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Meerna Yousif

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Triple Talent Management


Gender: Female
Age Range: 18 - 25
Height: 170cm
Base Location: Melbourne
Available In: International, Melbourne, Sydney
Skills: Actor, Commercial Talent, Director, Extra (Background), Model, Presenter, Stand-up Comedian, Voice Artist, Writer, Producer
Hair: Brown
Eye: Brown
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern


2019 ST Ensemble MUDCRABS, Lucy Seele
2019 IMP Ensemble
2019 IMP Ensemble
2019 IMP Ensemble The Big HOO-HAA!
2019 IMP Ensemble The Improv Conspiracy
2019 IMP Two-prov teams The Improv Conspiracy
2018 IMP Ensemble The Improv Conspiracy, Taylor Griffiths
2018 ST Various Melbourne Fringe Festival, Taylor Griffiths
2019 SF Sofia/Woman Wisdom , Jeremy Teh
2018 SF Lemon Salesperson , Jake Reeder
2018 SF Bird Frida Kahlo , Erfan Behzadnia
2018 SF Extra The Folks Upstairs, Jesse Vogelaar
2018 IMP Player , Randy Adeva
2018 ST Emilia The Australian Shakespeare Company - Graduate Players, Kevin Hopkins
2018 SF River , Megan Ellis
2017 SF Janna Swinburne University of Technology, Maggie Brittingham
2017 SF (Lead) Deakin University, Megan Ellis
2017 SF (Lead) Peggy , Scott David Lister
2017 ST Player/Ensemble The Owl and The Cat Theatre
2017 SF Terry VoDville, Maddy Butler
2017 SF (Lead) Daisy Victorian College of the Arts, Gwendolyn Lin
2017 SF (Lead) Alena , Gabriel Abiera
2017 WS Zara RMIT University, Brian Oti, David Buckley Jones, Adil Hasan , Kim Williams
2017 SF Lucy , Alex Cahill
2016 SF Joy Victorian College of the Arts, Alice Jones
2016 SF (Lead) Artist Unseen Short Film Competition, Summer Killeen
2016 WS Callie Hansen RMIT University, Ella Caulfield, Matthew Duong, Sally Lewis, Amber Ryder
2016 SF Judge's Associate VCE Media, Joshua Van Dijk
2016 SF Mia Filmly 72 Hour Film Festival, Richard Truong
2016 SF (Lead) Kaylee VCE Media , Summer Killeen
2016 VO Girl , Peter Hoghton
2016 V Main Character Swinburne University of Technology, Amadea Hare
2016 SF Lizzie Stampede Motion Studios, Daniel Bucknell
2016 SF (Lead) Smart Phone Film Competition (DeakinTV), Adi Ringma
2016 VO Kassidy Harding
2016 FF Self , Jason Croot
2016 TV Self Channel 31, Linda Walsh
2016 SF (Lead) Claire MeernMade Productions, Meerna Yousif
2016 ST Christopher Boone/Reverend Peters/Ensemble Catholic Regional College, Meerna Yousif
2015 FF Emo/Seymour High Student Matthewswood Productions, Neil Triffett
2015 SF (Lead) Actress 48 Hour Film Project
2015 SF Wife of distinguished man Kamillion Productions, Tritia Devisha
2015 M Model Zubair Photography , Zubair Aslam
2015 V Girl #2 Shock Corridor Productions, Alifeleti Tuapasi Toki
2015 M Cleopatra Tina Ramos Photography, Tina Ramos
2015 SF Ondrea Stathopoulos Catholic Regional College
2015 SF Presenter Catholic Regional College
2015 SF Villager JMC Academy , Kristin McLean
2015 SF Audience Swinburne University , Anthony Vita
2014 SF Detective My Rode Reel Short Film
2014 ST Headmaster/Overseer Victorian Youth Theatre
2014 ST Chorus/Senior­Inter Victorian Youth Theatre
2014 ST Mary Catholic Regional College
2015 ST Starkey Catholic Regional College
2015 ST Aphrodite/Colin/Anika Victorian Youth Theatre
2015 ST Kitt Tanner/Chorus Victorian Youth Theatre
2015 ST Astronomer Victorian Youth Theatre
2015 ST Mack Victorian Youth Theatre
2014 MT Doris/Music Teacher Urban Force Studios

Training & Additional Notes

2016 view more
2016 view more
2015 - 2016
2014 - 2015
Shoe Size: 7
Clothing Size: Female - 10
Waist: 65cm
Chest: 91cm
Bra Size: D
Bust: 91cm
Hip: 86cm
Natural Accent: Australian
Accent Skills: American Standard, Australian, Cockney, English, Russian, Southern, Spanish, West Coast American, East Coast American, Mid Western, Middle Eastern, Arabic
Voice Style: Accents, Animation, Character, Impersonation, Voice Acting, Radio/TV Promo
Languages: Arabic, English
Hair Length: Long
Hair Style: Wavy
Dance: Belly, Hip Hop
Sport & Athletic: Basketball, Boxing, Swimming, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Yoga
Drivers Licence: Car
Voice Style: Accents, Animation, Character, Impersonation, Voice Acting, Radio/TV Promo

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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