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Adam May

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Gender: Male
Age Range: 40 - 55
Base Location: Melbourne
Available In: Adelaide, Auckland, Australian Capital Territory, Brisbane, Christchurch, Dunedin, International, Melbourne, Northern Territory, Perth, Sydney, Tasmania, Wellington
Skills: Actor
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Memberships: M.E.A.A




2018 Australian Senator ABC, Thinkative TV, Rob Innes
2017 Senator Working Dog, Rob Sitch
2015 Sam Mako Fremantle Media, Chris Adshead
2014 Phillip Beale Playmaker Media, Lynn-Maree Danzey
2011 Employer Southern Star, Michael James Rowland
2005 Waiter Film Victoria, Jonathan M. Shiff Productions, Richard Jasek
2005 Emcee Channel 7, Emma Freeman
2004 Lawyer Ellis Corby (Semi-Regular) Southern Star, Steve Mann
2004 Mr. Sanderson Aust. Children's Tel Fdn, Chris Anastassiades, Ray Boseley
2003 Ellis Corby (semi regular) Blue Heelers Southern Star, Aarne Neeme, Declan Eames
2002 Ellis Corby (semi-regular) Southern Star, Karl Steinberg
2002 Mr Harding Saddle Club Crawfords, Mark De Friest
2000 Peter Optus Television, Southern Star Entertainment, Cate Shortland
1999 Lawyer - Ellis Corby (semi-regular) Southern Star, Karl Steinberg
1998 Ellis Corby (semi-regular) Southern Star, Fiona Banks
1997 Ellis Corby (semi-regular) Southern Star, Ray Quint
1997 Ellis Corby (semi-regular) Southern Star, Steve Mann
1995 Soldier Becker Entertainment, The Family Channel, Paul Moloney
1994 Bill recurring Ambulance Man Southern Star , Riccardo Pellizzeri, Steve Mann
1993 Delivery Person Grundy Television Productions, Ian Watson
1992 Head Journalist BBC, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Douglas Livingstone

Feature Film

2017 University Tutor Matchbox Pictures, Jeffrey Walker
2016 Pee's Father Lightstream Pictures, Saints Entertainment, Xu Shunli
2004 Drunk Lightstream Films, Paul Currie
1993 Assistant Director Boulevard Films, Frank Howson
1993 Eddy MacKellar Crawford Productions, George Ogilvie

Short Film

2019 Dr.Gatehouse Australian Cinema Ensemble, Angelo Salamanca
2017 Malcolm Bancroft VCA Film and TV School, Thomas Kerrigan
2016 Frank Victoria College of the Arts, Matthew Zimmari
2016 Peter Independent, Natalie Spence
2015 Adrian The Three Swords City on a Hill GMR, Dana Marie Newell
2009 Man Independant, Mark La Rosa
2004 Ben 15/15 Short Film Festival, Declan Eipper
1990 Joe Independent, Mark Hartley


2019 Yurovsky La Mama, Alex Menglet
2018 Fred Gabriel and Soldier Andrew Joseph, Rosemary Johns
2018 Vitus Byte Backyard Theatre Ensemble, Joachim Matchoss
2017 Yurovsky La Mama, Alex Menglet
2017 Gabriel York, Henry Law Not the Worst Productions, David Mustafa
2016 Leontes Classact Theatre Co, Stephen Lee
2015 Frederick Play6, Claire Callow
2015 Henry Owl and Cat, Shannon Woolard
2008 Lead, Paul La Mama @ Courthouse, John Higgensen
2004 Various Theatre at Risk, Victor Bizzoto
2002 Dwyer and Various Seven S Productions, Eugene Schlusser
1996 Pirate Mullins National & International Tour, Leslie Lawton
1989 Rusty London Palladium and Edinburgh Festival, The Lost Robins

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Clothing Size: Male - L
Natural Accent: Australian
Dance: Modern
Singing: Blues, Country & Western , Rock
Sport & Athletic: Athletics, Basketball, Horse Riding, Rowing, Rugby League, Squash, Swimming, Tennis
Drivers Licence: Car

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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