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Syd Brisbane

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Gender: Male
Age Range: 40 - 60
Height: 166cm
Base Location: Melbourne
Available In: Adelaide, Auckland, Australian Capital Territory, Brisbane, Christchurch, Dunedin, International, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Tasmania, Wellington
Skills: Actor, Director, Musical Theatre, Voice Artist
Hair: Brown
Eye: Green
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Memberships: M.E.A.A



Feature Film

2018 Chugger Pelgo, Gregor Jordan
2015 Big John Pilbara Film Company Pty Ltd, Kriv Stenders
2014 Mick Three Card Monte Pty Ltd, Ben Chessell
2014 Ben Cut Snake Productions Pty Ltd, Tony Ayres
2013 Smythe Prod Mary Minas, Kasimir Burgess
2006 Dave Smoking Gunn Productions, Kriv Stenders
2005 Jeff Boom Pictures, Kevin Carlin
2001 Bill Rescued Films, Alkinos Tsilimidos


2019 Teddy ABC Australia, Jocelyn Moorhouse, Emma Freeman
2018 Pat Nemaric Playmaker Bloom SPV, John Curran
2018 Gary Gristmill, Robyn Butler
2018 Cam Match Box Pictures, Emma Freeman
2017 Loins ABC, Shaun Wilson
2017 JJ Channel 9, Sian Davies
2016 Martin Tucker Fremantle Media Australia Pty Lt, Various
2014 Martin Tucker Fremantle Media Australia Pty Ltd, Pino Amenta
2013 Mr Norris ABC 3, Pino Amenta
2013 Lincoln Fremantle Media, Abe Forsythe
2012 Stan Egan January Productions , Andrew Prowse
2011 Cheesy Southern Star/Channel 9, Glendyn Irvin
2011 Repro Circa Entertainment, Paul Goldman/Pino Amenta
2011 Peter ABC, Abe Forsyth
2010 Brian Hocking Seven Network, Kevin Carlin
2008 Gus , Kevin Carlin


2019 Caterpillar/March Hare ASC, Glenn Elston
2019 Vladimir Lenin Bloomsday, Jennifer Sarah Dean
2019 Witch/Porter ASC, Glenn Elston
2018 Dromio of Syracuse Thaeatre iNQ, Terri Brabon
2018 Alfred Dolittle A.S.C, Greg Carroll
2016 Various New Working Group, Mark Pritchard
2016 Mike Red Stitch, Ngarie Dawn-Fair
2016 Manuel Michael Coppel Entertainments Pty Ltd, Caroline Jay Ranger
2015 Ryan La Mama, Daniel Lammin
2014 Friar Lawrence Theatre iNQ, Terri Brabon
2014 Mr Cantwell Malthouse Theatre, Matthew Lutton
2013 Fabian A.S.C, Glenn Elston
2013 Macduff Theatre iNQ, Terri Brabon
2012 The Dauphin Theatre iNQ, Terri Brabon
2011 Ross A.S.C, Glenn Elston
2011 Rev Strickland Ilbijerri Theatre, Isaac Drandich
2011 Dromio of Syracuse A.S.C, Glenn Elston
2010 Bottom A.S.C, Glenn Elston
2009 The Dauphin Tropic Sun, Terri Brabon
2007 Peter A.S.C, Glenn Elston
2007 Director The Rabble, Syd Brisbane
2005 Dogberry A.S.C, Glenn Elston
2004 Nodd S.T.C, Judy Davis
2002 Frankie S.T.C of S.A, David Field
2000 Nixon The Wrestling School, Howard Barker

Musical Theatre

2010 Squizzy Taylor Greg Carroll Productions, Greg Carroll
2007 Sam Byck Flying Penguin, David Mealor

Training & Additional Notes

Vocal Range: Baritone


2003; ST; Chief of Police; The Government Inspector; The Hoist; Daniel Schlusser
2003; ST; Lex; The Eskimo Calling; Neonheart; Aden Fennesy
2002; FF; Hamish; One Perfect Day; Lightstream Films; Paul Curry
2002; TV; Ben Connors; McLeod's Daughters; Millennium Television; Cath Roden (Eps 51 & 52)
2001; ST; Peter; Blue Remembered Hills; Brink Productions (Belvoir St); John O'Hare
2001; ST; The Son / Graeme; Innsouciance / The Prodigal Son; Playbox; Tom Healy/Daniel Schluser
2000; SF; Joe; Meeting Misty Rain (Runner Up Tropfest 2000); Justin Kurzel
2000; ST; 4th Porter; The Ecstatic Bible (Adelaide Festival); The Wrestling School (UK) & Brink Productions; Howard Barker & Tim Maddock
2000; ST; Valmont; Quartet; Brink; Gerard McArthur
1999 ST; Larry; Closer; STCSA; Bebedict Andrews
1998 ST; Bernie; Unidentified Human Remains and the True nature of Love; STCSA; Rosabella Clemente
1997 FF; Peter; Dead letter Office; Artists Services; John Ruane
1994 - 1995 FF; The Man; Epsilon; Virtigo; Rolf De Heer
1993 FF; Yobbo; Bad Boy Bubby; Fandango; Rolf De Heer
1989 FF; Spencer; Struck By LIghtning; Dark Horse films; Jersy Domaradsky

MDA - Series 2; Ch: Nurse Scott, Guest Role, Ep 38, Screentime Pty Ltd, 2003
Stingers; Ch: Freddie Effen, Guest Role, Ep. 109, Simpson Le Mesurier, Dir: Kevin Carlin, 2002
Secret Life Of Us; Ch: Forman, Guest Role, Ep 2 West Street Productions No. 3, 2001

2016 Green Room Nomination Ryan Best Actor Independent Theatre
2006 Been So Long (Director) Best Show Adelaide Fringe
2000 Adelaide Critics Circle Award For Excellence in the Arts
1998 Best Professional Actor (S.A.) Adelaide Advertiser
1997 Green Room Nomination Cat Melbourne Fringe Festival

2012 Howard Fine Masterclass
2004 Anne Bogart SITI Company N.Y
1981-83 Flinders University Drama Centre

Featured Media

Media Gallery
Shoe Size: 7
Clothing Size: Male - S
Waist: 90cm
Neck: 37cm
Chest: 90cm
Natural Accent: Australian
Accent Skills: Spanish, English, Cockney, Australian
Voice Style: Voice Acting, Soft Sell, Radio/TV Promo, Impersonation, Documentary, Character, Animation, Accents
Hair Length: Short
Hair Style: Straight
Instrumental: Wind
Singing: Musical Theatre
Sport & Athletic: Tennis, Hockey, Cycling, Cricket, AFL Football
Circus: Stage Combat, Trapeze
Drivers Licence: Car, Truck
Voice Style: Voice Acting, Soft Sell, Radio/TV Promo, Impersonation, Documentary, Character, Animation, Accents

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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