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Tom Harwood

Photo Gallery

Victoria Jackson Management


Gender: Male
Age Range: 30 - 40
Height: 170cm
Base Location: Sydney
Available In: Sydney
Skills: Actor
Hair: Light Brown
Eye: Hazel
Ethnicity: Caucasian, European




SF Lewis Viceroy Queen of the Jungle, Angela Blake
SF The Man , Ewen Munro
SF Drew Tunks Productions, Wayne Tunks
T Hunter Smeaton (Lead) Company of Rogues, Erica Lovell
FF Marcel Grossman Films4Change Inc, Jerry Retford
V Liquor Store Manager NSW Gov, Pete Malicki
WS Angry Nerd Rophe Films, Billy El Kaddour
T Tom Sheppard (Lead S R Larkman, Kathleen Hrayssi
SF Joe On The Cusp, Sage Godrei
T Arrup / Fraser On The Cusp, Sage Godrei


C Staff Photoplay, Lahs Ohlin
T (Lead) Hunter Smeaton Company of Rogues, Erica Lovell
SF Father , Mustafa Allawi
WS Charlton , Tom Harwood / Gemma Laurelle / Christine Aldridge
MV Lead Chris Ras, Padraig Reilly
ST Mitchell, Mason, Martin, Monty, Maverick Tunks Productions, Wayne Tunks
SF (Lead) Gaz , Jamie Draper / Ian Smallman
SF Jeff AFTT, Addrian Nedanovski
SF (Lead) Rusty , Shebie King
ST (Lead) Elvis Short and Sweet, Anthony J Langford
VO Hard Man Stand-In Lab, Alex Brown/Alex McCulloch
SKT Chef Stand-In Lab, Alex Brown/Alex McCulloch
SKT 1930's Bartender Stand-In Lab, Alex Brown/Alex McCulloch


C Customer One3Six, Aaron Schereck
C Dad DK Advertising, John Kohlenberg
C Russ, Mechanic Ogilvy X, Will Horne
FF Suit Screen Ink Media, David Fairhurst
SF (Lead) The Man Bald Tower, Viktor Jonsson
SF (Lead) Marcus AFTT, Toan Luong
SF Frankie AFTT, Addrian Nedanovski
SF Trapped UTS, Jayce Tang
SF Rick Sydney Film School, Viktor Jonsson
SF (Lead) Glen AFTT, Kyle Croese
TV Fireman/Pedestrian Beyond Productions, John Maverty
O Gin & Tonic / Old Fashioned Stand-In Lab, Alex Brown/Alex McCulloch
O Military Man Stand In Lab, Alex Brown/Alex McCulloch
MV (Lead) Father AFTRS, Jaslyn Mairs


C Tom The Entrpreneur Can't Be Stopped Productions, Damian Munday
C Nate, Odd Couple Image Fusion, Jane Eakin
C Soldier Thumb Brightworks, Langdon Cook
FF British News Anchor TMD Events / Connor Fairclough, Connor Fairclough
SF Mike Cant Be Sopped Productions, Xinai Ma
TV Policeman Beyond Productions, Katie Ryerson
TV Cocktail Party Goer Seven Network, Kriv Stenders
MT Rooster Hannigan Mosman Musical Society, Jody Rose
CO Paul, UK Ops Manager Indimax, Ben Whimpey
MV Party Goer Frith Films, Jacob Frith


TV Cop 1 Beyond Productions, John Mavety

Training & Additional Notes

2015 - 2016
2015 - 2016
2014 - 2015

Featured Media

Media Gallery
Natural Accent: English
Accent Skills: American Standard, Cockney, English, Irish, Scottish, Southern, Spanish, Australian, South African, West Coast American
Voice Style: Accents
Languages: English, Spanish
Hair Style: Straight
Singing: Musical Theatre
Sport & Athletic: Soccer, Table Tennis
Drivers Licence: Car
Voice Style: Accents

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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