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Tony Rickards

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Melissa Rose Management

EM Voices - Melbourne


Gender: Male
Age Range: 48 - 60
Height: 183cm
Base Location: Melbourne
Available In: Melbourne
Skills: Actor, Presenter, Stand-up Comedian, Variety Artist, Writer
Hair: Brown
Eye: Hazel
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Memberships: M.E.A.A



Feature Film

2018 Trainer 100 TO 1 Productions Pty Ltd, Rachel Griffiths
2016 Trevor Menkoff SVP Pty Ltd, David Parker
2016 Harry Pawno Productions, Paul Ireland
2015 Mr O'Connell HTM Productions Pty Ltd, Neil Armfield
2010 Cheif Steward Puzzle Productions, Simon Wincer
2009 Freddy Revival Film Company, Richard Gray
2000 Doctor Foster / Gracie, Ted Emery


2016 Oscar Shapiro The Production Company, Roger Hodgman
2014 F Melbourne Theatre Company, Leticia Cáceres
2012 Barrett Frank Theatre Company, Stuart Grant


2018 Razor Ray Easy Tiger Pty Ltd, Mark Joffe, Kriv Stenders, Fiona Banks
2017 Dr Levinson Fremantle Media, Shawn Seet
2015 Jim Haypop Pty Ltd, Will Waring
2013 Sgt. Baxter ABC, Ken Cameron
2013 Father Robert Brennan Southern Star Productions, Pino Amenta & Jean-Pierre Mignon
2012 John Know Burberry Entertainment, Shawn Seet
2010 Billy Souther Star Prods, Jess Hobbs, Matt Saville, Stuart MacDonald, Emma Freeman
2009 Fingers Mayhem TV Pty Ltd, John Olb
2009 Lawyer ABC, Ted Emery
2009 Robert Hayden Southern Star, Grant Brown
2008 Leo , Grant Brown
2008 Ethan Goodbar Crawford Productions, Colin Budds
2008 Lance Ruby Entertainment, Ted Emery
2007 Gary Allen Fremantle Media P. L., T. Osicka & J O'Shaughn.
2007 Mike Davies Seven Network, Pino Amento
2006 Curtin Apollo Films/ABC, Jessica Hobbs
2005 Nightmares & Dreamscap. Coote Hayes, Mike Robe
2004 Wyatt JM Shiff, Roger Hodgman
2003 Richardson Seaside Stories PL, Shawn Seet
2003 Dr. Peter Pearce ABC TV , Brendan Maher
2002 Fishy Brian BBC, Ian Gilmour
2002 Guest Lead Simpson Le Mesurier, Geoff Cawthorn
2001 Brian ABC, Ted Emery
2000 Compo Hayes Southern Star, Various
2000 Royale Valenti Jonathan Shiff Productions, Colin Budds
2000 Guest Lead Simpson Le Mesurier, Rohan Woods

Training & Additional Notes


2004	WICKED SCIENCE	Wyatt	Roger Hodgman	Wicked Science P.L.
2003	LOOT	Richardson	Shawn Seet	Seaside Stories P.L. 
2003	MDA	Dr Peter Pearce	Brendan Maher	ABC TV
2003	ENOUGH ROPE	Lab Technician	Andrew Denton	Zapruder’s Other Films
2002/3	RUSSELL GILBERT SHOW		Jon Olb	Nine Network
2002	BOOTLEG	Fishy Brian	Ian Gilmour	BBC
2002	STINGERS	Miles Vanderhoeven	Geoff Cawthorn	Simpson Le Mesurier
2001	PONDEROSA	Trag	Kevin Dobson	Western Productions
2001	KATH & KIM	Brian	Ted Emery	ABC TV
2002-1995	BLUE HEELERS – Semi Regular	Compo Hayes	Various	Southern Star
2000	THUNDERSTONE	Royale Valenti	Colin Budds	Jonathan Shiff Prods
2000	DOGWOMAN	Guest Lead	Rohan Woods	Simpson Le Mesurier
1998	LANO & WOODLEY	Aluminium Can Man	Jon Olb	ABC TV
1996	FEDS	Benny	Michael Offer	Crawford Productions
1996	GOOD GUYS BAD GUYS	Forbes		Simpson Le Mesurier
1996	PACIFIC DRIVE	Phillip McIntyre		VRP Productions
1995	CORRELLI	Officer McApline	Kate Woods	ABC TV

(Lead) George Rayner 1994 BLUE HEELERS Reg Taggarty SSF Pty Ltd 1993 FAST FORWARD SPECIALThe Making of Nothing Ted Emery Artists Services P. L. 1992 LIVE AND SWEATY Writer / Performer ABC 1992 G.P.

(Lead) Eddie Hogg
Roadshow / ABC 1991 BONY Smooch Dan Burstall Grundy Television 1991 BOYS FROM THE BUSH Brian Entertainment Media 1991 CHANCES Bob Burchett Beyond Productions 1990 THE FLYING DOCTORS Charlie Crawford Productions 1990 CONNOR (Pilot) Pete - Lead Nine Network 1989 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE Mel Paramount Pictures 1988 A COUNTRY PRACTICE Guest Lead JPN Films 1987 PIETA Monique Schwartz Anne Darrouzet 1985 ROBBERY Co Lead Michael Thornhill Michael Thornhill 1985 SWORD OF HONOUR Pino Amenta Simpson Le Mesurier 1985 MUD, BLOODY MUD Lead Lindsay Dresden ABC TV 1985 A SINGLE LIFE John Power Hugh Rule 1985 SPECIAL SQUAD Dan Burstall Crawford Productions 1983 THE GREAT GOLD SWINDLE Co Lead John Power Michael Thornhill 1983 WATERFRONT Chris Thompson Bob Weis 1982 THE KEEPERS Mark Callan ABC TV FILM 2000 THE CRAIC Doctor Ted Emery Foster / Gracie 1994 MISS TAURUS Lucy McLaren LM Films 1988 THE CONTRACT David Ogilvy Swinburne Films 1988 MAX AND MR MICHAELMAS Co-Lead Chris Adshead Tim Reid/ Film Aust. 1986 CASTAWAY Nicholas Roeg Rick McCaullum / EMI 1985 WILLS & BURKETHE UNTOLD STORY Bob Weis Bob Weis / Margot McDonald NEIL LYNNE David Baker Tom Burstall 1983 THE TROMBONIST Helen Gaynor Tom Burstall 1982 THE CLINIC David Stevens Bob Weis/Robert LeTet 1981 SQUIZZY TAYLOR Kevin Dobson Roger Le Mesurier THEATRE 1994 AMADEUS Rosenberg Jean Paul Mignon Griffin Entertainment 1989 CON MARASCO NIGHTMARE ON SMITH STREET Rick McKenna The Last Laugh 1988 ROYBOYS Peter King Eureka Theatre Co. 1997 TONY RICKARDS IN TROUBLE David Shepherd Universal Theatre 1985 TONY RICKARDS TAKES A PUNT - one man show Mitchell Faircloth The Last Laugh 1985 EVEN-MONEY FAVOURITES WITH TRACEY HARVEY Mitchell Faircloth Le Joke 1983 PEACHES AND CON WITH PEACHES LA CRÈME Mitchell Faircloth Funnybone Theatre 1982 HOLDING THE MALL Moomba Festival 1982 RAMONA AND THE WHITE SLAVES Lisa Dumbrowski La Mama Theatre 1981 A NIGHT WITH CON & VINCE Mitchell Faircloth Flying Trapeze Cafe 1979 EXPO CON & VINCE WITH SIMON THORPE Flying Trapeze Café 1979 THE MOUTH SHOW & THE BUNYIP OF BERKLEY CREEK Helen Rickards Handspan Theatre 1979 ZASTROZZI Paul Trahair Pram Factory 1979 EUREKA Tim Bell Ballarat Theatre 1978 KOOKABURRA LONG JOHN Rod Quantock Foibles Theatre Rest. 1978 TROILUS & CRESSIDA Peter King Pram Factory OTHER Radio, writing comedy, teaching comedy, MC work, tailored character pieces for corporate functions.

Featured Media

Media Gallery
Shoe Size: 9
Clothing Size: Male - L
Waist: 102cm
Neck: 40cm
Chest: 107cm
Natural Accent: Australian
Accent Skills: American Standard, Australian, English, French, Irish, Scottish, Southern, Spanish
Hair Length: Balding
Hair Style: Curly
Instrumental: Brass, Guitar, Piano / Keyboard
Dance: Tap
Singing: Musical Theatre
Sport & Athletic: Cricket, Fencing, Horse Riding, Rowing, Sailing, Snow Skiing, Swimming, Water Skiing
Circus: Juggling, Magician, Mime, Puppeteer
Drivers Licence: Car

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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