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Adoni Maalouf

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Victoria Jackson Management


Gender: Male
Age Range: 35 - 45
DOB: 27 Jul 1977
Base Location: Sydney
Skills: Actor
Hair: Brown


2017 TV Teacher SBS, David Caesar
2012 FF The Clown , Roy Badran
C Adventure sports person Talkies Production
C At the barbers Talkies Production
C Film Works Production
C CSS & Grey
C Boy
ST Business Man , Simon Breden (devised piece)
ST The Man , Seong Kyun Yoo (devised piece)
ST Montezuma , James Gilbreath (collaboration)
ST Group Leader / Facilitator , Collaboration
ST George Dyer , Douglas O'Connell
ST The critic
ST The Man , Devised piece
ST The Lover , Maurice Maalouf
ST Haemon , Maurice Maalouf
ST Man , Joe Kodeih
ST Jack Chesney , Maurice Maalouf
ST Medium , Maurice Maalouf
ST Ambrose Kemper , Maurice Maalouf

Training & Additional Notes

2002 - 2004
1995 - 2000
Very proficient in English and Lebanese (spoken, written and read), average understanding of French and very capable of speaking off a script. 
Very proficient in all sports, especially adventure sports.
Experienced in boat handling and other watercraft but not licensed. 
Natural Accent: American
Accent Skills: American Standard, Arabic, Middle Eastern
Languages: Arabic, English, French
Hair Length: Short
Sport & Athletic: Abseiling, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing , Scuba Diving, Swimming
Drivers Licence: Car, Motorcycle

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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