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John Batchelor

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Mollison Keightley Management

RMK Management


Gender: Male
Age Range: 39 - 49
Height: 182cm
Base Location: Sydney
Available In: Adelaide, Auckland, Australian Capital Territory, Brisbane, Christchurch, Dunedin, International, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Tasmania, Wellington
Skills: Actor
Hair: Greying
Eye: Blue
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Memberships: M.E.A.A




2018 Steve Sendle Pty Limited, Luke McKelvey

Feature Film

2019 Farmer (voice) Sony Pictures Animation, Will Gluck
2018 Harrison Edko Films / Perfect Village Entertainment, Xiaolu Xue
2017 Coach Munsy Off the Ground Productions, Jason Perini
2010 Peeto Red Dog Films, Kriv Stenders
2008 Pete Subdivision Productions, Sue Brooks
2007 Ronnie Mandala Films, Jonathan Ogilvie
2003 Wayne Samurai Films, Brett Leonard
2002 McKible Village Roadshow Prod., Alex Zann
2002 Pete Deckchair Productions, Jeff Balsmeyer


2018 Detective Purcell Playmaker, Shawn Sent
2018 Cast member Scarlett Pictures, Beck Cole/Steven McGregor
2017 Nick Mackay Screentime/Channel 7
2017 Chip Guesswork Television, Lewis Hobba
2017 Jerry Radio Karate, Various
2016 Nick Mackay Screentime/Channel 7
2016 Nathan Essential Media/Channel 9 , Mark Joffe
2015 Larry Perkins Shine, Geoff Bennett
2015 Lang Hancock Essential Media & Entertainment, Lisa Matthews
2014 Ivan 10 Network
2014 Digger ABC TV, Rowan Woods
2013 Winston Seven Network, Various
2012 Jack Rush Fremantle / ABC TV, Jess Hobbs
2012 Winston Seven Network, Danny Raco / Jett Wilkinson
2011 Andy 'Charge' Thorpe Sea Patrol Productions, Steve Mann, Geoff Bennett
2011 Wally Tomlinson Screentime, Tony Tilse, Cherie Nolan, Shawn Seet, David Caesar, Matt King
2011 Tony Cordell Jigsaw Productions, Geoff Bennett
2010 Andy 'Charge' Thorpe Sea Patrol Productions, Steve Mann, Geoff Bennett
2009 Bobo the Clown 30 Seconds Productions, Shawn Seet
2009 Andy 'Charge' Thorpe Sea Patrol Productions, Steve Mann, Ian Barry
2008 Andy 'Charge' Thorpe Sea Patrol Productions, Geoff Bennett, Ian Barry
2006 Andy 'Charge' Thorpe Sea Patrol Productions, Geoff Bennett / Chris Martin-Jones
2002 Bernie Farrelly Seven Network Org., Rob Marchand
2002 Colin Fletcher Stingers 5 Pty Ltd, Steve Jodrell


2018 Mickey O'Toole La Boite Theatre Company, Ian Lawson
2013 Rohan Swift QTC & Black Swan, Wesley Enoch
2006 Capulet Bell Shakespeare Co., John Bell
2005 Helmut STC, Gale Edwards
2005 Gloucester Bell Shakespeare, John Bell
2004 Sir Toby Belch Bell Shakespeare Co, David Freeman
2004 Sir Toby Belch Bell Shakespeare, David Freeman
2004 Theo Company B Ltd, Neil Armfield
2003 Witwoud STC, Gale Edwards
2003 Witwould STC, Gale Edwards
2001 Decius Brutus Bell Shakespeare Co, John Bell
2001 Ajax Bell Shakespeare Co, Michael Bogdanov
2001 Enobarbus Bell Shakespeare Co, John Bell
2001 Decius Brutus Bell Shakespeare, John Bell
2001 Enobarbas Bell Shakespeare, John Bell
2000 Ajax Bell Shakespeare, Michael Bogdanov
1999 Diggory STC, Richard Coterill
1998 Greeneyes Whiplash, Anthony Simcoe
1997 Ollie La Boite, Sue Rider
1997 Fraser Someone, Lewis Jones
1997 Grev Renegade, David Letch
1997 Cinna QTC, Simon Phillips
1997 Alceste Green, Ian Lawson
1997 Various QTC, Various
1997 Officer Krupke QUT, David Fenton
1996 Sganerelle QUT, Anthony Simcoe
1996 Lucky Eric Someone, Lewis Jones
1996 Macbeth Grin and Tonic, Bryan Nason
1996 Bottom Grin and Tonic, Bryan Nason
1995 Master On Giant Shoulders, Kath Lyall-Watson
1995 Champ On Giant Shoulders, Brian Edmonds
1995 Max QTC, Aarne Neeme
1995 Les Theatre Up North, Mike Dickerson
1995 Meade Experimento & Playlab, Simon Brook
1994 Le Bret Acronym, Paul Galloway
1993 Smuggler QTC, Gale Edwards

Voice Over

2018 Dad Plaza Films, Paul Middleditch
2014 Narrator Seven Network
2012 Promos Foxtel
2008 Voice Over BMF Advertising
2007 Voice Over BMF Advertising
2006 Various SBS TV
2005 Various SBS TV

Short Film

2019 Detective Purcell Playmaker Reckoning SPV Pty Ltd, Shawn Seet
2018 Garry Small 100 TO ONE PRODUCTIONS, Rachel Griffiths
2016 Ed Swing Wing Productions, Simon Portus
2015 Joseph O'Kane Sugar Glider Film, Carly Heaton & Joel Noble
2014 Ben , Claude Gonzalez
2013 Chris , Jennifer Perrott
2012 Barry Branch , Shane Krause
2009 Mal Room Four Films, Hannah Hilliard
2006 Jim Watson Phil Wade, Gary Eck
2003 Fisherman Passion Pictures, Rene Hemandez
2003 Guard Duncan AFTRS, Peter Templeman
2003 Tiny Soul Films, Martin
1998 Man (lead) Qut, Michael Baddorick
1995 , Stephen Lance

Training & Additional Notes


1995 Exposure Film Festival – Accolade Comedy Actor (The Lotus Room)
1995 Matilda Award – Outstanding Achievement in Queensland Theatre (Millfire, Christmas at Turkey Beach)
1997 Matilda Award-Outstanding Achievement in Queensland Theatre (Sweet Phoebe, Oz Shorts)
1997 Queensland New Filmmakers Awards-Best Actor (The Oblong Box)

Featured Media

Media Gallery
Shoe Size: 12.5
Waist: 108cm
Neck: 46cm
Chest: 117cm
Natural Accent: Australian
Hair Length: Messy, Short
Hair Style: Curly
Sport & Athletic: Squash, Martial Arts, Horse Riding, Cricket, Boxing
Drivers Licence: Car

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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