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Matt Baker

Photo Gallery

Kathryn Rawlings & Associates


Gender: Male
Age Range: 36 - 36
Height: 172cm
Base Location: Auckland
Skills: Actor, Director
Hair: Brown
Eye: Blue / Grey
Ethnicity: New Zealand
Memberships: Actors Equity NZ



Short Film

2014 John University of Auckland, Luke Bell-Booth
2014 Eric University of Auckland, Kate Garland
2012 Nigel Shot Brother, Dale Stevenson
2011 Bobby The Real Potato, Gerard Otto
2011 Marty Natcoll, Mark Lahood
2010 Tony Vanessa Gamble, David Costigan
2007 Joe Manifesto Productions, John Callen


2019 Digger #1 Tee Luminaries Production Limited, Claire McCarthy
2015 Poke Filthy Productions, Various
2014 Recruitment Officer Jump Film & TV, Peter Burger
2013 Jake South Pacific Pictures, Geoff Cawthorne
2010 Ash Fox Sunset Studio, Duncan Eastwood
2008 Jude Mayo Flying Fish, Greg Page
2008 Jasper Applegate/Jack O' Lantern Greenstone Pictures, Stephen Campbell
2008 Lenny Carlton South Pacific Pictures, Angela Bloomfield

Musical Theatre

2016 Tom , Hamish McGregor
2008 Ethan Glen Eden Playhouse, Glen Pickering
2007 Joe North Shore Music Theatre, Karl Buckley
2004 Ed Disney Stage Theatrical Australia, Annabel Scholes


2015 Marketing Guy Kontent, Simon Mark Brown
2015 Man Eating Donut Good Oil Films , Joel Kefali
2013 Lead Finch, Jae Morrison
201 Featured Cowley Films, Sean Meehan


2018 Davey Taurima Vibes, Carl Drake
2018 Brian Tinsley Plumb Productions, Paul Gittins
2013 Stephen Short+Sweet Theatre Festival, Simon Clarke
2013 Tim Short+Sweet Theatre Festival, Glen Pickering
2013 Dr. Robert MacBride M&M Productions, Mark Prebble
2012 Mark Theatre of Love, Jane Yonge

Training & Additional Notes

2016 - 2017
2012 - 2013
2010 - 2012
2002 - 2004
Shoe Size: 8
Waist: 81cm
Neck: 38cm
Chest: 96cm
Hip: 91cm
Natural Accent: New Zealand
Accent Skills: Cockney, Brooklyn, English, Irish, Scottish, Southern, West Coast American, German, French, American Standard
Voice Style: Accents, Impersonation
Languages: German
Hair Length: Short
Hair Style: Straight
Instrumental: Bass Guitar, Wind
Dance: Ballroom, Folk
Singing: Musical Theatre
Singing Range: Baritone, Tenor
Sport & Athletic: Aerobics, Boxing, Fencing, Golf, Horse Riding, Rugby League, Swimming, Yoga, Soccer
Circus: Stage Combat, Puppeteer
Drivers Licence: Car
Voice Style: Accents, Impersonation

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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