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Wayne Tunks

Photo Gallery

Freelance Artist


Gender: Male
Age Range: 38 - 50
Height: 190cm
Base Location: Sydney
Available In: Melbourne, Sydney
Skills: Actor, Corporate, Director, Prof. Singer, Variety Artist, Voice Artist, Writer
Hair: Red(Strawberry)Blonde
Eye: Green
Ethnicity: Caucasian



Web Series

2018 Colin McLeavey Tunks Productions, Wayne Tunks
2017 Russell Towning Alyssa Stevenson, Hannah Florence


2015 Roy Quinn ABC, Fiona Banks
2013 Bank Manager Screentime, Karl Zwicky
2010 Detective Seven Network

Feature Film

2017 Mason Richards Bendy Spoon Productions, Jace Pickard
2017 Santa Claus Joy House Productions, Pearl Tan
2005 Grant , Claire McCarthy


2018 Gavin Brooks Tunks Productions, Wayne Tunks
2017 Jimmy Post Tunks Productions, Jessica Fallico
2017 Liam Lewin Tunks Productions, Jace Pickard
2016 Tony / Patrick Tunks Productions, Josh Karlik
2016 Nathan Moffat Tunks Productions, Simeon Yialeloglou
2015 Anthony Before Shot, Christopher Bryant
2015 Foster Clarkson Tunks Productions, Wayne Tunks
2015 Jack Keogh Tunks Productions, Josh Karlik
2014 Corin / Hymen Spark Theatre Company, Perri Cummings
2014 Wayne Tunks Productions, Fiona Hallenan
2013 Nathan Ashley Tunks Productions, Perri Cummings
2012 Poet Tunks Productions, Wayne Tunks
2012 7 Roles Tunks Productions, Wayne Tunks
2011 Drew Bathroom Floor Productions, Scott Major
2009 Michael Goldman Tunks Productions, Helen Tonkin
2009 Odele Tunks Productions, Alexandra Byron
2008 Detective Jack Keogh Tunks Productions, Felicity Burke
2008 Claudius New Theatre, Fiona Hallenan- Barker
2008 Justin / Zac New Theatre, Louise Fischer
2008 Zeke Patterson Tunks Productions, Fiona Hallenan-Barker
2007 Alistair McGhee Tunks Productions, Greg Hatton
2007 Howard Day Meow Meow, Dana-Lee Mierowsky
2006 Heath Spencer Tunks Productions, Wayne Tunks / Nicole da Silva
2006 David Church Tunks Productions, Louise Fischer
2006 Lucas Marsden Tunks Productions, Wayne Tunks
2005 Foster Clarkson Tunks Productions, Wayne Tunks

Musical Theatre

2010 Santa Em's Entertainment, Emma Harris
2010 Simmo Abstract Entertainment, Wayne Tunks


2010 Breakfast Announcer
2009 Morning Announcer
2008 Morning Announcer

Short Film

2010 Gregory Tunks Productions, Wayne Tunks
2009 Weatherman Crotty Somersortawarning Productions, Suz Mawer
2001 Don , Brad Simpson

Featured Media

Media Gallery
Shoe Size: 11
Clothing Size: Male - XXL
Waist: 125cm
Neck: 45cm
Chest: 125cm
Natural Accent: Australian
Accent Skills: Australian, East Coast American, Brooklyn, West Coast American, English, Mid Western, New Zealand, Scottish, South Western, Southern, Western
Languages: English
Hair Length: Short
Hair Style: Spiked
Singing: Country & Western , Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, Show
Singing Range: Alto
Sport & Athletic: Cricket, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Touch Football
Circus: Clown, Stage Combat
Drivers Licence: Car
Types Of Model Work: Larger Size, Promotional

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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