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Nicholas Papademetriou

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Liberty Artist Management Pty Ltd


Gender: Male
Age Range: 50 - 65
Height: 175cm
Base Location: Sydney
Available In: Adelaide, Auckland, Australian Capital Territory, Brisbane, Christchurch, Dunedin, International, Melbourne, Northern Territory, Perth, Sydney, Tasmania, Wellington
Skills: Actor, Commercial Talent, Corporate, Director, Musical Theatre, Presenter, Stand-up Comedian, Voice Artist, Writer
Hair: Black
Eye: Brown
Ethnicity: European, Southern European, Caucasian, East European, Greek, Hispanic, Italian, Latino, Middle Eastern, South American, Spanish, West European, Armenian
Memberships: M.E.A.A


2019 ST Vinnie Ensemble Theatre, Mark Kilmurry
2019 ST Brabantio / Montano / Lodovico Sport for Jove, Damien Ryan
2019 ST Mariner LIttle Eggs / KXT, Julia Robertson
2019 ST Lead Throwing Shade @ Riverside, Courtney Powell
2018 ST Lord of the Underworld Mad March Hare Theatre / Redline @ Old FItz, Claudia Barrie
2018 ST Freud Clock and Spiel Productions / Seymour Centre, Hailey McQueen
2018 VO Hadrian National Museum Australia
2018 SF Priest -v/oi Hathaway Cinema, Bass Hathatway
2018 ST Clarence PIB, Nicholas Pap
2018 ST Bevan Banfield Critical Stages, Chris Bendall
2018 SF Severo Hathaway Cinema, Bass Hathaway
2017 ST Davies Throwing Shade Theatre, Courtney Powell
2017 DO Aristotle, Plato, Tacitus CFPC Films, Mark Hadley
2017 SF Severo Hathaway Cinema, Bass Hathaway
2017 ST Gill Old Fitz/Redline, Carissa Licciardello
2017 ST Arthur John Patrick Ewan Productions, Giles Gartell-Mills
2017 C Boss Ogilvy & Mather, Will Horne
2017 ST Howard Joyce PIB, Nicholas Pap
2017 ST Gil Old Fitz , Carissa Liciardello
2017 ST Howard Darlinghurst Theatre, Anthony Skuse
2016 ST George Theatron, Shane Bosher
2016 ST Vladimir/General Klin Old Fitz/Don't Look Away, Phillip Rouse
2016 ST Firs New Theatre, Clemence Williams
2016 ST Bevan Lansfield/various Stone Soup/Griffin Theatre, Chris Bendall
2016 SF Sergeant Nico Transmedia Entertainment, Glenn Fraser
2015 ST Dr Gerard Players in the Pub, NJP
2015 CO Patient Real Play Media, Grant Dodwell
2015 TV Warden Aamari Matchbox/UCP, Daina Reid
2015 SF BBQ JPF, Jason Perini
2015 ST The House of Ramon Iglesia Mophead/Old Fitz Theatre, Anthony Skuse
2015 ST Porter P.I.P, NJP
2015 VO Voice tracks Sonar Sound
2015 ST Jason Spectrun Now Festival/TRS, Erin Taylor
2015 ST Ensemble Australian Theatre Forum, Jim Culleton
2015 ST Frank Skylight Productions, Sophie Kelly
2015 TV Dimitri De Angelis Channel 9/Eegenda, Karen Willing
2014 C Man Saatchi, Toby Pike
2014 ST Patrick Barlow TRS, Leland Kean
2014 ST Father TRS, Phillip Rouse
2014 ST Inspector Rugueux Actors Forum, NJP
2014 TV Ralph Herbert Beyond, Katie Ryerson
2014 ST Dukes Shakespeare on the Green, NJP
2013 SF Elias Playwriting Australia, Iain Sinclair
2013 ST Player Sydney Theatre Company, Simon Phillips
2013 ST Brabantio, Montano, Ludovico Sport For Jove, Matt Edgerton
2013 FF Manager DFC, Duncan Fellows
2013 SF Narrator NJP, Nicholas Papademetrioui
2013 ST Ralph Actors Forum, Nicholas Papademetriou
2013 SF Interrogator Joon Films, Farnaz Fanaian
2012 ST Director STS, Nicholas Papademetriou
2012 CO Doctor White Ribbon, Marcelle Lunam
2012 TV Deadly Woman Discovery Channel/Beyond, James Knox
2012 CO Mr Rodriguez Coup, David McCubbin
2012 ST Mamuro RC Independent, Russell Cheek
2012 TV Tass Channel 7, Catharine Millar
2012 ST Sandy Sonnenburg Darlinghurst Theatre, Stephen Colyer
2012 ST Director Actors Forum, Director
2011 CO Nick Coup, David McCubbin
2011 TV Mad Charlie Gehaijni Fox Crime Channel, Laurence Coy
2011 VO Various Matchbox Pictures, Victoria Pitt
2011 ST Dukes/Corin Siren Theatre, Kate Gaul
2011 C Maestro Revolver, Bruce Hunt
2011 ST Mr Nielsen Darlinghurst Theatre, John Kachoyan
2010 C Grocer Clemengers, Nick Robertson
2010 CO Nick Coup, David McCubbin
2010 ST Dr Chasuble Darlinghurst Theatre, Nicholas Papademetriou
2010 ST Nikos Nomkos Melbourne Theatre Co, Kate Cherry
2010 ST Sorin Siren Theatre Company, Kate Gaul
2009 ST Director WAAPA
2009 ST George PICA, Vivienne Garrett
2009 ST Director Darlinghurst Theatre
2009 TV Michaelis ABC Television, Shawn Seet
2009 ST Luka Actors Forum, David Baldwin
2009 ST Director Sydney Theatre School
2009 SF Bruno Mills Street Films, Vicki Sugars
2008 ST Khwaja B Sharp Belvoir, Christopher Hurrell
2008 ST Bob Stein Darlinghurst Theatre, Nicholas Papademetriou
2008 ST Man Seymour Short & Sweet, Tanya Denny
2008 TV Trevor Hawkins Channel 7, Kay Pavlou
2008 SF Esmael AFTRS, Richard Vilensky
2008 TV Abo Henry Channel 7/Eyeworks, Kay Pavlou
2007 ST Cheche Theatron Group, Nicholas Papademetriou
2007 ST Resident Belvoir B Sharp, Lee Lewis
2006 SF Silvio AFTRS, Rolmar Baldonado

Training & Additional Notes

Nicholas graduated from WAAPA in 1984 and has worked extensively in theatre, film and television since then. He has been a guest on most Ausralian television shows. He was the lead ABC tv series STRINGER and a regular in GRASS ROOTS series I and II. He has worked for most major companies around Australia, and performed plays in London, New York, Cyprus and Edinburgh. 

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Shoe Size: 8
Clothing Size: Male - L
Waist: 95cm
Neck: 41cm
Chest: 109cm
Natural Accent: Australian
Accent Skills: East Coast American, Cockney, English, Greek, Latino, Australian, Brooklyn, West Coast American, French, German, Indian, Irish, Italian, Mexican, Mid Western, Pakistani, Russian, Scottish, Southern, Spanish, Welsh, Western, Caribbean, American Standard, African, Cantonese, Fijian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Maori, New England , New Zealand, Samoan, South African, South Western
Voice Style: Accents, Animation, Character, Corporate, Documentary, Impersonation, Phone Message, Promo, Radio/TV Promo, Retail, Singing, Soft Sell, Straight, Voice Acting
Languages: Greek
Hair Length: Balding
Dance: Tap
Singing: Show, Choir, Folk, Musical Theatre
Singing Range: Baritone
Sport & Athletic: Cycling, Tennis
Circus: Clown, Puppeteer
Drivers Licence: Car
Types Of Model Work: Hands
Voice Style: Accents, Animation, Character, Corporate, Documentary, Impersonation, Phone Message, Promo, Radio/TV Promo, Retail, Singing, Soft Sell, Straight, Voice Acting

Additional Notes

Activities & Societies

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