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Self Test Information

This project is now closed for submissions.

Diversity Showcase


To be considered, you will be required to submit:

1. Self-tape with one of the provided scripts (one take only). Your self test will be loaded via the Showcast self test portal.
2. A headshot 
3. If you do not have an updated Showcast account, please upload a CV of past experience (the type, role, production), and/or training (organisation / director / coach) that you have had. NOTE: Please do not use acronyms, as the selection panel may not have heard of the organisations/community groups/high schools you may have performed or trained with. Please also list whether you are represented by an agent (this is not necessary to be considered). This can be uploaded in the same place you upload the self-test video.
4. Whether you identify as being First Nations, from a culturally and linguistically diverse background, LGBTQI, gender non-binary, Deaf, and/or with a disability. In addition, please let us know if you have any access requirements.
5. On application page  you will be asked to verify your personal details. If you are already a member of Showcast you will be asked to enter your username and we will link your profile to your application.

NOTE: Any gender, age or relationship can be modified for audition purposes, to suit you. i.e.: If the scene is currently written as a male character, you can choose to portray it as a female. If written as a husband, you can portray it as a wife, straight to gay, 20s to 50s, etc

Who are we looking for? 
To be eligible to apply, performers must: 
• Be at least 18 years old.
• Be an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident
• Be a member of an underrepresented group according to Screen Australia’s 2016 report “Seeing Ourselves: Reflections on diversity in Australian TV drama.’ This includes people who are culturally and linguistically diverse, LQBTQI, gender non-binary, First Nations, Deaf, and/or with a disability.
• Please note: Applicants do not need to be MEAA members to apply, but they must be willing to become members if selected.
The selection process

Twenty finalists will be chosen by a selection panel.  Finalists will be interviewed via teleconference, and a final group of 10 performers will be chosen for the Diversity Showcase. This is a national program, and we welcome applications Australia-wide.Participants will be assisted with flights, accommodation, and per diems.

For information about the Showcase please visit www.equityfoundation.org.au
Dr X has been the regular G.P. for Marie Manchester and Reece for over twenty years. He is kind,
empathetic yet professional. He is a family man who has a wife and child. He is from an immigrant

The Wong ...
Marie is a proud, high society character who likes to look down on people from
different ethnic backgrounds and of lower economic status. It’s not until she’s told that she has
cancer that she realises that her views on life were wrong, and that everyone is equal no matter

The Wong ...
GARY is a brickie, who’s fun-loving and hangs out with his old school mates every Friday night after
work. His friends all happen to be actors.

The Casti...
LYNN is the younger sister of Shazza. Lynn is an actress who can be herself when in the
company of her old school mates. Here she’s happy go lucky, relaxed and fun.

The Casti...
INDIGO is an actress who is quite competitive. She loves to hang out with her old school friends and
loves to mock Gary as they went to kindi together. She is fun and has a great sense of humour. She is
flatmates with Luke.

The Casti...