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Guillym Davenport

Photo Gallery

Victoria Jackson Management


Gender: Male
Age Range: 18 - 28
Base Location: Melbourne
Available In: Brisbane, International, Melbourne, Sydney
Skills: Actor
Hair: Light Brown
Eye: Brown




FF William Media Luna, Robert Chuter


SF Jason MDNVA, Alex Hines
SF Raymond VCA, Angus Chisholm
C Hipster Copywriter Accomplice, Brendan Williams
O Man , Justin Kui
MV Lead Gloom In The Corner, Cian Marangos


SF Rufus Fat Kid Films/Media Luna, Robert Chuter
SF Dennis RMIT, Natile Walsh
CO Photographer Visual Domain, Jake Harris
M Man Burbank, Michael Kai
MV Lead Crystal Arrow FIlms, Kieran Ellis-Jones


C Hero (Lead) New Mac, Travis
SF Love Interest RMIT, Natalie Walsh
ST Self Melbourne Fringe, Self-Devised
ST Various WIT, Jennifer Innes
ST Peter Midsumma, Katrina Douglas
M Man , Arie Rain Glorie


SF Alex VCA Film School, Meaghan Palmer
ST Nik VCA Staged Readings, Rei Poh
ST Guillym VCA, Co-devised
ST Thomas VCA, Tanya Dickson
ST Jake Callahan VCA, Alister Smith
VO Him VCA, Justine Sloane-Lees
VO Adam VCA, Justine Sloane-Lees


FF Chundy Rundy Flemhouse Productions, Tristan Barr
ST Richard III VCA, Tony Smith
ST B VCA, Cathy Hunt
ST Konstantin VCA, Melanie Beddie


ST Bassanio Nash, Brenda White


ST Rob Auckland Theatre Company, Lauren Jackson

Training & Additional Notes

2013 - 2015
Natural Accent: Australian
Accent Skills: American Standard, Australian, Cockney, English, New Zealand
Voice Style: Voice Acting, Documentary
Instrumental: Bass Guitar, Guitar, Piano / Keyboard
Voice Style: Voice Acting, Documentary

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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