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Gerard Carroll

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Nicky Gluyas Management Pty. Ltd


Gender: Male
Age Range: 40 - 45
Height: 180cm
Base Location: Sydney
Available In: Adelaide, Auckland, Australian Capital Territory, Brisbane, Christchurch, Dunedin, International, Melbourne, Northern Territory, Perth, Sydney, Tasmania, Wellington
Skills: Actor, Musical Theatre, Prof. Musician, Prof. Singer, Voice Artist
Hair: Greying
Eye: Blue / Green
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Memberships: M.E.A.A




2017 Davidson ABC/Bent ProductionsSPV, Jeffrey Walker
2016 Alan Wilkins Playmaker/ABC, Shawn Seet
2013 Bob Switzer NBC Network, Shawn Seet
2012 Mark ABC TV, Peter Duncan
2012 Solicitor UBB, Tony Tilse
2011 Det Gary Burns Foxtel, Laurence Coy
2011 Kenneth Channel 7, Dan Stevnson
2011 Jeweller Full Box, Laurence Coy
2008 David Morris 7 Network, Sam Atwell
2001 Soldier ABC TV/Beyond Productions
2000 Politician Crackerjack Productions
1999 Banana ABC TV, Tammy Bernstock


2019 Stephen Ensemble Theatre Company, Terence O'Connell
2018 Robert Freefall Productions, Tyran Parke/Derek Walker
2017 Richard/Multiple The Street Theatre, Caroline Stacey
2017 Homeless Man Working Management & Live Ideas, Lucas Jervies
2016 Eadric 505 Eliza, Drew Fairley
2015 Eamon MTC/GFO, John Tiffany
2014 Frog Merrigong, Terrence O'Connel
2014 Fisherman Merrigong Theatre Co, Danielle O'Keefe
2013 Smokey Merrigong Theatre Co, Anne-Louise Rentell
2012 Charles Short and Sweet, Jamie Oxenbould
2011 Weasel Australian Shakespeare Co, Marian Bragg
2011 A B Whales Merrigong Theatre Co, Catherine Fitzgerald
2011 Mr Jones New Theatre, Annette Rowlinson
2004 Paul Actors' Forum, Ron Ferrier
1996 Various NIDA, Anatoly Frusin
1995 Danny Stables Theatre, Alex Galeazzi
1995 Josh / Gordon NIDA, Peter Kingston
1993 Lysander NIDA, Lindy Davies
1993 Multiple NIDA, Jennifer Hagan

Short Film

2016 Mark Exit Films, Yeoseop Yoon
2013 Alan Tamara Popper, Claude Gonzalez
2011 Steven Sydney Film School, Martin Jehle
2011 Detective Raines Sydney Film School, Kiko Costa
2011 Det Sam Marks Tropfest, John Osmond
2008 Simon Syd Int Film School, Samantha Pineda

Musical Theatre

2015 Eamon MTC/Gordon frost, John Tiffany
2013 Frog/John Smith Merrigong Theatre Co, Bell/Johnston
2011 Vocalist Ali and The Thieves, Daryl wallis
2009 Norman Petty Live Theatre Productions, Craig Ilott
2005 Australia Tibet Council , Daryl Wallis
2004 Solo Artist Actors' Forum, Ron Ferrier
2002 Jack Daw/Ritchie Valens U/S(2000-2002) Majestic Theatre Company, Nick Farr
2002 Jordanaires (2001-2002) Majestic Theatre Company, Robert Gavin
2001 Jack Daw Majestic Theatre Company, Nick Farr


2011 Chef Carbon Films, Jody Dwyer
2011 Father Foxtel
2011 Father , Sean Kruck
2011 Father , Kriv Stenders
2011 Businessman
2010 Accountant
2010 Geologist Spirit Films, Roh Smith
2008 Husband DDB Needham
2008 Father
2007 Businessman
2006 Businessman LUSCIOUS, James Holt
2004 Lover in Car URSA, Michael Spiccia
2004 Husband LUSCIOUS, James Holt
1999 Business Exec. DDB Needham
1998 Farm Manager DDB Needham


2008 Egan TEAMBONDI, Brendan McNamara


2011 Gerald ABC Radio National, Jane Ullman
2010 Worker ABC National, Anne Wynter
2009 Various ABC National, Jane Ullman
2006 1940 Australian voices , Jane Ullman
2005 various ABC National, Jane Ullman

CD Rom

1998 Soldier Australian Army


2019 Stephen Ensemble Theatre, Terence O'Connell

Training & Additional Notes

Shoe Size: 9
Clothing Size: Male - M
Waist: 87cm
Chest: 105cm
Natural Accent: Australian
Accent Skills: American Standard, Australian, English, Mid Western, Southern, Irish
Voice Style: Singing, Straight, Voice Acting
Hair Length: Short
Instrumental: Guitar, String
Singing: Blues, Country & Western , Folk, Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, Show
Singing Range: Baritone
Sport & Athletic: Swimming
Drivers Licence: Car
Voice Style: Singing, Straight, Voice Acting

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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