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Rob Johnson

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Mollison Keightley Management


Gender: Male
Age Range: 19 - 26
Height: 182cm
Base Location: Sydney
Available In: Australian Capital Territory, International, Melbourne, Sydney
Skills: Actor, Commercial Talent, Corporate, Musical Theatre, Presenter, Prof. Singer, Voice Artist, Writer, Musician
Hair: Red
Eye: Brown




T Bernie Sydney Theatre Company/Black Swan State Theatre Company, Clare Watson
MT Prince Herbert One Eyed Man, Richard Carroll
MT Francis Fryer Andrew Kay & Marriner Group/One Eyed Man, Richard Carroll
MT Ligur/Metatron/Deisenberger Squabbalogic, Jay James-Moody


ST Various Red Line, Rob Johnson & Harry Milas
TV Kyle Ambience Entertainment, Joel Slack-Smith
MT Francis Fryer Belvoir/One Eyed Man, Richard Carroll
MT Jocko/Yonkers/Pastey Luckiest/One Eyed Man, Richard Carroll
MT Fool Neglected Musicals, Ellen Simpson
WS ABC Reporter Screen Australia, Hannah & Eliza Reilly


MT Francis Fryer One Eyed Man/Hayes Theatre Co, Richard Carroll
MT Patrick Neglected Musicals, Richard Carroll
MT Daniel Brady The Follies Company, Stephen Helper
MT Various Squabbalogic, Jay James-Moody
MT Jackson/Lucky New Musicals Australia, Neil Gooding
IMP Improviser Impro Australia, Dave Callan


ST Narrator CDP, Shondelle Pratt
ST Improviser Mantaur, Robert Johnson & Harrison Milas
ST Player Mantaur, Robert Johnson & Harrison Milas
MT Det. Jimmy Hartman Hayes Theatre Co., Jonathan Biggins
MT Francis Fryer Neglected Musicals, Richard Carroll
MT Det. Jimmy Hartman Hayes Theatre Co., Jonathan Biggins
MT James New Musicals Australia, Bradley McCaw


R Host 2SER Saturday Breakfast, Clare O'Halloran
ST Harlequin Beside Ourselves Collective, Pierce Wilcox
ST Lead Mantaur, Robert Johnson/Harry Milas
ST Son Apocalypse Theatre Company, Olivia Satchell
MT Lippman/Senator Jones/Chief Justice/Tour Guide Sydney Philharmonia Choirs, Jay James-Moody
MT Velociraptor of Innocence Squabbalogic, Jay James-Moody
MT Tenorio/Tuba Squabbalogic, Jay James-Moody
MT Jimmy Hartman New Musicals Australia, Ian Ferrington
MT Hugo Peabody Squabbalogic, Jay James-Moody


SF Boy (voice) , Brendan Cain
ST Lead Mantaur, Robert Johnson/Harry Milas
ST Improviser Mantaur, Robert Johnson/Harry Milas
ST Core cast Hayes Theatre Co, Bryce Halliday
MT Male lead Squabbalogic, Jay James-Moody


SF Marty -, Ryan O'Donnell
ST Showman Project 52, Robert Johnson/Harry Milas
MT Tommy Ross Squabbalogic, Jay James-Moody

Training & Additional Notes

Vocal Type: 	Tenor  
Vocal Range: 	Ab2 – Bb4

Awards and Nominations
2019        Green Room Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical [nominated: Calamity Jane]
2018        Hal Porter Short Story Prize [winner]
2017        Sydney Theatre Award for Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role in a Musical
                [nominated: Calamity Jane]
2017        Sydney Theatre Award for Best Production of an Independent Musical [winner: Calamity Jane]
2017        GLUGS Colleen Clifford Memorial Award for the Most Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a
                Supporting Role in a Musical [nominated: Calamity Jane]
2017        GLUGS Award for the Most Outstanding Independent Musical [winner: Calamity Jane]
2017        Impro Australia Cranston Cup [champion]
2016	Broadway World Award for Best Actor in a Musical [nominated: The Detective’s Handbook]
2016	Needle in the Hay Major Short Story Prize [shortlisted]
2015	Theatresports World Cup [runner-up]
2015	John Marsden & Hachette Australia Prize for Young Writers [shortlisted]
2014	Impro Australia Cranston Cup [champion]
2013	Theatre People Pro Choice Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical [nominated: Carrie]
2013	Melbourne Underground Film Festival Best Short [winner: Trash]
2013	Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival Best Comedy [winner: Trash]
2012	The Best of Times Short Story Competition [winner]

Calamity Jane:
“The two scene-stealers are Rob Johnson and Sheridan Harbridge … Johnson manages to wring all the comedic potential out of Francis Fryer, and offers delicious hints that the character has something bigger happening just underneath the surface.”
-	The Daily Review

“Rob Johnson is equally watchable as Francis Fryer, the hapless actor who’s booked as a woman and forced to strut his unconvincing stuff in a magnificently bad rendition of Hive Full of Honey. Not only can he sing and act, he can – and does – play the tuba as well.”
-	Limelight Magazine

“Rob Johnson, among many responsibilities, has the wit and wickedness to play 'old Doc Pierce' with a juvenile coarseness and follows it with Francis Fryer, a hilarious and endearing invention, that in my estimation launches Mr Johnson into a kind of centre-stage stardom in the making. We have seen him before: Carrie, Triassic Parq, Man of La Mancha, but now you will certainly remember that you have. A twinkling, endearing personality accompanied with intelligence and daring courage.”
-	Kevin Jackson Theatre Diary

“Keep an eye out for improv comic and music theatre performer Rob Johnson, who brings an element of suppressed madness to Francis Fryer and other cameos.”
-	Time Out

“Providing many of the funniest cameos throughout the musical was Rob Johnson as Francis Fryer/Doc Pierce. His energetic and charismatic moments always entertained.”
-	Stage Whispers

"...the scene-stealing Rob Johnson, in the dual roles of Francis Fryer and Doc Pierce. His theatresports talents are given a platform in this production and he does not disappoint."
-      The AU Review

"Rob Johnson as Francis Fryer enchantingly works his socks off as a marvellous song and dance man, hinting of hidden bigger opportunities."
-      ArtsHub

“Rob Johnson (the hapless showpony Francis Fryer) … sparkle[s] mischievously.”
-	Sydney Morning Herald

“Rob Johnson is a hoot as uptight music hall performer Francis Fryer.”
-	Daily Telegraph

"Taylor, Johnson and Bunting all impress - especially Johnson's evolution from bumbling thespian to passionate swain."
-       ArtsHub

“Rob Johnson is delightful as the awkward and timid Francis Fryer and the minor role of Doc Pierce. He presents Francis with a shy geekiness whilst harbouring a quiet strength of character. His turn in drag is hilarious as is his fretful fear at what the townsfolk will do when they realise Calamity hasn't delivered the famous Adelaide Adams.”
-	Broadway World

Sondheim on Sondheim:
“[A] force of nature … When he takes the audience on a ride through Merrily We Roll Along’s “Franklin Shepherd Inc” it is masterful – his clarity and humour and frustration and regret are so worth the price of admission alone. Johnson is skilfully comic and deftly complex in this number, and it’s a real credit to James-Moody and Johnson that they have brought a fully realised performance to the table for just one song from one of Sondheim’s more obscure shows. Johnson can and should handle meaty roles in the musical theatre world; he’s ready, and his voice has never sounded better.”
-	AussieTheatre 

The Detective's Handbook:
“Rob Johnson superbly channels Michael Crawford as the lead detective and devotee of the titular handbook.”
-	ArtsHub

“Rob Johnson makes a specky nerd of the over-literal, keen as mustard rookie, landing most of his gauche one-liners with aplomb and singing with a clean, bright tenor.”
-	Limelight Magazine 

“Johnson’s energetic deliveries of his fabulously witty lines are spot on - clearly a nod to his background in improv, comedy and theatresports.”
-	The AU Review 

Of Thee I Sing
“The supporting players (Blake Erickson, Nathan Farrow, Jamie Leigh Johnson and Rob Johnson) all prove themselves to be comedic chameleons.”
-	Daily Review

“The rather impressive Rob Johnson whose substantial, Protean talents are called for in playing almost everyone else.”
-	Limelight Magazine

Triassic Parq
“The standout here though is of course Mr Rob Johnson … He delivers even the smallest of movements or the slightest of lines with such animated emotion that you fear turning away from him for even a second.”
-	The AU Review

“Rob Johnson is a charismatic and beautiful Velociraptor of Innocence.”
-	Stage Noise

Featured Media

Media Gallery
Shoe Size: 9.5
Clothing Size: Male - M
Waist: 79cm
Chest: 99cm
Hip: 93cm
Natural Accent: Australian
Accent Skills: French, English, Australian, American Standard, Irish, Russian, Scottish, Southern
Voice Style: Character, Corporate, Impersonation, Promo, Radio/TV Promo, Retail, Soft Sell, Straight
Languages: English
Hair Length: Ear Level
Hair Style: Straight
Instrumental: Brass
Singing: Opera, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Classical, Choir, Blues
Singing Range: Baritone
Sport & Athletic: Touch Football, Rugby Union, Athletics
Drivers Licence: Car
Types Of Model Work: Teeth, Commercial
Voice Style: Character, Corporate, Impersonation, Promo, Radio/TV Promo, Retail, Soft Sell, Straight

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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