semi Finalist Utah Film Festival
The Imbalance- Finalist Cannes screenplay Contest
The Imbalance- Finalist Melech ha Melachim- Israel

The Imbalance 2 (sequel)-Finalist Twister Alley Oklahoma
The Imbalance 2- Semi Finalist West Field Screen writing Contest New York

** Note Appearance European or Middle Eastern with a very slight build.

Featured Media

Media Gallery
Shoe Size: 7.5
Clothing Size: Female - 6
Waist: 60cm
Bra Size: B
Bust: 83cm
Hip: 83cm
Natural Accent: Australian, American, English
Accent Skills: American Standard, Scottish, German, West Coast American, Southern, Russian, New Zealand, French, English, Cockney, Australian
Voice Style: Animation, Character, Corporate, Documentary, Impersonation, Phone Message, Promo, Retail, Straight, Voice Acting, Radio/TV Promo, Accents
Hair Length: Shoulder Length
Hair Style: Straight
Dance: Hip Hop
Sport & Athletic: Pilates, Roller Blading, Yoga, Aerobics, Table Tennis, Ice Skating, Horse Riding
Drivers Licence: Car
Types Of Model Work: Body, Promotional, Hair, Commercial, Teeth
Voice Style: Animation, Character, Corporate, Documentary, Impersonation, Phone Message, Promo, Retail, Straight, Voice Acting, Radio/TV Promo, Accents

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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