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Donna Dimovski-Kantarovski

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Triple Talent Management


Gender: Female
Age Range: 40 - 47
Height: 173cm
Base Location: Melbourne
Available In: Melbourne, Sydney
Skills: Actor
Hair: Light Brown
Eye: Green
Ethnicity: European
Memberships: M.E.A.A


2017 MV Love Interest Offtopics
2017 C Mother Flinders Lane Productions, Ted Horton
2017 PH Carer Absolutecare & Health
2016 ST Mistress Quckly/Nym/Servant Nothing but Roaring, Rob Conkie
2016 ST Masha Matanoia Theatre, Greg Ulfan
2015 SKT Various Rainbow Bozilak Theatre, Donna D.Kantarovski
2015 ST The Nurse/Corinthian Woman Eagle Nest Theatre, James Adle
2014 ST Jana Rainbow Bozilak Theatre, Donna. Dimovski- Kantarovski
2014 VO Various Inta Fusion, Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria
2013 ST Various MPAS Bozilak Inc., Donna D.Kantarovski
2012 SKT Kalyna MTG Boomerang, Mishe Avtarovski
2011 ST Nezira LaMama Theatre, Bagryana Popov
2011 SKT Divorce with Drums MTG Boomerang, Mishe Avtarovski
2010 ST Wicked witch/Lion MPAS Bozilak Inc., Donna D.Kantarovski
2010 SKT Kristina/Svetlana MTG Boomerang, Mishe Avtarovski
2009 SKT Kristina MTG Boomerang, Mishe Avtarovski
2009 ST Grandmother MPAS Bozilak Inc., Donna D.Kantarovski
2008 ST The Cricket MPAS Bozilak Inc., Donna D. Kantarovski
2008 SKT Jagoda MTG Boomerang, Mishe Avtarovski
2007 SKT Jagoda MTG Boomerang, Mishe Avtarovski
2007 ST The Fairy/Grandmother MPAS Bozilak Inc., Donna D.Kantarovski
2005 V Victoria Police Multicultural advisory Unit
2004 ST Actor VCA, Postgraduate Short Work, Bagryana Popov
2004 SKT Jagoda MTG Boomerang, Mishe Avtarovski
2001 ST Medusa Pomagranate Theatre, Melissa Coffey
2001 R Presenter 3ZZZ Community Radio, Ico Najdovski
1998 SKT Kristina MTG Boomerang, Donna Dimovski-Kantarovski
1998 ST Mother N.M.I.T/VCA, Megan Jones
1998 ST Woman N.M.I.T/VCA, Bob Daoud
1997 ST The Fairy National Theatre-Bitola, Macedonia, Ljupco Georgievski
1997 ST Rozeta National Theatre-Bitola, Macedonia
1997 ST Margarita National Theatre-Bitola, Vlado Cvetanovski
1997 ST Kata National Thetare-Bitola, Macedonia, Branko Stavrev
1997 ST The Angel National Theatre-Bitola, Macedonia, Blagoja Bozinovski
1997 ST Various Natioanl Thetare-Bitola, Macedonia, Ljupco Gorgievski
1996 SKT Various MTG Boomerang, Vladimir Taleski
1995 DO Presenter Macedonian National TV
1995 ST Adela National Theatre-Bitola, Vlado Cvetanovski
1995 ST Emy National Theatre-Bitola, Ljupco Gorgievski
1995 ST Katerina National Theatre-Bitola, Krikor Azarjan
1995 ST Lence Nationa Theatre-Bitola, Ljupco Gorgievski
1995 ST Lena National Theatre-Bitola, Dimitar Stankovski
1994 ST Lady Macbeth National Theatre-Bitola, Macedonia, Ljubisha Ristich
1993 ST A Dream MOT Festival, Skopje, Macedonia, Aleksandra Kovacevich
1993 TV Irma/the maid Macedonian National Television
1993 ST Evmenida MOT Festival, Skopje, Macedonia, Goran Trencevski
1993 TV Tina Macedonian National Television, Goran Trencevski
1993 ST Various Youth Centre, Skopje, Macedonia, Vlado Cvetanovski
1993 ST Servant DRamatic Thetare, Skopje, Macedonia, Slobodan Unkovski
1993 ST Andzelika Dramatic Theatre, Skopje, Macedonia, Ljubisha Georgievski
1993 ST Beba Dramatic Theatre, Skopje Macedonia, Dushan Naumovski
1992 ST Miranda Dramatic Theatre, Skopje, Macedonia, Kole Angelovski

Training & Additional Notes

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Donna is a highly trained and experienced actor. She received a BFA  in acting from Cyril & Methodist University of Dramatic Arts in Macedonia. Since then Donna completed a Diploma of Arts from NMIT and a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education majoring in drama from Victoria University.

Donna has extensive experience in theatre having acted in and directed many productions.

Recently she completed a TVC for Coles.
Clothing Size: Female - 12
Waist: 105cm
Chest: 98cm
Voice Style: Accents, Voice Acting
Languages: Serbo-Croatian, Bulgarian
Hair Length: Long
Hair Style: Curly
Dance: Jazz, Folk
Singing: Musical Theatre, Folk, Choir
Singing Range: Mezzo Soprano
Sport & Athletic: Basketball
Drivers Licence: Car
Types Of Model Work: Teeth, Promotional, Hair, Commercial
Voice Style: Accents, Voice Acting

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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