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Clare Kerrison

Photo Gallery

Red Rocket


Gender: Female
Age Range: 35 - 49
Height: 174cm
Base Location: Wellington
Available In: Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Wellington
Skills: Actor, Variety Artist
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye: Dark Brown
Ethnicity: New Zealand



Short Film

2015 Clare (Lead) Moulin Exes, Michelle Golder
2011 Hera Moulin Exes, Michelle Golder
2011 Gillian Moulin Exes, Robert Jezek
2000 Witness 2nd Cine, Kirstin Marcon


2003 Thug #7 Cloud Nine

Improv Comedy

2019 Tatum Channing Soap Factory, Clare Kerrison
2018 Best on Tap
2018 NZ Improv Festival, Jennifer O'Sullivan
2018 Solo , Clare Kerrison
2018 Nana Crawford Soap Factory, Jennifer O'Sullivan
2017 Director NZ Improv Festival, Clare Kerrison
2017 NZ Improv Festival, Takayuki Ueda
2017 Winner Kickn'Rad, Jennifer O'Sullivan
2017 Watea Soap Factory, Jennifer O'Sullivan
2017 Duo Basejump Improv, Clare Kerrison
2016 NZ Improv Festival, Christine Brooks
2016 NZ Improv Festival, Wiremu Tuhiwai / Katherine Weaver
2016 Mrs Robinson Soap Factory, Jennifer O'Sullivan
2015 Moana Hunter Bristol, John Lomas
2015 Victoria Bristol Improv Theatre, Andew Yeoh
2015 Weurzburg International Improv Festival, Lisa Rowland
2014 London Longform Team
2014 Cambridge Improv Factory
2014 Paper Planes, Carla Keen
2014 Cambridge Improv Factory, Clare Kerrison
2013 Cambridge Improv Factory, UK
2008 Marama Jones Wellington Improv Troupe, Derek Flores
2008 Wellington Improv Troupe, Nicola Hill


2019 Mother KidzStuff, Hilary Norris
2018 Loch Ness Monster/ Pukeko / Sheepdog KidzStuff, Shannon Friday
2017 Mary Playshop, Hilary Penwarden
2009 Hedda Gabler Wild Duck Productions, David Lawrence
2004 Anastasia Theatre Pataphysical, Ryan Hartigan
2003 Joan , James Hadley
2002 Morrigana Urban Vineyard, David Foote
2001 Mary Opposable Thumbs, Chris Kiddey
1999 Solo NASDA, Martin Howells
1995 Napoleon / Clover Marsupial Tiger Productions, Andrew Tidmarsh

Training & Additional Notes

2011 - 2014
2013 - 2013
2005 - 2005
1995 - 1995
1997 - 1999
Shoe Size: 8
Clothing Size: Female - 24
Waist: 127cm
Neck: 38cm
Chest: 118cm
Bra Size: DD
Bust: 130cm
Hip: 144cm
Natural Accent: New Zealand
Accent Skills: American Standard, English, Maori, New Zealand, Scottish
Voice Style: Accents
Languages: English
Hair Length: Shoulder Length
Hair Style: Curly
Dance: Jazz
Singing: Musical Theatre
Singing Range: Mezzo
Sport & Athletic: Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Cycling, Gymnastics, Netball, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis
Circus: Clown, Juggling
Drivers Licence: Car
Voice Style: Accents

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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