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James Caitlin

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Niche Management


Gender: Male
Age Range: 50 - 60
Height: 170cm
Base Location: Sydney
Available In: Sydney
Skills: Actor, Voice Artist
Hair: Greying, Grey
Eye: Blue
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Memberships: M.E.A.A


2016 WS Tanned Suit Deadrock Films, Enzo Tedeschi
2016 TV Local Man Home and Away ep6612 7 Network, Geoffrey Nottage
2016 TV Marco Accurso Home and Away ep6573 7 Network, Danny Raco
2016 TV Frank A Place To Call Home S4 ep11 Seven Productions, Catherine Millar
2016 VO Commander Dixon Ascent-The Space Game Fluffy Kitten Studios, Ben Draisma
2015 TV Marco Accurso Home & Away ep6379 7 Network, Julie Money
2014 O Jack Bartlett Man Conquers Space One Heart Pictures, David Sander
2014 O Professor Ode Singularity One Heart Pictures, David Sander
2014 FF Captain Parker Airlock (2014) Distracted Media, Marc Furmie
2014 FF Newsreader Maddfilms, Marc Furmie
2013 VO Narrator Airlock - official teaser Distracted Media, Enzo Tedeschi
2012 VO VO Image Direction, Nadia Benussi
2012 VO VO Narration Hyundai i30 Distracted Media, Clark Carter
2012 VO VO Narration Wild World Productions, Shannon Jones
2012 WS Short Suit Event Zero (web series Ep 2 & 7) Distracted Media, Marc Furmie
2011 VO VO Wild World Productions, Shannon Jones
2011 C Senior Wild World Productions, Shannon Jones
2011 VO Radio DJ (voice) Permacology Productions, James Colquhoun. Laurentine Ten Bosch. Carlo Ledesma
2011 VO Dispatcher Distracted Media, Enzo Tedeschi
2011 FF Trevor Jones The Tunnel Distracted Media. Zapruders Other Films, Carlo Ledesma
2011 SF Dr Richard Madden Butterfly International Film School Sydney, Caellum Allan
2011 SF Francis McCullough Venger Tiger Tale Prod Pty Ltd., Marc Furmie
2010 VO Narrator QANTM, Felix Von Vogelsang
2010 VO Walter University of Technology Sydney, Beini Huang
2009 VO Narrator Man Conquers Space Teaser IV Man Conquers Space Productions, David Sander
2009 SF The Father The Branch Plum Loco Productions, Julietta Boscolo
2009 SF The Father fxphd Productions, Jason Wingrove
2008 FF The Sword Man Mortal Fools Productions, Phil Moore
2008 SF Ivanov Bad Coffee University of Technology Sydney, Ben Draisma
2008 V Jack The Beast Independent, Anthony Egan
2008 C Customs Officer FOXTEL Area 51 Creative, Dean Friske
2008 CO Dennis Hopkins Government Skills Australia, Richard Jeffery
2007 FF Wayne Cooper Silver Bullet Films, Alexander Herget
2006 SF Tex Independent, John Biggins
2005 FF English General Silver Bullet Films, Alexander Herget
2005 SF The Captain AFTRS, Maia Horniak
2004 SF Frank AFTRS, Peter Templeman
2002 TV Don Hardy Knapman Wyld , Ian Watson
1999 ST Diesel Dewez Productions, Ian Munro
1992 TV Newton Film Australia, Ian Munro
1992 ST Harry Roat Iron Cove Theatre, Alan Kingsford-Smith
1992 ST Philip Hill Iron Cove Theatre, Mike O'Brien
1992 TV U.S Private Kelly Roadshow, Coote, Carroll, Peter Fisk
1990 TV Rick Roadshow, Coote, Carroll, Peter Andrikidis

Training & Additional Notes

1987 - 1990
1990 - 1990
1986 - 1986
James continued to study screen acting and voice technique with;
- The Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) with Denny Lawrence, Graham Thorburn and Jen Oldershaw.
- Screenwise, with Denise Roberts, Peter Andrikidis and Trish McAskill.
- Kathy Evans, (Kathy Evans Voice Management)
- The Actor's Centre, with Lani Tupu and Sonja Tallis .
- Abbe Holmes (
- Lower Eastside Studios (Australia) with Anthony Fletcher and Scott Krauss.
- Screenskill, with Tony Wickert.

James recently completed roles in 2015 on the feature 'Terminus', web series 'Airlock', TV series 'Home and Away' and the teasers for 'Man Conquers Space' and 'Singularity'. 

James is 'Trevor Jones', the homeless man, in the new Australian thriller, 'THE TUNNEL MOVIE'. Directed by Carlo Ledesma.

Officially rated in the Most Popular Horror Movies made in Australia! - (IMDb)

"'THE TUNNEL MOVIE' is a cunningly crafted and smartly mounted exercise in suspense." 
Michael Adams - Rolling Stone Magazine. June 2011.

Reviews of James performance in 'THE TUNNEL MOVIE'.

- "... an excellent James Caitlin, who plays a freaked-out homeless man who has seen something deeply disturbing in the tunnels."
(Annette Basile. Filmink Magazine review June 2011) (.pdf)

- "... The Tunnel is a fantastic horror film, perhaps one of the best I've seen of late. For a fantastic script, excellent plot execution, spot-on directing, and an especially convincing performance by James Caitlin."
(The Sick House Review. March 2, 2012)

- "The interview with Trevor, excellent performance from James Caitlin, is vital in establishing the nature of what is going to come... leading the audience to being very uneasy about just what might be down in the tunnels, in the dark."
(Jeff Ritchie. ScaryMinds review May 20, 2011)

- "Also of note is James Caitlin... He's very effective as a traumatised soul, and his one scene is filled with a creeping dread that really ups the horror, and anticipation of whats to come."
(Kyle Scott. The Horror Hotel review June 21, 2011)

- "One special nod must be made to James Caitlin as Trevor... The rest of the film would be ten times weaker without his bombshell performance, placed, 'just so', in the opening course of events."
('dhalfen@...' "Intense & Disturbing". Baltimore MD, USA. IMDb User Review July 21, 2011

Featured Media

Media Gallery
Shoe Size: 6.5
Clothing Size: Male - S
Waist: 82cm
Neck: 41cm
Chest: 100cm
Natural Accent: Australian
Accent Skills: American Standard, Australian, Cockney, English, Indian, Irish, Russian, Southern
Voice Style: Animation, Character, Straight, Voice Acting
Hair Length: Short
Hair Style: Straight
Sport & Athletic: Cricket, Gymnastics, Skate Boarding, Soccer
Drivers Licence: Car, Motorcycle
Voice Style: Animation, Character, Straight, Voice Acting

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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